summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

this post is all about all-natural ways to refresh and renew your body this summer using MINT! mint is cooling, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory; the perfect summer plant!

summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

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weekly catch-up #4

happy monday, crunchies!

this weekend was full of great memories with family and friends. i can’t wait for more this upcoming holiday weekend!

how was yours??

ready for our 4th catch-up? :)

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dealing with hard water

we all know know by now how hard water is our hair and skin’s “worst enemy” in the crunchy world. it can upset our delicate facial skin and leave our hair feeling gunky, gummy, and dull. what you’re experiencing is the hard water’s mineral deposits (calcium and magnesium, mostly) staying on your hair.

you’d think i’d have a real post on this by now! apologies, crunchies!

combating hard water can be simple, but it’s hit and miss, and costs vary greatly. let’s get into it!

combat hard water

how do i know if i have hard water?

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current favorites

an ever-changing post to highlight some of my current favorite ingredients, mixes, products, etc.

click any picture to go to their respective links. i am not sponsored. these contain no affiliate links. these are just things that have caught my eye lately!

please comment with your favorites and where to get them below!

SUMMER 2015:



CORTAS ROSE WATERrose water BADGER  BALM TINTED SUNSCREENtinted-sunscreen-badger-spf30-unscented-cream






Q&A Video! with a surprise!

it’s here!

thanks to everyone who emailed me, DM me, commented, etc.
below is the Q&A video, and under that are links to all products i mention in the video!

and if you submitted a question, you were automatically entered to WIN a surprise give-away. watch the video to see what’s being given away & if you’re the winner!

let me know your thoughts on the video and if we should do this again.



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Q&A Video

happy Friday, crunchies!

in lieu of sunday’s weekly catch-up post, i’ll be posting a Q&A video. from now until noon this upcoming sunday (6/21), please ask me any question you may have!

you can post below here on the blog, tweet me (@_almostexactly), comment on instagram (@alexraye_ae), or comment on the AE blog’s facebook page. please use #askalexraye so i can find everything more easily! :) if you have a question you’d like to ask anonymously, feel free to email me at <3

i’m really looking forward to hearing from you guys and interacting with you more!




weekly catch-up #3

happy wednesday, crunchies! woo, this post is l-a-t-e. apologies!

this weekly catch-up is super short since i was out of the country lately. and plus, i have a bella mari make-up review post coming up for you soon! yay!

weekly catch up on AlmostExactly Blog

NEW FAVORITE LEAVE-IN. i’m currently in the thick of southern summer heat and sun, and i’ve already had to kind of switch up my hair care routine. rinsing with diluted acv happens 1x a week now to keep up with all this humidity and sweat. my hair’s been a little more on the dry side unfortunately, and oils are too heavy for it right now. i’ve opted to dilute shea moisture coconut & hibiscus conditioner into some distilled water to use as a spray. if you wanna try, you’ll have to play around with the ratios, but 1 part conditioner to 4 parts water has been great for the ends of my hair, and a 1:10 ratio better for my scalp. do you guys use this line of products? thoughts?
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scalp exfoliation

happy wednesday, crunchies!

today i’m posting on my way to ICELAND! i can’t wait to share pictures with you on instagram (@alexraye_ae). have any of you ever been? any suggestions?

well, today’s post is all about scalp exfoliation! washing your hair less can mean you need to focus more on getting the sebum and oils worked down the hair shaft, and keeping your scalp clean. scalp scrubbing has been an absolute MUST for be lately in my ROM routine, besides scritching and preening.

DIY scalp exfoliation

these scalp scrubs are all no-poo/low-poo/ROM/water-only friendly, aka, they won’t mess with your hair ‘washing’ routine (whatever that entails for you).

these mixes can be repeated weekly, if needed.

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