spotlight on spirulina

today we’re all about ALGAE!

spirulina has long been touted for its health benefits when ingested, but let’s explore some topical uses for this great green growth!

spirulina - your new beauty secret weapon!

spirulina is a type of edible algae that is high in antioxidants, protein, and B-vitamins. you’ll most likely find it in its dark green powdered form, but when hydrated it’s a beautiful deep green-blue color. it’s widely known as a green “superfood”, but is lesser known as a possible amazing addition to common DIY products!

when researched, spirulina has been shown to increase elasticity of the skin, even skin tone, decrease fine lines, decrease darker spots, and improve the appearance of dark circles. quite the power food, right? try adding it into some of your daily beauty products:

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hair smoothies


doesn’t that just sound fantastic?! luckily, they leave your hair feeling and looking as fantastic as they sound like they do!

today is officially SPRING! and with that comes warmer weather, brighter colors, and cooler drinks! and now – your hair can join in the fun!

hair smoothies can be thick or runny, made with vegetables or fruits… but they’re all 100% edible!

so go ahead –

play with your food

BONUS – they can go on your face, too!

all of these smoothies use pure aloe vera gel as a base. the aloe is scalp-soothing, adds a nice punch of moisture and shine, as well as helps chunks of fruits/veggies be less likely to get stuck in your hair (especially with fine or curly hair).

here are all of my yummy favorites! all of these hair smoothies are targeted towards moisture first and foremost, and then shine/softness/clarity. 

these hair smoothies are great for weekly use!

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treat yourself

i firmly believe in pampering or treating yourself regularly, no matter your schedule or lifestyle. for some, this could mean grabbing that treat you deserve, or mixing up that face mask you’ve been dying to try. it’s about taking a small time-from everything to focus on YOU and give yourself some time. after all, you work hard to be that great, don’t ya? i knew it!


from small things to more time-consuming things, i always find little ways to indulge myself… and let’s be honest – keep myself even-keeled after hectic days or weeks. it can be as simple as drinking tea and catching up on my favorite blogs while my face mask has time to soak in, or it can be as long as scrubbing, then oiling, then washing my feet. anything i can fit into my schedule that makes me feel better, i try to do.

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moisturizing face masks

with the cold weather upon (most) of us, dry skin can be a problem, even if we don’t battle it year-round. the air is naturally drier, as is our hair, scalp, and skin.

keeping your face clean is a must, but we don’t want to dry it out even more as we wash it. the OCM (oil cleansing method) is a great way to keep our skin clean and moisturized, but it doesn’t work for everyone, and can be time consuming for a regular routine.

face masks are a great way to pamper yourself and  your skin, all while keeping it clean and toxin-free.

these masks are for dry skin (of course you can use them year-round!) and are completely DIY… my favorite! you can do these masks 2 to 3 times a week, as they will not clog pores and are geared towards sensitive skin (yes, even acne-prone skin).

moisturizing face masks


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this post is about periods.

no, the title is not misleading.

i figured it’d serve as a nice warning for those that would prefer to not discuss it, OR that know me in person and wouldn’t want to read anything like this. either way… :)

stop reading now if you can’t handle reading about periods or vaginas.

menstrual cups


readers who’ve stayed… i do this for you…

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with the cold weather upon a lot of us, keeping our hair, scalps, and skin moisturized is important! switching your hair routine might be your answer if you’re experiencing dry scalp, dry hair, or just if you just have curly hair that needs extra moisture.

co-washing is a method i highly recommend, and have directed many people towards, but for some reason it’s never been featured on AE. well crunchies, if you haven’t heard of co-washing yet, here’s rough guide for the method!


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combat frizz, fly-aways, and static

the weather is starting to get cooler! we know what that can mean… worse cases of our little friend enemy, static, is just around the corner. my poor little boy knows this better than i do…

look at dat mane!

what causes frizz and static?

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diy dish soap

as per your crunchy requests, i’m here to share how i make my dish soap. it seems weird that we haven’t talked about this before, huh? i’d LOVE to hear what you use, too, so please leave your recipes in the comments!

diy dish soap - easy to make and tough on grime

we’re gonna go over 3 ways i make my dish soap (which of course aren’t the “end all”, but are very simple ways to switch over to more natural soap).

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