emu bliss – product review & giveaway

awhile ago, i publicly professed my love for emus… and their oil.

not long after, a wonderful lady named carole reached out to me about her new company. all of her products feature emu oil. she graciously offered samples for me to review, and after checking ingredients, i happily accepted.

emu oil is another miracle oil that has a multitude of uses from head to toe. these products reflect that!


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travel tips for all-natural beauties

gone are the days where you pack up your bottles of shampoos, conditioners, serums, lotions, gels, moisturizers, hairsprays, and cleansers in  your suitcase for vacation.  now you’re in this ‘learn as you go’ world of DIY beauty products that are great – well, great as long as you’re home.

how do you travel with all these beauty recipes? and travel efficiently…?

here are my tips i’ve gathered from all my flying over the last few years!

if i can do a week-long international trip out of a carry-on, so can you!

all natural beauty travel tips

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weekly catch-up #6

happy monday, crunchies!

this past weekend i got to go home and see my family, pups, and freakin amazing best friend. there’s nothing better than time with these people and pets!

how was your weekend??

we have a product review-based catch-up today! don’t forget to leave your feedback on these products below!

SHEA MOISTURE MINI HAUL. i purchased a handful of items from the BOGO last week – coconut hibiscus shampoo, coconut hibiscus lotion, and coconut hibiscus moisture mist. i’m not one for lotions or shampoos, but i figure i should try more of their products if i’m going to continue to list some of their products as ‘safe’ swaps for conventional ones. Continue reading

for our men – diy all-natural products

the vast majority of AE followers are female (thank you so much for your support!), but we do have male followers as well!

men – this post is for you.


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weekly catch-up #5

happy monday, crunchies!

i finally had a weekend to relax! what about you?

this catch-up is short and sweet!

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bella mari makeup – product review

happy wednesday, crunchies!

in lieu of a “weekly  catch-up” post, here’s an all-natural makeup product review i’ve been dying to share with you!

please note this review is NOT sponsored in any way. i’d be surprised if they even knew i existed! :)

when i look for an all-natural makeup product, i look first to the ingredients, and second to the price. to be honest, it’s the prices these companies charge that deter me more than anything. i know exactly what the ingredients are in most of these and i can’t justify the prices. i’ve tried to DIY most of my makeup (powder, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, eyeliner), but i’ve always wanted to try actual purchased products, too!

bella mari passed the test for good ingredients at a good price. but do they pass the wear test?

bella mari

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summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

this post is all about all-natural ways to refresh and renew your body this summer using MINT! mint is cooling, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory; the perfect summer plant!

summer refresh-MINT beauty recipes

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weekly catch-up #4

happy monday, crunchies!

this weekend was full of great memories with family and friends. i can’t wait for more this upcoming holiday weekend!

how was yours??

ready for our 4th catch-up? :)

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