hair & scalp rejuvenating spray

the colder the weather gets, the more love my hair seems to need. does this happen to you, too?

here are my 3 favorite cold weather hair rejuvenating sprays. they all soothe and moisturize your scalp (read: battle dry scalp and dandruff), while moisturizing, balancing pH, adding shine, softening, and reviving the length of your hair.

best of all – depending on the EOs you use, it can boost your spray’s power by adding aromatherapy benefits and/or hair growth benefits.


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diy dishwasher detergent & rinse

i’ve posted on diy dish soap before, but those recipes are a little too runny to put into the dishwasher. this recipe is thicker, and can be followed up with the diy rinse.

… and to be honest, i now have a dishwasher. talk about excitement!


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golden face mask: 7-in-1

happy sunday, crunchies!

earlier this week on IG (@alexraye_ae), i shared a super not flattering picture of myself with a bright orange face. you guys know i love a good face mask!

the one i’m sharing with you today is simple, cheap, shelf-stable, and most importantly – effective. this one has 7 benefits in 1! and it’s a beautiful caramel consistency, too. mmm!

i’ll also let you know that it’s 100% edible (and beneficial internally) as well!


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catch-up #9

happy monday tuesday, crunchies!

it’s been quite some time since we had a catch-up post. i can’t call them weekly now, can i? haha!

today’s post is gonna feature some products i’ve been testing out to share with you – a facial oil, body balm, lip tints, and eye cream. if you want more details on any of these, please ask! and as always, please share your experiences with us below!


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2 ingredient face masks

face masks are wonderful, relaxing, repairing treatments for a multitude of skin types and issues. some masks can be intricate and involved (maybe you’d purchase these instead of DIY), but some can be simple yet very effective.

this posts aims at simplicity, effectiveness, and money saving! there are other ingredients out there that are wonderful, but i tried to focus on using ones you might already have in your home. recipes with the * next to them are my personal favorites, but all are great!

below are just a few 2 ingredient face masks (which of course can still be combined with any other mask ingredients).  after each combination i’ve included the ratios of each that you can start with. i chose to use ratios instead of actual measurements so you can make as little or as much as you want. for example, if the ratio reads 1:2, that means 1 spoonful of the first ingredient and 2 spoonfuls of the 2nd. if you wanted to make less, you could also do 1/2 spoonful of the 1st ingredient and 1 spoonful of the 2nd.

keep in mind some of these will be very runny/watery, so you should try applying  them with a cottonball. waiting for a layer to dry and applying another is also helpful.

don’t forget to leave your favorites, as well as what didn’t work for you, below!


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rosemary hair & scalp rinse

i’m a huge fan of hair and scalp rinses because they pack a nice punch of multipurpose ingredients in one mix. DIYing these rinses are super easy to make and tailor to your hair’s needs.

these hair and scalp rinses are, as indicated,  rosemary-based, serving to strengthen hair follicles, promote growth, treat dandruff, and soften hair,

you can add different ingredients to your base, such as peppermint EO/tea, sandalwood EO, rose water, raw honey, etc, to amp it up.


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golden hair elixir – diy

hair elixirs are great moisturizing, smoothing, shine-boosting, and repairing oil blends. if you follow my blog, you know this post is about a DIY version, as the ones for purchase can get crazy expensive. while i wholeheartedly believe in the products and companies behind organic hair elixirs and the missions they’re on, sometimes spending that much money isn’t in the cards for us. $50 per ounce is a steep price for a single-purpose product, and can actually be more costly than buying all the ingredients in bulk separately.

but that shouldn’t mean that we can have the same little indulgences, right?


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honeybee gardens – lipstick review & swatches

the past week i’ve been wearing different shades of lipsticks from the company honeybee gardens. while their entire line is not what i would deem “safe” and “green,” they do have a few products that i’d wear.

here are 6 shades i’ve tried, my thoughts, and their ingredients. please note that this post is not sponsored – i only purchased samples this time around


brace yourselves for way too many selfies!


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