natural eye cream

hey crunchies!

i’ve been MIA for awhile now, and of course missing you guys and the AE blog. but i’m back and in time will reveal some magical things to you! but for now, we’ll focus on nourishing our delicate eye area :)

wrinkles or no wrinkles, eye creams (at least to me) are so soothing to use! but if you look at the ingredients list of many popular eye creams out there, they’re pretty scary….

so can we make our own? YES.
and it’s pretty easy. even i could make it!

key ingredients:

  • unrefined coconut oil – moisturizer
  • organic green tea – reduces dark circles and puffiness; tightens eye area
  • AEA certified emu oil – moisturizer; repairs damage
  • unrefined argan oil – moisturizer; evens skin tone; repairs damage
  • jojoba oil – moisturizer
  • raw shea butter – moisturizer; treats wrinkles and blemishes
  • pure beeswax – thickener; locks in moisture
  • rose hip seed oil – treats wrinkles


  • unrefined coconut oil – 1 tablespoon
  • green tea – 1 organic tea bag
  • emu/argan/jojoba oil (pick one or mix what you want) – 1 tablespoon
  • raw shea butter – 1/4 tablespoon
  • pure beeswax – 1/3 tablespoon
  • rose hip seed oil (optional) – 1/8 teaspoon
  • small pots to make a double boiler
  • spoon to mix
  • strainer (if you have one. if not, dont worry.)
  • at least a 2 ounce container to keep the mix in

this recipe makes about 1.5 ounces of eye cream, give or take a bit


  1. put your double boiler on medium-low heat.
  2. add beeswax and wait for it to fully melt.
  3. add shea butter and allow for it to fully melt. mix thoroughly!
  4. mix in coconut oil, argan/emu/jojoba oil, and let melt. mix thoroughly.
  5. open the green tea bag and dump in the leaves. stir slightly every 5 mins, and allow to steep for 30 mins total.
  6. turn heat off.
  7. add in rose hip oil and stir thoroughly (if you choose to add RHO).
  8. pour into a glass container you can pour from (pyrex cup, tea mug, etc.) OR try pouring from the pan you’re using. i did this and it worked fine. plus, that’s one less thing to wash!
  9. as the mix cools, the tea leaves will settle to the bottom. pour the mix into your container as they settle, before it cools completely. if you have some sort of strainer, you can use it as well (it’s obviously easier, but many people don’t have one…myself included! haha).

let your mix cool completely before you use it, please.

apply to clean skin in the morning Only! your skin repairs itself at night, and it’s important that it doesn’t rely on creams/oils/etc to do so.

this mix will have a longer shelf life due to making the green tea extract in oils (and not by steeping in water). keep in mind that with all natural products, it still does have a shelf life. if it starts to smell/look/feel differently, toss it! rest assured you can depend on it, without refrigeration), for about 3-5 months (if it takes you that long to use it all!).
keep it in a cool, dry area, in a container with a tight-fitting lid.

feel free to play around with the recipe to make it firmer/creamier/etc. you can add in EO’s for scent, but please please use VERY little. your eye area is very sensitive (and close to your nose and mouth; read: mucus membranes).  adding EO’s and changing the recipe won’t  affect the shelf life.

i hope you find this recipe as soothing as i did!

putting it in the fridge for an early morning refresher feels awesome, too! especially with the weather warming up. don’t ya think?

let us know how you like it and how you made the recipe your own!!

**we’re starting a  new series called “EXPOSED” to showcase different natural ingredients and their benefits. (think: shea butter; witch hazel; etc.)
let me know what  you want to see a post on! 


picture courtesy of arealfoodlover blog :)

15 thoughts on “natural eye cream

  1. The only thing i find iffy about this recipe is adding green tea. I swear green tea shouldn’t be brewed above 180 for more than 2 minutes otherwise it loses its potency and the good stuff in it burns off and its becomes useless.


    1. hey there :) i appreciate your comment; however, that’s not accurate. even when green tea is brewed at over 208 degrees F for 7 hours straight, it only loses 20% of its antioxidants. always check the hear-say against actual research!

      reference: Zhen-Yu Chen, Qin Yan Zhu, David Tsang, and Yu Huang (2001). Degradation of Green Tea Catechins in Tea Drinks. J. Agric. Food Chem., 2001, 49 (1), pp 477–482.


  2. Sadly, coconut oil generally clogs my pores, so do you think that there is another oil/moisturizer that I could use in its place? I know that the pores around your eyes are less subject to getting clogged, but it doesn’t seem to take much to rub/smear things beyond where I want them to go! I am thinking increasing the raw shea butter amount might work best from a consistency perspective, but I would love your thoughts!


    1. hey jenn! CO definitely can clog pores, which is why i only advise it on the face under the eyes. i know some skin types are still sensitive to it even there though! i totally understand what you’re saying about it spreading. i think upping the shea butter and/or beeswax would be great. please let us know what you do and how it works. i’d love to add it into the post and credit your recipe :)


  3. So happy about new post ^_^ i’ve been waiting for it all this time :) and this thing really sounds awesome !! Would love to try it one day
    P.s. i’m super excited about Exposed seria-thing :D


  4. Excellent recipe! Thank you for such a stellar site that is rooted in real research.
    Is there something you would recommend in place of beeswax?
    Thank you for all your selfless work! I recommend your blog whenever I have the opportunity.


  5. Really interesting point about not letting your skin rely on oils to repair itself at night. What about the rest of my face? Should I be careful about the oils I use in my facial moisturizer?


  6. Awesome post! This is so cool. I love the green tea component, and this whole idea of an easy, natural, freshly made eye cream! Can’t wait to make it!


  7. can you do an “exposed” on peppermint oil? i love the smell of peppermint, and i heard it stimulates hair growth, but im not sure. i’d love to see all of the uses of peppermint oil!!


  8. Made this yesterday morning and wore it yesterday and today (during the day only) — it’s been great so far, and it’s very moisturizing! Hardest part was cutting the right amount of beeswax off the big chunk I bought, but otherwise, it’s a snap!


  9. I’ve got all the ingredients and they’re all organic and cold pressed and I want to get cracking, but I have one question:

    Wouldn’t heating the ingredients lose their potency and effectiveness?

    Thanks, love your blog.


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