scritch & preen

how to scritch and preen - an essential part of any natural hair care routine!












i’ve finally uploaded the video on how to SCRITCH AND PREEN your hair! it’s an essential part of ANY natural hair care routine!

don’t forget to leave your comments, questions, experiences, etc. below.

(also – don’t forget to gather up your crunchy questions for our next video!)


18 thoughts on “scritch & preen

  1. Thank you so much!! I never really figured out how to get the oil to spread down my hair using the BBBrush. Your video has helped so much! I have really thick hair and so it always been a hassle trying to get the oil spread but now I know how! Thank you so much!!!


  2. This is helpful to know! I had never even heard of it before. Strangely though, my scalp stays perfectly dry and healthy, but the underneath part of my hair and about half way down can get very oily. NO idea what that’s about; I’ll have to try this to see if it will help!


  3. I notice that if i do this on non wash days, it actually makes my hair oily. So i do it before i wash and it seems that my hair stays cleaner longer that way. My method of sectioning is a bit different, but it seems to work still! Thanks for the video :)


    1. Me too! If I scritch and preen before going to bed on nonwash days, my hair will be very oily the next morning. Maybe it’s got something to do with my fine hair? Anyways, think I will try doing it before washing and see if it makes a difference :-)


      1. Same! I have lots of fine blonde hair and the more my fingers are in it the oilier it gets, so I just kinda let it do its thing until wash days.


  4. Love the video! I’ve been preening with just my boar bristle brush – I’ll have to try and use my fingers first and then brush. I also do that thing where I brush over the ends of my hair last to get more oil on them :)
    Also, for the other curlies out there, I’ve found that it’s really nice to scritch and preen at night and then follow up with the brush for awhile to make sure all of the oils are distributed over your hair strands. Then when I wake up in the morning I spritz my hair just enough to let it air dry into its natural curls and waves or twist sections of my hair into the style I want. I don’t do this every time, but I don’t ever feel like I can’t brush my hair because of the curls this way. And I think my hair looks better and has more volume after it has freshly dried as opposed to sleeping on it anyway. Plus it doesn’t take too long to dry since it’s not soaking like after a shower, just damp. Just something to think about! :)

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  5. I have never tried this, but I was due for a wask this morning so I tried it yesterday evening before going to bed. It felt nice, but it actually made my hair more oily? Like it was dripping in oil by the time I was done. I also lost a lot of hair in the process, did I do anything wrong?


  6. I had the same experience. I did the whole shebang last night and woke up with oilier hair towards my roots. However, i might give a whirl before a hair wash. The whole process was very relaxing though. :) I do also have fine hair…


  7. This is a little late, I know, but just wanted to say thank you for posting this video! I was struggling so much with scritch and preen technique, and this has helped tremendously!


  8. Yay! I’m so glad you made this. I was searching for a scritch and preen video a while back & I should have known you would have one up soon enough! Thank you!!!

    Also- I’m new to the crunchy world. brand new. [& I’m in love with your blog] I “clarified” on Sunday night (June 29th) but I couldn’t find any ratios for the baking soda paste and I got scared so I was frantically adding baking soda & water and then dumping the water out and then adding more because I freaked myself out while reading the no baking soda paste warning. But I am a complete grease ball at the moment and my question is: How will I know if I was successful in clarifying? I plan to wash with bs and rinse with acv Friday, but is that too soon? I think I deep conditioned with acv right after sorta clarifying (I did 1:4 parts distilled water), does this qualify as deep conditioning?

    Last question: I love bangs and I miss mine, but is it possible to be no ‘poo and still rock bangs without them being complete grease curtains???

    BTW, You are amazing Alex and you’ve helped me transition into some crazy lifestyle changes that earn me lots of “you’re crazy” looks & comments from my family and close friends


  9. Thank you so much for this!! Although I still shampoo, doing this nightly has helped me put a few extra days between washes. I was wondering…is it possible to overdo this and cause damage? For example is it okay to scritch and preen with fingers then use a BBB every night or should I only use the BBB occasionally?


  10. DON’T try the onion!!!! It stung my eyes so bad during the blending and putting on my hair process that I couldn’t see anything – luckily hubby was home to help me. It didn’t wash out at all and stunk to high heaven even after using the lemon water rinse (I also added clove oil to it). Then I tried rewashing with aloevera gel and the onion got out and 90% of the smell but my roots were so pasty and sticky that I literally ripped hair out trying to gently finger comb through it. Then I beat a whole egg and put that all over my roots, which solved the sticky pasty problem but my hair feels dryer/yuckier than it did before starting any of this!!


  11. I thought that the whole point of no poo ( or one of the main points) is what little time it takes to care for your hair when you only need to wash it once or twice a week. 15-20 minutes of Stritching and Preening seems to kind of defeat that purpose, especially if it’s done everyday. Does stritching and preening really need to be done everyday? Thanks for all your helpful blood entries!


  12. I always had a bit problems with scritch and preen, because I always got stuck with my fingers in my hair. Especially when I just washed the hands, I never could dry them enough. Now I found a cool solution: cotton gloves!!! For me it works good, and I think the effect is even better than with bare hands. What do you think about that? Maybe silk gloves would be even better..


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