argan oil

(post from my old blog…i’m coming up on my year anni with argan oil now. yes, anniversary. i love it THAT much!)
I LOVE ARGAN OIL. it goes on my hair, on my face, and on my skin. did i mention that i love argan oil?
sadly, it only comes from small sources in morocco and has a short shelf life, so it’s expensive! but holy jeebers, it’s worth it!

argan oil smells like downright luxury and feels incredible! it’s done wondrous things for my hair and skin!!

it should smell slightly nutty…i think it kind of smells like plain, day old popcorn… i really don’t know how to describe it, haha.

argan oil=liquid GOLD!! (can be used for hair, skin & nails!)

let’s go over what you can use it for:

moisturizing your hair:

you can do three things (if not more!) with argan oil and a deep conditioning your hair. the first is to mix a little with your regular conditioner for softer and super shiny hair when it dries. just be sure to not get it on your scalp! it’ll make your hair appear greasy.

the second is to use it as a shine and frizz serum. since i don’t use store-brand conditioner, i simply apply a small amount (i mean SMALL so it doesnt make your hair greasy-looking) to the ends of my hair and the top layer. i have long, thick hair, so i use one full pump and it does the trick. it makes my hair look very shiny and healthy and also moisturizes it throughout the day!

last but not least, you can use it as a hot oil treatment. slick the argan oil all over your hair (but not too much!), and either wrap your hair up in a hot towel or a shower cap. you can sit under a blow dryer too! leave on for 30 minutes and wash out. voila, shiny, beautiful hair!

skin moisturizer:

you can apply argan oil directly to the skin, just as you would lotion. keep in mind it’s oil and don’t spread around a ton of it or it won’t be able to soak in completely. i’ve been putting little dabs under my eyes and on my eyelids to soften and moisturize the delicate skin there, as well as help with the bags under my eyes (thanks, grad school!). putting it under your eyes will also help with fine lines! double score!

i really do like how soft it makes my skin, but i’m still a bigger fan of coconut oil for lotion. check out my post on coconut oil here.

you can also mix a small amount in with your regular lotion or moisturizer to give it a little boost. how awesome! you can also use it as a massage oil, oo-la-la!! i’ve also been putting it on my lips before i go to sleep. just a tiny amount though! i’m a chapstick addict and this has really helped with that, girl scouts honor!


pretty  much everyone has suffered from acne or getting pimples at some point in their life. if you were like me in high school, you also made the mistake of picking at them and leaving yourself with scars. i’ll do an entire post dedicated to getting rid of the acne scars on my cheeks, but for the sake of this post, i’ll give you some info 🙂

because of its anti-inflammatory abilities, argan oil is known to heal existing acne blemishes, prevent the occurrence of new breakouts and help reduce scarring with regular use. just apply a small amount directly to clean skin!

you can also use it in the oil cleansing method here. it works wonders for cleaning your pores! i SWEAR by the OCM. it’s the ONLY thing i use to clean my face (well, besides plain ol water).


i usually have my nails painted, so before i do my little at home manis, i put some argan oil on a q-tip and rub it on my cuticles and around my nails. it helps my cuticles stay healthy and helps my nails grow healthier. i’ve done this twice so far this week and like the outcomes!

for those of you that don’t, or rarely, paint your nails, you can apply it directly to the nail for longer, stronger, shinier nails.

stretch marks/scars:

remember that time you stopped gymnastics and dancing at the same time and gained 20 pounds then lost it all in a few months? oh yea, that was ME…. ever since then, i’ve had tiny little stretch marks on my inner thighs. so, in the name of beauty and for the sake of you readers out there, i’ll be doing a little “before & after with my stretch marks! (coming soon!)
well i totally spaced taking pictures cuz this post is from my old blog. BUT, it did lessen the appearance of my tiny stretch marks and scars. they’re still there though. i only tried it for a few weeks. i should’ve done it longer!


i LOVE this stuff!! i can use it for so many things and i love what it does for me! do your research on pure argan oil brands if you choose to buy some. i know it’s pricey, but it’s very worth it and replaces a lot of other beauty items in your bathroom.

keep in mind argan oil usually expires in about a year to year and a half (just keep an eye on it), so don’t buy it in large quantities. a little goes a LONG way!

20130616_201235where to buy:

what type to look for:

  • ideally usda certified organic (sometimes smaller companies can’t afford the seal)
  • 100% pure
  • UNrefined
  • cold-pressed
  • in a dark glass bottle
  • preferably a pump to limit its exposure to air (droppers are the second best thing)

**if your argan oil is in a plastic, or light glass bottle, there’s a 99% chance it’s not pure. argan oil degrades RAPIDLY when exposed to light, hence the dark glass bottle. also, if it’s leaving you greasy, chances are it’s not pure. argan oil soaks into skin really fast, with no greasy after-feel. sometimes argan oil is cut with sunflower seed oil, making the cost lower, but it’s not good for the oil or what you’re using it for.

who else is in love with argan oil as much as me?!

here’s a link that’s a quick-read on argan oil &  here’s a more detailed site. warning! check this site out before you buy argan oil to make sure it’s the Real Deal.



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116 thoughts on “argan oil”

  1. Hey guys, I’m from Europe, so I can’t buy any of the brands recommended in the article, but I have found two brands in my local stores. Now there’s a problem. First one I bought was in clear glass bottle with pump, it smells great, kind of nutty, I can’t really descripe it, and it soak into my skin really quickly… but after I have bought it, I read this article and found out it should be in dark glass, so I purchased the other brand that is in dark glass bottle with dropper, but it doesn’t smell at all, and also doesn’t soak into my skin at all ( I’ve had it on my face for like an hour now and my skin is still oily although I only put on a little) , but the bottle says 100% pure, cold pressed, bio, raw argania spinosa kernel oil for cosmetic purposes…
    Sooooo, now I’m confused :-/ what do you think about it ? Please someone answer me… 🙂

    1. Linda, where in Europe are you from? I have discovered during my travels that many Europeans actually cook with argan oil, and can buy it in larger bottles at grocery stores for much lower prices. I believe its good for pan frying red meats. I would encourage you, if you are aware of this, to try to avoid the oils meant for cosmetic purposes explicitly, as they will be at inflated prices. If you have access to food grade argan oil, take advantage of it. Here in the states, we don’t have that luxury.

      1. I’m from Slovakia, and I think I’ve seen argan oil like that, but I just supposed it was roasted so I haven’t actually read the bottle 😀 😀 I’ll take a look next time, thank you very much 🙂 yeah, and about the luxury, I’m thinking about moving to states for bentonite clay 😀 (just kidding).. seriously in my country, I’ve found one available, and I’m not really sure I believe the company 😀 also stuff like aloe vera gel, unrefined shea butter.. it’s almost impossible to find :-/

  2. Is it a bad idea to mix argan oil with the vinegar-conditioner blend? Or would you recommend just applying it straight to my hair as a serum instead?

  3. Hi
    I am from India and would like to buy argan oil from amazon. I am undecided wether to buy pura d’or or beauty by earth argan oils. Both have good reviews. Please let me know which one I should opt for. Thanks

  4. i’m getting the Argan Oil to be tested on my face and hair. I have EO on hand and thought of adding a drop or 2 to my Argan oil. Has anybody tried it before? Is it a good idea to do it?

  5. I was recently staying with friends of mine in France, and they cook with Argan Oil. So I bought some at a French grocery store. I bought a 250 mL (8oz) bottle, dark glass, french certified organic, 100% pure, cold pressed, unrefined, extra virgin. In the beauty industry, Argan oil is over priced. Extremely. Just thought I should share with you. We’re being ripped off.

  6. So i have been staying with friends of mine in france, and they cook with argan oil. So i bought a bottle at a French grocery store. 9.50€ for an 8 oz bottle. Dark glass, french certified organic, virgin, unrefined, cold pressed. It’s not rare as it may seem, and certainly not as expensive. It’s just romanticized in the blogging community and we dont realize these things. Just like to inform you guys. It’s amazing =)

  7. Hey,
    I wanted to know that where in India, Mumbai can i get Argan Oil. Anyone please help. Somewhere in South Mumbai.

    1. You can get argan oil online in India from soulflower. They also have a few outlets in Mumbai. They have variety of products too, all handmade and are good.

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