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coconut body scrub

coconut scrub

this body scrub is SO easy to make and very cheap! it’s brown sugar & coconut, so it smells heavenly and you don’t need a moisturizer afterwards. an added bonus is that it’s completely organic and non-toxic in case one of your kids (or furry kids) happens to get into it!coco scrub ingreds

how to make it:

mix, mix, mix all ingredients until you have a nice, thick paste

then, put into a cute little glass jar (or container of your choice)

**store scrub under 74 degrees and below so the CO doesn’t liquify!

how to use it:

  • before you shower, scoop out a small amount and apply to an area you want to exfoliate
  • rub in circular motion
  • rinse off in shower with warm water (you’ll get a closer, longer-lasting shave after using the scrub, too!)



25 thoughts on “coconut body scrub

  1. I only have brown sugar, so I think I’ll only use that! 🙂

    Alex! I stumbled upon your blog by chance. I was doing a lot of research in making my hair grow and found your “grow it long grow it strong” post. And, one thing led to another and I found myself reading your blog daily. All my life I tried to fix my hair and body by buying yet another “normal” beauty product from the store. I had everything…
    Yet, nothing worked or felt right. I worked a stressful job for a boss that disliked me. Was severely depressed, wasted all my money on fast food and clothes. Felt very ill most of the time and had issues with bad skin (all over from blemishes on my back to bumpy red things on my arms).
    When I lost my second bad job I was burnt out to say the least. I dyed my hair for the millionth time and I was generally fed-up. The changes I made to be a healthy, happy human were very slight at first. One of the very first things I did was quit drinking coffee in the morning and eating a nutritional breakfast. Then I started really removing certian refined foods out of my diet.
    I used to gorge myself on cake to curb my depression and now I can’t stand the taste! Due to a seditary lifestyle I gained a lot of weight! I am slowly losing this and doing a lot of excercises to tone my muscles. 🙂 it’s a great feeling when your legs no longer jiggle as you walk!
    I have also noticed that my skin is clearing up through my new diet and I am sustaining this by taking up the ocm and using only natural products, eating a lot of omega 3s and being happy.
    Originally I wanted to start going no poo much sooner. However, my hair was still very damaged and I did daily coconut oil treatments to fix it.
    There’s much that I still need to change in 2014. But the best part is hearing all my friends tell me that I look happy. That’s priceless!

    Tunet from South africa.

    1. thanks so much for sharing your story, tunet! i’m so glad to hear all of your changes are working wonders for you! that’s incredibly awesome! good luck on the rest of your journey! if you’d ever like to guest post, please let me know! love AR!

  2. Love this, I’ve used a similar recipe I found online with sugar, coconut oil and a splash of lemon juice (not sure what purpose the lemon juice serves, but it make my legs feel amazing!!) I subbed in some salt instead of sugar because… salt it cheaper!
    I rub it in before I shave, then again afterwards. I then scared my flatmate by walking up to her in a towel and demanding that she felt my legs!! SO SMOOTH AND SOFT!!
    However, please please please be careful people!! The coconut oil made the bathtub super slippery. As in, I tried to kneel up and slid right down to the plug hole on my knees with no input from me!

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