coconut oil hair mask

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

since i’m no-‘poo, my hair can get dry easily if i don’t remember to put argan oil on after i wash it. also, winter is NOT friendly to hair. at all. here’s a simple and AMAZING way to get super, SUPER shiny and soft hair.

coconut oil hair mask

and the best part? it’s organic/natural and only one ingredient! coconut oil. such a miracle oil! i’m obsessed with it, seriously.


  • 2-5 tablespoons of coconut oil (depending on the thickness, length and dryness of your hair)
  • comb
  • plastic wrap/shower cap/soft t-shirt


 melt a few tablespoons of coconut oil in the microwave (i used 3 tablespoons and microwaved it for 20 second intervals, stirring between. adjust amount of oil according to your hair’s thickness, length and dryness) (**i melt mine in the microwave because i use so much. i realize it melts when you touch it. it’s just easier for me than continuously melting chunks in my hands:) )

2*. let it cool down some if you chose to microwave it!

3. apply that messy oil! …depending on what you’re using this for, you may only want to put it on the ends of your hair or everywhere but your scalp, orrrr ALLLLLL over (i did all over this time. it’s messier, but my hair feels and looks incredible. try it!


4. gently comb/brush your hair to evenly distribute the oil all over your hair


5. wrap your hair up in a shower cap/plastic wrap and leave it in 45-60 minutes OR leave it in overnight. you can put put your hair in a braid or bun then wrap it in a soft t-shirt and sleep in it (i highly suggest this way! it maximizes your results)


6. when time’s up, take your hair down and wash, wash, wash. it took me three washes (but i don’t use store-bought shampoo) to get all the oil out. with regular shampoo, twice should do it.

7.*condition your hair after you wash it if you want, but i’m tellin ya, you won’t need it 🙂

repeat this mask every one to two weeks

VOILA, happy, healthy hair!! look at the shine! i wish you could feel how soft it is.

coco hair

IMPORTANT>> no-‘poo-ers: the baking soda/ACV routine will NOT take coconut oil out of your hair! please don’t even try. you can use this mask and take it out with a castile soap (i use dr. bronner’s, diluted half and half with distilled water.. followed by an acv rinse) OR grab a low-poo and wash it out. the low-poo will be MUCH gentler on your hair, and wont’t require an ACV rinse after. try to go that route if you can.
also, instead of doing a full-on CO mask, you can do a quick conditioner after you wash with 1/2 teaspoon melted coconut oil mixed in a cup of warm, distilled water. just put that on the ends of your hair after you shower, then rinse 🙂  you can also try wetting your hair before you apply the mask next time. this will help tremendously in getting it back out!
if you’re sitting with oil in  your hair and no alternatives, and if you’re okay with using a shampoo this ONE time to get it out, use a cheap shampoo (think $1 shampoos) and completely keep it away from your scalp. make sure NONE of the ingredients end in -xane, -zane, -cone, or -conol, as these will coat your hair in silicones and you’ll have to start the no-‘poo process all over again. no one wants to do that again!

ps – there are no-‘poo friendly ways to deep condition! check them out here!

and to everyone else (shampoo users…): if you’re still having trouble getting it out, either wet your hair before you do this mask OR switch to a lighter oil like jojoba or apricot kernel.

i get asked this a LOT, so here’s the deal: UNREFINED vs REFINED COCONUT OIL:

refined CO has been through bleaching & high heat processes and also can sometimes have lye added to it or be hydrogenated, making it a trans fat. while it might make your hair feel softer, you’re not actually giving your hair anywhere the same benefits you would from unrefined. & you definitely do NOT want to eat that one!
unrefined is the purest form with the most health benefits (and the kind that can be eaten!). your hair will thank you!

i think this about covers it all 🙂

202 thoughts on “coconut oil hair mask

  1. Okay, new to this! Comments are old, but need help. I dont shampoo a lot, my hair is really thick and curly, i use like a dime size of conditioner every few days. But i wanted to try the coconut oil process, well its been in my hair for a hour, im not picky on my shampoo. It was dollar general shampoo haha, i hope it gets all the oild out. But any helpful advice or things i need to change is appreciated!

  2. please help! I did a coconut oil to try and remove tye overdose of baking soda not knowing any better I ruined my hair! I cant get it out avc did hardly anything, I used pure apply cider my hairs still falling out breaking off and clumping together its been a month did i ruin my hair for ever 😦 do i have to cut it all off ?Im tirified Im going to go bald ita falling out at a very

  3. i have organic “GMO free, Hexane free, cholesterol free, non hydrogenated” CO but it’s refined. is this ok?
    thanks :)))

  4. Coconut is my favourite type of oil- olive oil is somehow way too heavy for my hair. I have highly wavy hair and coconut oil is the only thing that makes it manageable.

  5. Do you put the oil in your hair while its dry or wet? And which way is the best for your hair? hair is bleached, extremely dry and staying away from heat for a long time, besides a trim and coconut oil or argan oil is there anything else that works really good that you know of?? Also..why is the soft t-shirt better than a cap or towel?

    1. Put coconut oil on dry hair if you’re using it as a mask. I put it on the ends and then will comb it thru. I use Pureology shampoos and it only takes one shampoo to get the oil out. If you saturate your scalp, it will take 2-3 shampoos. A t-shirt is better for your hair than a towel as it won’t make your hair frizzy.

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