goin no-‘poo!

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

(content from my old blog! i’m now a water-only washer, and haven’t used ANY hair products in a year and a half, so ask me any questions you may have! i have a no-poo troubleshooting post here, too!)

my inner hippie and i have decided to cut out typical shampoo and conditioner. sound gross? well, yea, kinda. this doesn’t mean i’m not washing my hair…it means i’m gonna have to start making my shampoo and conditioner at home. no chemicals? SCORE! way less money spent? DOUBLE SCORE!

so what am i going to be using instead of shampoo and conditioner? why, baking soda and apple cider vinegar, my dears!

the recipes for my homemade haircare:


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (with the mother. yes, i said mother.)

what to do:

  • mix up your “shampoo” and place in container of your choice. it should feel “slippery.” you’ll know what i mean when you feel it!
  • mix up your “conditioner” and place in container of your choice. it’ll smell while you’re using it, but it will NOT smell once you rinse it out!
  • use the baking soda mix as you would normal shampoo. i found it’s best to squirt a little on one part of your scalp, rub gently but firmly, and move to the next spot. only use this on your scalp! then, once you’ve rubbed your whole scalp, rinse really, really well!
  • use the acv rinse from the scalp to the ends of your hair. it’ll rebalance the pH and make  your hair feel softer! rinse really, really well!

i have two plastic squirt bottles (not spray ones) that i’m using to hold the mixes.

and of course you can change the mixture, according to your hair. scalp is too dry? you can lessen the baking soda. etc. *remember* to let your hair have a few weeks to adjust to your new homemade haircare before you change the mixture ratios. the dryness and/or oiliness you might experience might be the simple fact that you’re hair isn’t being stripped of its natural oils then coated with waxes anymore! 🙂

couple tips:

clarify before you switch (clarify ONCE. then wait 3, 4, 5 or more days before your next wash!)
deep condition often. “often” is based on your hair. if it’s dry, condition it. if it’s not, don’t. 🙂

20130430_144845(about halfway through my transition. see?! NOT pretty. but worth it!!)


i love the condition my hair is in. it’s shiny, holds curls better (without product, of course!) and really soft!


(sorry the pictures are dark. it’s after 3am and matt’s asleep so i don’t have too many lights on.)

these pictures were taken 19 hours after i took my flexi-rods out of my hair AND after 6 hours of being tossed around in study-mode….there’s still so much body and bounce! love it! and no, not washing my hair every day isn’t making my hair gross…it’s doing the exact opposite 😀 overall, it’s so low maintenance and combined with the no-heat overnight way i curl my hair, my hair care routine is SO incredibly easy now.

so how long does the mixture last?

the mixture i posted above lasts me about 3 uses. considering a big box of baking soda was a litte over a dollar and the unfiltered ACV was a few dollars…let’s do the math:

– $5 for baking soda and ACV
– $1 for a gallon of distilled water
– 1 tablespoon each of the bs and acv with 2 cups of water— i’m washing my hair for PENNIES a week!!

now that’s what i call wallet cheap and beauty chic! SCORE!


i’ve officially been ‘poo free for about 1 1/2 years! this post is really old and from my old blog, but still has great info!


NEED SOME NO-‘POO HELP? see this post

and there’s always the no-‘poo resource page! 🙂


243 thoughts on “goin no-‘poo!

  1. Hi, btw I love your blog !! I just wanted to know if the mixture BS with water is supposed to be liquid ?
    Thank you

  2. My hair was so damaged when I started, and I was an everyday shampoo person so I started by making one of your shampoo recipes (coconut milk/aloe vera/argan oil) and used that every second day with an acv rinse and kept with my store bought shampoo on the other days. I also got a good haircut before starting. I gradually increased the number of days using the natural shampoo and added a few days of not washing at all. In addition to this I add argan or coconut oil in small amounts to my hair obsessively, multiple times a day to keep it happy and did conditioning masks on days I was going to use my store bought shampoo. After about a month my hair is not greasy at all on days when I dont use the store bought stuff and I am ready to be rid of it entirely 🙂 This probably is not the best way to go about this but my hair was damaged from a combination of an inexperienced hair stylist using bleach on it and me having to do multiple rounds of low dose chemotherapy, I had to cut a lot of hair off and it broke my heart to do it. My plan is now to clarify then keep using my home made shampoo once or twice a week until it runs out then I want to try the castil soap method. Thanks so much for this blog I love it 🙂

  3. I have been researching my tail off about going no poo in hopes of refreshing and healing my hair. Your blog was what convinced me to give no poo a try. I’ve read all about the feared transition period but it seems like my hair’s reaction was completely different. As soon as I attempted to wash my scalp with the baking soda mix my hair immediately dried up.. which was obviously weird being that it was completely wet in the shower. My hair felt dry and gross and it was overall impossible to deal with in the shower. I’ve been reading up more on the no poo method and came across this blog:
    that claims the baking soda damages hair. I am torn because your hair in your pictures is absolutely gorgeous! and it seems like you have had no problems with dryness or breakage at all – just oily ness during your transition period.
    I’m thinking that a homemade honey shampoo would be a better fit for my hair? and I’m so curious for your opinion!

    1. hey nicole! yea, i’ve seen that post before. i think it fails to take into account that most shampoos (bought or homemade) are NOT ph-balanced. i completely understand the science behind what’s discussed in relation to the quick change from bs to acv; however, it drastically depends on what type of hair someone has and what condition it’s in. i was no-poo for quite some time, washing 2-3 times a week at some points, and i NEVER experienced dryness or breakage. my experience was quite the opposite! i had greasy, yet stronger, hair. what routine you choose is completely up to you, and should be chosen based on what you’re comfortable with and what your hair needs 🙂 i think half the fun is getting to experiment and learn your body/hair better ❤ hope this helps!

  4. I’ve been no poo for almost a year now (started last September) and I have been loving it! I started every other day and now wash every 4 days. However lately my ends have been stringy and look separated, for lack of a better word. I’ve tried your dry shampoo but that only seems to last a few hours at the most. My hair still feels soft and is definitely NOT greasy, but it sure looks like it is. Any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix it? Thank you!

    1. hey sarah! glad to hear you love this method! do you think your ends might be coated in sebum? or maybe they’re a little dry? or maybe coated if you have hard water? an egg yolk wash should clear it right up 🙂

  5. What if you exercise 6 days a week and need to wash your hair? Do you just let it dry and wash your body? Or wash it everyday you exercise?
    Also, is it bad to go no poo and get chlorine in your hair when you go swimming?

  6. If my hair is not very damaged (meaning never dyed or permed and very rarely blow-dried, straightened or curled) would the transition stage be shorter?

  7. Hi there! I’ve been no ‘poo for about three months now, and had gone low poo before that, so i didn’t struggle with much of a transition period. However, I am 16 and my skin/hair has always been extremely oily, as is the rest of my family’s. With hormones and school stress and genetics, I simply cannot not wash everyday, which I know isn’t exactly healthy. Although, my hair hardly ever gets split ends and grows about 2 inches a month. Not exactly unhealthy either. Do you suggest using a dry shampoo every other day? Or just trying my best to stretch it? My only real issue with the everyday wash is dryness, which i treat with aloe vera as a prepoo every day.

    1. Actually you shouldn’t be washing everyday with bs/acv. The most frequently you should be using it (from what I’ve read on this blog) is every 2-3 days, and if your hair is more on the dry side you can wash it 1-2 times per week. The longer you’re no-pooing the longer it sees your hair stays clean, which is a real time saver 🙂 I usually just wait until my hair starts to look noticeably greasy, and at this point I can get away with twice a week. I wouldn’t think there’s any problem with dry shampooing on days you don’t wash if you really need it, but your hair will probably do better if you can hold off (maybe try a braid or simple up-do?). I’ve also seen just rinsing your hair with water on days you don’t wash can help freshen it up! Hope that helps 🙂
      Also, just wanted to add, even my hair stylist only washes her hair once a week, so no worries that it won’t be “clean” or “healthy” by going so long. Waiting is the best thing you can do for your scalp and hair!

  8. You have so much amazing content on your blog! I feel like any question someone could have about no poo has to be answered in one of your posts somewhere…you have so much info on it! However…(lol) I’ve looked at lots of different blogs, lots of different posts and am not finding an exact answer to this. (Sorry if you do have it somewhere)

    When I mix up my 1 TB bs to 1 cup water, I don’t end up using all of that in one shower, do I? How many “washes” should that last me?

    I just started this last week and want to be sure I’m doing it correctly! I first did it last Thursday. It felt pretty clean and nice that day and even the next wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get it wet or anything all weekend until today. It had gotten really greasy but I was holding out as long as possible since I had no pace to go all weekend. This morning i “washed” with the no poo mix and I feel like it didn’t get clean AT ALL. Like it still felt wet almost all day. I threw it up in a bun at work, but still felt like the worlds biggest greasebag and hoped no one looked at my head all day lol. Even when I let my bud down after work my hair kind of stayed in a similar shape without moving much. Ew.

    I just want to be sure I’m not supposed to be using the entire 1 cup of mix? Is that my problem? I know the transition period sounds like a greasy mess, but should it have been THAT greasy so quickly? I’m determined to make this work and don’t want to give up since the end results sound amazing…just have to get through this!

    thanks for any help!

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