natural hair dye

since i’ve gone no-‘poo and started using all organic body products, it’s been REALLY hard to not dye my hair. i used to dye it every month and a half to two months. completely horrible for my hair, i know!!

well, now i’ve ventured into the world of natural hair dyes! since i want to go to a darker brown (my hair is now medium brown but shines red in the sun because of the faded hair dye i think), i chose to try two different ways: black walnut hull powder and black tea with sage. apparently black walnuts stain everything really bad (perfect for hair) and black tea will gradually darken hair with the sage opening the hair shaft to allow more color in. i’m obviously not a hair dresser, so don’t quote me on that. make sure you do your own research 🙂
i tried the black tea and sage hair dye tonight. i’ll add on to this post once i try the black walnut powder. here goes:


– a medium size pot 3/4 full of water
– 6 tea bags
– tablespoon of sage


1. boil your water
2. open the tea bags and pour the contents into the boiling water, in addition to the sage
3. boil this mix for 20 minutes
4. turn heat off and allow the mixture to steep… i let it steep for 2 hours
5. strain out the chunkies from the tea bags and sage and place into a bigger bowl that your head will fit in
6. make sure your hair is DRY and the mixture is room temperature
7. stick your head in the bowl for 7-10 minutes. i used a cup to keep rinsing the roots of hair while the ends soaked. not gonna lie, this part is super uncomfortable… i had matt help me. and since my hair is long and thick, it got really heavy for my poor neck lol
8. squeeze out excess liquid and wrap up your hair. let sit for 30 to 60 minutes
9. rinse with COOL water. you might not want to shampoo till tomorrow to let it dry and soak in
10. repeat to darken/maintain your color. i’ve read people have to do this every week or two. but heck, if i can darken my hair without killing it, i don’t mind doing this that often. depends on the person 🙂

things to keep in mind:

– my hair is colored. i’ve seen that it works better on uncolored, natural hair
– the sage will allow gray hair to be covered
– this will most likely not be a “one rinse fix” for what you want your hair color to be. keep it goin’!
– this is for darkening brown hair. read below for other dyes: (taken from here)

If you want…
Black hair 
use Chinese Black Tea with Ginger,  Fujian Congou Black Tea or Wild Ginger.
Dark brown hair use Earl Grey or Ceylon Black Tea.
Light brown hair use Summer Berries Tea or Blackberry Black Tea.
Red hair use Royal Velvet Rooibos or any Lavender Rooibos Tea.
Blonde hair use Classic Chamomile Tea.

before & after:

(coming soon!.. after i switch over the content of my last blog site!)

please let me know if this worked for you! and the process you chose, if it was different.

…black walnut hair dye coming soon!!


54 thoughts on “natural hair dye

  1. I use a mix of tea, sage and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I strain it and put it in a spray bottle. I spray it on the roots everyday. I leave it on my hair. It took about 2 weeks to notice the results. The reason I stopped coloring my hair was with a perm it was just too damaging. My hair is softer and thicker then it has ever been. It’s worth the mess. Use a dark towel when you dry your hair so it doesn’t show the stains.

    1. I just tried Roolbos red tea last night and I love it. I don’t think it did much to my roots though that as I am getting older they are starting to be dark brown. I used to have light brown hair with blond in it, but naturally my hair color changed since I was a baby. I started coloring my hair in past 4 years, because it was becoming dull after kids. I haven’t died my hair a bright auburn since February, and the hair was starting to lighten up a lot and I had some blond in it. For health issues I wanted to try something more healthy for the hair, so I tried Rollbos red tea and I am loving it, it really did change the blond to red. However I am still stuck noticeably different roots.

  2. I’ve been lightening my hair for a while with this tea mix. I have blonde hair so I mix half a cup of chamomile, a tablespoon of lavender, and a handful of springs of fresh rosemary. The best part is how lovely my hair smells after. 🙂

    1. Hi Linds, this lightens your hair even with the lavender and rosemary? That’s wonderful. Do you think it would cover gray hair? Also, have you tried sage? I am wondering if it would darken my dark blonde hair. I’d rather have a lightening effect.

  3. Can I “remove” my blonde highlights with this? I don’t wanna dye them now that I decided to do all natural so I wonder if tea can help me. Do you know anything about this?

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