organic alternative to shampoo & body wash


as you all know if you follow my blog, i have been shampoo and conditioner free for almost 9 months now!

for those of you who appreciate organic body care instead of slathering your skin with chemicals, i have come up with a gentle alternative! also, for those that aren’t too keen on completely going ‘poo-less, this can be used as a shampoo alternative as well. WIN! the organic oils will strip away dirt and grease like none other!

what i used:

  • dr. bronner’s liquid soap, 8 oz from official website for about $8 (any fragrance you like)
  • pura d’or organic argan oil (optional yet suggested!!)- snagged on grupon for $24…. you could use extra virgin olive oil, too, if you have that!
  • squeezy bottle from walmart – under $1
  • water from the sink (bottled/distilled water might be preferred, especially if you have hard water)


(detailed instructions below)

soap mixture

1. fill 4/5 of the squeezy bottle with warm water from the sink (or more if you’re already no-‘poo)

2. fill the remaining 1/5 of the bottle with liquid soap (for those who are ‘poo less, use less! i definitely use less…about 1:8 soap to water mix)

3. (optional yet HIGHLY suggested) add 10-12 pumps of argan oil for added moisture for your skin and extra moisture/shine for your scalp/hair (OR about a teaspoon of olive oil!)

4. gently shake

5. use directly on scalp for shampoo (a small amount goes a looooong way); put on loofa/washcloth for body wash.

*6. if you need/want to, follow up with putting some organic coconut oil or argan oil on your hair, focusing on the ends. it helps frizz and dryness 🙂

hair length(hair’s still damp, but you can see it’s almost down to my belly button now! woohoo!!)

IF YOU HAVE HARD WATER: the minerals in the hard water WILL react to the castile soap and leave a soap scum on your hair/skin. you HAVE to mix castile soap with distilled water. some people have found that their water is really hard and they have to rinse with distilled as well. i have hard water and mixing with distilled/rinsing with shower water worked for me. if your hair looks dull, feels heavy/waxy/gross after using this mix, chances are you have hard water.

how to fix the hard water problem if you’ve already got the nasty hair: double rinse with ACV (1 tablespoon acv mixed with 1 cup distilled water). rinse once, let it sit a few minutes, wash/gently massage out & repeat. that should take care of the soap scum issue 🙂

UPDATE: i had my boyfriend use the citrus mix (i made sure to not emasculate him too much with my rose one haha) and he said it cleaned his hair better than store-bought shampoo. he did use conditioner afterward because his hair was SO squeaky clean that it was dry feeling. he used about a 1:6 ratio of soap to water.  for me, the soap/water mixture alone was really drying, even with 1:6 ratio of soap to water.  i’ve switched to 1:8 and it feels so much better! and if you choose to add oil like i did, it will add moisture for your scalp and skin.



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156 thoughts on “organic alternative to shampoo & body wash”

  1. Wow It’s looks cool. Is these herbal shampoo help to grow new hair? Maybe it is a stupid question..But I desperately seeking products which help me to grow new hair.If you know any organic hair growth product,please let me. And i try these shampoo..Hope it will shine my hair..

  2. Hi there! So stupid question I’m sure; I’m probably just not digging deep enough, so if you’ve mentioned it and I’ve missed I’m sorry. But will this take out coconut oil? I know the baking soda method won’t, but I wasn’t sure weather or not Castile soap would. I’m already low-poo and would like to switch, but I just don’t know if I’m ready to give up my coconut oil just yet. =p

  3. So I bought the tea tree Castile soap because I heard that it is really good for your hair. Last night I made the mix and did the ACV mix (3 times with distilled water) but my ends are waxy. My question is should I leave out the argan oil/olive oil?

  4. Hello! I was wondering, should I use this shampoo from roots to ends, or just on the scalp? I’m transitioning for the first time, and just want to double check that I’m doing it right.

  5. Any idea if the tea tree castile soap from Dr. Bronners would work using this recipe for ppl with scalp issues like dadruff?

    1. Reading people’s reviews on Amazon, there are quite a bit of people that did have relief from dandruff from the tea tree Castile soap. I have it myself but unfortunately didn’t get any benefit. I strongly recommend diluting a 1/4 to 1/2 – tablespoon to 1 cup of water when mixing for your shampoo and ALWAYS rinse with acv or Dr. Bronners citrus rinse. The Castile soaps are highly concentrated and if not diluted enough it dries out the hair and makes hair very brittle ( in my experience it works just like baking soda which they both have the same high ph thus needing the acid rinse to condition hair with afterwards)

  6. Should this be kept in a dark glass container if you put argan oil in it does anyone know? My homemade shampoo is getting a bit heavy for my hair so I want to try this, just curious if the oil has to stay in the dark.

  7. Hey!:) I thought about writing you, but may be anyone else has a question like that, too:)

    What do you think about tar soap on hair? I have never tried one, but now I purchased a natural soap (Ingredients: olive oil, palm fat, coconut fat, shea butter, cocoa butter, flaxseed oil farms tar, honey).. Do you think it needs rinsing? Or may be it’s even too strong for hair? Should I dilute it or use just a little bit foam from it? So many questions, I didn’t want to put it in my hair before consulting with an expert first:D Thanks!!!!:)

  8. I have been using this concoction for about 3 weeks now (with diluted water), washing every 2-3 days – before I washed every day. After, I use the ACV rinse (with diluted water). When I do wash my hair, the roots look greasy after my hair air dries, the only way I have found to stop this is to resort back to store-shampoo and start the process all over again. HELP! What am I doing wrong?! Do you have any other suggestions that I could try? This was working great for me until I did a CO mask (which took literally 5 washes to get out).

    1. hey erika! sounds like you’re a victim of hard water 😦 when you’re washing your hair, the minerals in the hard water are reacting with the castile soap and leaving a grimey film on your hair, making it appear greasy and feel sticky. if the acv rinse on your scalp isn’t getting rid of the film, you can opt for a water filter, or another low-poo option. hope this helps!

      1. Erika,
        I have super hard water, and I have been low poo for months. I decided to switch to Dr. Bronners because it’s so much more economical. My problem was the first time I used it, my hair was disgusting. Gunky, sticky, all around gross. I waited four days (you should have seen my head by day four… grease city!) and tried again. I used COLD filtered water to mix up the Dr. Bronners. Then, I used filtered water (cold) with 1 tsp acv. I rubbed that in, left it for a few minutes, and then rinsed my hair in my hard water to make sure it was clean, and then rinsed it again with cold filtered water. I washed it yesterday and my hair still looks and feels squeaky clean and soft. Give it a try again, with filtered water! Also try using cold water, it made a difference for me.
        And sorry.. the transition period will suck. It took weeks for me to switch from shampoo to low ‘poo, and even months later my hair looks nasty after the second day of not washing it. It’s different for everybody, you may just have to wait it out and see how your hair responds.

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