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coconut oil – careful!

first off, everyone should know how in LOVE with my coconut oil i am!! so don’t get the wrong idea here, haha.

so, i’ve noticed a lot of searches that lead people to my blog and posts around pinterest that ask about/promote slathering coconut oil on your face….

please for the love of your pores, be careful doing that!! on some people, like those with oily skin, larger pores, susceptible to breakouts, or those that don’t exfoliate, it will clog your pores right up!

if you’re going to put it on your face, please exfoliate first and only use it as a light moisturizer. LIGHT. even if you’re not the type of person that’s susceptible to breakouts,  i would still be careful and not use it daily as your main moisturizer. it can still lead to breakouts over time & ain’t nobody got time for dat!
you can also use it as an under eye cream, which it’s perrrrrfect for! i’ll personally vouch for that one 🙂 and lastly, you can try using it in conjunction with baking soda for a moisturizing facial scrub. i’ve tried it, but i’m still partial to the oil cleansing method (check it out here).

remember that everybody is different and what works for some may not work for others 🙂



13 thoughts on “coconut oil – careful!

  1. Hi, so i read that Organix contains alot of stuff that isn’t organic. I use Organix Moroccan Oil hair protectant, but now I want to switch after reading that. What kind of hair protectant do you recommend?

  2. Its disappointing when you research it.. and researched for days!!!!… that it makes it out to be the miracle face wash. And like an idiot I used it right before my wedding… I broke out so bad. I don’t wear makeup cause it makes me breakout… no matter what I use and my bridesmaids had to cake my face in foundation it looked so bad!!! So please don’t put this on your face!!

  3. my first coconut oil was from Walmart…a brand called LouAnn…DON’T BUY THIS…it is terrible. smelled bad, wasn’t even clear/white, it is yellow (but at the time I didn’t know any better) (I find it funny they used this picture for the “is coconut oil good for you” blog.
    Anyway…I didn’t understand what everyone meant by how great coconut oil is…until I got the REAL THING! Smells great, tastes great and works SO MUCH BETTER! It is definitely worth spending the money on pure extra virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil….and if you can’t see through the container….buy something else:)
    The one I am using now that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is this:

    is it the best one? I have no idea but it has been working amazing 😀 I got it at a health food store and the girl said it is their best seller and she really liked it 🙂
    oh, I do use the coconut oil as a moisturizer on my skin…it seems to work just fine for me, although my face is soaking wet when I use it…I only use a little and mix it in with the water on my skin then dry it …don’t know if that helps anyone but there you go 😀

  4. Hi Alex,
    I bought a coconut oil product from Organix beauty pure and simple called nourishing coconut oil: weightless hydrating oil mist. Since I’ve boughten it (3 days ago) I’ve only used it twice and I use it when my hair is wet, I just wanted to know if you’ve tried it? Or heard of it? Or if this was the same as the white cocnut oil that ive seen on your blog (white gooey looking)? I tried googling reviews on the product and found nothing.

    Please help lol
    Thank you!!

    1. hey balerie! the entire organix line drives me insane. theyre not organic or natural in the slightest đŸ˜Ļ the oil mist youre referring to has lots of silicones and “fragrance”, which im not crazy about. you can buy a jar of unrefine coconut oil and put it into a little spray bottle to use just the same as the organix mist. itll need to be above 75 degrees to be a liquid. I hope this helps!

      1. Oh okay, no wonder! Do you know what places that sell that type of coconut oil? I looked at Walmart, target & at Sally’s & they didn’t have anything đŸ˜Ļ

        Thank you!!

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