for all my chapstick junkies

i am a total chapstick junkie. i know i can’t be the only one!! lipstick, not so much.


i got my newest dr. bronner’s order in the mail today (YESSSS) and the chapstick got me thinkin i need to do a post on it…

20130426_115000(i couldn’t resist opening it before the picture. eh, i’m smitten!)

when you figure that women eat a few pounds of lip product throughout their life (and that the chemicals are absorbed into your body through your lips and mouth), it’s a good idea to go organic with your lip products too! (and men, i know you like chapstick. don’t pretend you don’t.)

i’ve gone through and ranked my top 10 organic chapsticks for you guys to try (well, 11…i cheated with #1). also, i did NOT include chapsticks if they were not truly organic as labeled, if they contained potentially hazardous chemicals, or if the EWG didn’t rate them as a low or no hazard.

ALL of these are organic, and those with an * are Β USDA Certified Organic.

some of these have vegan versions πŸ™‚ i personally love a big, bloody steak, but wanted to include options for my readers!

rank product price where to buy
1 unrefined coconut oil* $6-$15/ jar any health food store
2 dr. bronner’s lip balm* $2.50-$3
3 the honest co. lip balm trio pack* $9.95
4 botanical earth olive oil lip balm $3.25
5 badger balm* $2.99
6 sanre lip balm* $4.99-$9.99
7 chagrin valley lip butter balm* $3.85
8 eco lips gold* $3.50
9 the merry hempsters lip balm* $2.99
10 baby bear shop lip balm* $5.95
11 face naturals lip balm $4.95

i hope some of these make into your chapstick collection! (oh, it’s just me that has a collection? well…uh…)




18 thoughts on “for all my chapstick junkies

  1. Plain cocoa butter works best for me! I find it moisturizes better, is longer lasting, and just as shiny as coconut oil. Cocoa butter is sold at corner pharmacies in Colombia (country not university) already in cute chapstick containers — to give credit where due!
    *P.S. Just found this site and I’m obsessed!!! I love that all of my crunchy DIY beauty/ hygiene needs are met in one place!

  2. I’m always looking for lipbalms to try and Burts Bees is good so far, got to check out more. The ones you’ve listed aren’t usually sold where I am. I have to carry around my lipbalm constantly, can’t be without it. After applying, usually lipstick on top πŸ˜›

  3. I personally love Evolution of Smooth, and that’s organic and vegan. Right now I’m still on my first one cause they have so much in one round ball. I’m using the melon scented one and my sister is using the mint scented one.

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