Organic Wear mascara review

as you know by my way-too-excited-post late last night, (sorry!) i finally found an organic mascara that’s rated low by the EWG and is within my budget.

if you have $30 to drop on organic mascara, let’s be friends and you can buy it for me.


why i’m switching to organic mascara:
– fewer chemicals (especially since it’s around, and sometimes accidently in, my eyes)
– no parabens or petroleum-based ingredients
– environmentally friendly
– healthier for me!

physician’s formula organic wear mascara review:

i love this type so far!! it’s by physician’s formula, and it’s called organic wear. i got the jumbo lash version in ultra black. and somehow by the grace of the organic makeup gods, i got two tubes of it for the price of one!!! ah, there goes my excitement again…. all over the place. my bad.

in general, it’s not like regular mascara that gives extra volume and/or length. i have long-ish lashes already, so this suited me just fine. it does look much more natural, and it doesn’t make your eyelashes hard. they’re pretty flexible still. Β i tried putting more than one coat on and it got pretty spidery. so one coat it is! lol. i wish it gave more volume cuz i love the false lash look with just mascara. but it IS organic, so i’m completely okay with giving up that look.

here’s what it looks like on me:

i’m pretty pumped about this stuff. i will say that it smudges like CRAZY until it dries. i barely touched it and look –

BUT as soon as it dried, it was good to go! it’s SUPER easy to take off with just warm water (it’s not waterproof) and i personally love that about it. but i don’t like waterproof make-up to begin with.

it didn’t smudge during the day or anything either, as other organic mascaras have been reviewed to do.

based on the EWG rating, it being organic, the price (only $9), and the coverage, i WILL be using this as my organic mascara. i especially like that i can pick it up at walmart, cvs, or walgreens. bonus for no shipping charges and less packaging!

if you’re in the market for an organic mascara, you should check this out πŸ™‚



PS- doesn’t it look like a mustache? haha. super cute packaging!!


25 thoughts on “Organic Wear mascara review

  1. try 100% any version of their mascaras. they smell delish. a little pricey but dry much faster than physcian’s formula. their eye liner is awesome as well. πŸ™‚

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