update 1 for my transition to the “rinse only method”

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

as promised, here is my update on my journey to becoming a rinse-only gal!
(don’t know what i’m talkin about? check out this post!)


i’ve gone 10 days without washing my hair! and boy, do i have the pictures to prove it. before i do that, i’ll run down what i’ve been doing….

– i didn’t wet my hair at all when i showered.
– i used a boar brush to help the oils get to the ends of my hair.
– i didn’t use dry shampoo.
– i used my fingers to get tangles out.
– i washed with a baking soda mix today, and followed with a heavily diluted acv rinse.

it really hasn’t been as bad as i thought for 10 days, but i mean.. it was GROSS. so gross. these pictures are from a couple hours ago before my first transition washing. yahoo! check it out:



20130509_113717 20130509_114152 20130509_114451

i don’t think i’ve ever been so happy to wash my hair haha.

see you again may 23rd, baking soda! (well, at the earliest, that is. i’m gonna try to go longer!)

is anyone crazy enough to try this with me?! am i too crunchy for my own good? lol!



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56 thoughts on “update 1 for my transition to the “rinse only method””

  1. I started this method a few weeks ago after trying co-washing for a few months.
    My hair looks thicker and shinier. Only thing is after the third rinse my hair started to get very static.
    Even when I don’t use my BBB and just fingercomb my hair it just flies away. Is this normal during the transition period?
    I found out I have moderate hard water in my town, could this have something to do with the static? build up maybe?

    What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Im about three weeks into no-poo, and its been two weeks since i clarified. i used to use a homey wash once or twice a week but then i decided to switch to the rom. i scritch and preen and use a bbb (i have one mixed with nylon bristles and one that my dad used to use for his “hair” lol but that one is all bb) and my hair is still pretty oily. i washed with water only today and did everything before i showered, and then scritched and preened in the shower also. my hair looks so much better except the side thats thicker is still a little oily. but my mom keeps telling me i should just go back to normal shampoo and thinks im crazy for doing this. i guess my main question is if this is my first week of rom how long will my hair be oily? and what else should i do to help it other than bbb brushing, scritching and preening every day, and dry shampoo when needed?… also how long should i go between washes? sorry for all of the questions, but i just couldnt really find any answers… thanks in advance!!

    1. Hey Keri! Huge props to trying ROM! I know it can be frustrating at times but try to stay with it through the oily phase. Depending on the person and hair type, it can take a few weeks for your hair to adjust. It can also feel and appear oily if you have hard water. An egg yolk wash or an acv wash might help in the meantime. How often you wash is really up to you. Maybe you can try every few days and taper it down. Hopefully this helps! Lemme know if you need anything else! I’m sure other readers will have great advice also 🙂

  3. I started this method about 2 months ago and I’m still going…. The only problem I am experiencing right now is a smell and my oils keep building up at the top of my head and back and I feel like it should be even out by now… My boyfriend keeps telling me to wash my hair because it smells off But I can’t explain it. It’s really hard for me to keep going but I really feel like it will get better but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I clean my hair with ACV when it gets bad and then brush all the time and massage my scalp in the shower. My hair got really dry and felt like hay and now it’s soft. Any tips on what I should do? Thanks:)

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