heatless curls VIDEO. finally.

i’ve had a few readers ask about my heatless curls, so ive decided to do my first video (be kind, haha) and hopefully help ya 🙂 im also posting pictures below the video of the days following after i used the flexi-rods. and you already know i dont use mousse or gel or hairspray or anything.

if you haven’t yet, see my original post for heatless curls HERE!

this video doesn’t show me rolling my entire head (because i already have a post for that) but shows the TWO different techniques. the second is my favorite!

day one of heatless curls (and GRADUATION DAY!)


day two:


day three:





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30 thoughts on “heatless curls VIDEO. finally.”

  1. I can’t stand to have my hair down when I sleep. I could definitely handle the flexibility rods. But what I was wondering, is if you put your hair in a pony tail, how do you get ride of the bump from the elastic pony tail holder? Is there a trick to not have this happen to begin with. I’ve heard those new elastic strips don’t leave a bump but they are expensive and I would like to know before I buy them, that they do indeed work.

    1. hey adrienne! I found a pack of 20 of those no-crease hair bands (and got to pick all the colors) from amazon for $7 I believe. i love them! no creases from pony tails 🙂 the seller was kenzlaurenz I think. check it out!

  2. About how many flexi rods do you recommend using? I’m about to buy them but I don’t know how many packs to get! Thanks and I love your blog c:

  3. I think you should make more videos! I loved this one. The only improvement would be if you were able to show us how each technique looked when it was finished.

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