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it’s here! my first ever product review & GIVE-AWAY! and it’s for FLEXI-CLIPS!!

as any of my readers or friends/family know, i treat my hair like antique lace. i even cringe when i use typical hair bands in my hair. so when i was contacted by a Lilla Rose rep to try out a flexi-clip, i was super excited!


for the past week, i’ve been wearing my shiny flexi-clip in a ponytail, french twist, and a little twisty bun thing (you’ll see in the video). but wait…

what is a flexi-clip?

– a hair clip made of metal and wire (sounds scary, but it’s non-damaging!) that’s flexible and very easy to use!

how do i use a flexi-clip?

– to put your hair up in almost any style you can think of! ponytail, half up, bun, french twist, etc! the pin on the bottom latches to the beaded wire on top to secure your hair in place. i’ll show you in the video!

but i have thick/thin/long/short hair. what do i do?

– flexi-clips come in different sizes! you can check here to see which size you’ll need for your hair.
there are also videos you can watch that show you how to do different hair styles. i love that they put this directly on their site! i found some other videos on youtube, too!


how does the flexi clip rate

so would i recommend this flexi-clip? YES! absolutely.

do you want one yet?? well angel faces, you’re in luck, because we’re GIVING one away! and you can also buy them directly from Katie, the Lilla Rose rep HERE.


  • one mini, extra-small, small, or medium flexi-clip (winner’s choice of size & style!)
  • you must enter into the give-away below (follow link below. it goes DIRECTLY to the entry page; promise!)
  • you must be a first-time Lilla Rose customer
  • readers in the US, Canada & Mexico are able to enter (i’m so sorry to everyone else! shipping costs are unreal!)
  • you may do any of the extra activities listed in the widget to earn extra entries!
  • THE GIVE-AWAY IS OPEN FROM 2 PM est TODAY (5/24/2013) TO 11:59 PM est on JUNE 14, 2013

get excited! spread the word! ❤


this product was graciously provided to me to review for free by a Lilla Rose rep. all opinions presented are my own. i wouldn’t lie to my readers 🙂 

(about the link- wordpress doesn’t accept javascript for widgets. sorry guys! i know it’s a bit of a hassle!)


12 thoughts on “FLEXI-CLIP review & GIVE-AWAY!

  1. You are a funny gal!

    I use the goody screws almost daily. Day 12 of RO method. I’m a grease monkey but fewer fly-aways.

    1. haha thanks! and nice! keep truckin! I was gonna wash yesterday but im not nearly as greasy as I thought. ill wash tonight for sure and have an update tomorrow 🙂

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