rinse only method… update 2!

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

as promised, here’s another update for my journey to being a rinse-only method gal!

the last time i washed my hair before this update was may 9th. and goodness gracious people, i still shower! hahaaha.


so as of today, i washed my hair this past friday (5/24) after having 15 days of rinse-only greasy hair. (if you’re new to my blog, please don’t judge me).

before i show you the pictures, i’ll let you know what i’ve been doin:
– i didn’t wet my hair at all when i showered
– i used my boar bristle brush every 2 to 3 days
– i used my fingers to get the tangles out
– i used my castile mixture to wash my hair this time
– i used dry shampoo last saturday morning (5/18) and it worked way too well….lemme explain…

about this dry shampoo i used…
i used my regular homemade one (no biggie there). when i used it, my hair was getting pretty greasy looking in the front and not as much everywhere else. overall, my hair wasn’t as greasy as i’d expected. but then after i used the dry shampoo, my hair just stopped being greasy. just freaking stopped! for DAYS after. DAYYYS.  i honestly didn’t even have to wash my hair when i did, but my hair was starting to be a little stinky. esssentially what i’m sayin is that after 15 days of not washing my hair, it wasn’t that greasy (even a week after i used the dry shampoo. a whole week!)

the following pictures are not altered, cropped or edited in any way. I SWEAR. my transition has been unbelievable. even today, my hair looks like it’s just been washed. I LOVE THE ROM. (also, welcome to my parents’ house lol. i’m here visiting for the holiday weekend and my mom’s sort-of-birthday. hence being so slow with replying to your questions & comments!)




unbelievable, right? honestly i was worried to post these pictures because they don’t look like it’s been over 2 weeks since i’ve washed my hair. i promise on everything these are the real pictures from about 10 minutes before i washed my hair this past friday. but you can see my hair’s noticeable greasier in the back.

i had the flash on so it’d reflect all the grease instead of blend in. idk if it helped or not.

& a big thank you to SAM, who’s been just as crazy as me to try the ROM!! virtual high five! haha

i’ll wash again june 7th at the earliest! i’m  honestly gonna try to go 3 weeks this time around. (we’ll see!)

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63 thoughts on “rinse only method… update 2!”

  1. I’ve been using the ROM method since November 1st and I’m on the verge of quitting. I have dark, thick, curly hair that I only have to wash once every five days. Since starting ROM, I’ve been water washing every ten days. I use dry shampoo once in between washes and I use my BBB twice or sometimes three times during those ten days.

    I figured my transition period would be short given that my hair wasn’t used to frequent washes. But, my hair is still so dirty. I still have dry flakes even though I water wash with slightly hotter than lukewarm water and then rinse with cold water. My hair feels waxy and gunky all the time – even on the days I water wash. I clarified my hair before starting ROM and I don’t use product, nor have I in about a year, save for dry shampoo (I use Cake sugar powder).

    Should I keep going? Is there a clean-haired end in sight?

  2. Hello!
    Is it normal for lots of hair to come out in my boat bristle brush? I figure it’s hair that would have normally come out when I washed it before. I’m a month into water only and it’s going pretty good otherwise!

  3. So thankful for all your info. I been doing rom for about 4 weeks. The problem is my hair at the scalp is waxy, as I rub my scalp I feel the waxy on my hand can’t get rid of it unless I wash my hand with soap. So image that is on my hair! Have tried the egg York it does work but I smell up the whole shower & myself for days. The baking soda & acv seem really dry my hair. So my hair is gunky and waxy. HELP!!!

  4. hi! ive been doing no poo for a while now and id love to switch to rom but my hair tends to smell really bad after a couple of days and my family makes comments about it a lot, how do you keep it from smelling nasty?

  5. Hey i am so inspired by you! You have given me hope for my hair. I have curly hair and it has always been unhealthy. I have been one moth no-poo and my hair is looking a little better! 🙂 i think i might try the rinse only method.

  6. Hei!
    Can you help maybe? I’m doing ROM for a couple weeks, but i have dandruff, i havent never got them ,what can be wrong? i use a little of tea tree oil too.

    oh, and sorry for my english, i’m from Latvia.. But i do like your blog a lot. 🙂

  7. Hey alex, I have lower back length curly hair and am thinking about going from no-poo to ROM (I’ve been no-poo for about 21/2 weeks. No poo has been ok, but very dry and frizzy for my hair. My hair has always been dry though. I really didn’t have a transition (Like a week) when I started cause even on shampoo I would wash like every 3-4 days since my hair was so dry anyway. I thought I’d go low-poo, but it seems like you keep saying that ROM is amazing and sooo good for hydrating the hair. However, since my hair is curly, I NEVER brush it. Unless I were to straighten it, but I hardly ever do than anymore. What do you suggest I do to distribute my natural oils? It’s probably why my hair is really dry but ya just can’t brush curls. would it matter if I didn’t brush at all and just used leave-in conditioners? I’m curious to read your thoughts. thanks for taking time to help me out!

    1. hey jude! I have hard water. you can try rinsing with an acv mix at the end of “washing” your hair, or using distilled water for a last rinse. Ive been trying to not use anything and it’s proving to be quite the journey haha!

  8. Hi 🙂 I have been reading this whole no-poo series and am wondering, to switch cold turkey to rom, is it still necessary to clarify your hair first? I live in la paz where finding organic shampoos or other ingredients seems like a crapshoot, ( i am also simply new here so i’m sure its around SOMEwhere) but I figure if the end goal is to not use anything, I might as well jump straight in! Definitely looking into dry shampoos and hair fresheners though… ppl get right up at your head when we greet with a kiss and I don’t want to be known as the smelly gringa!

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