rinse only method… update 2!

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

as promised, here’s another update for my journey to being a rinse-only method gal!

the last time i washed my hair before this update was may 9th. and goodness gracious people, i still shower! hahaaha.


so as of today, i washed my hair this past friday (5/24) after having 15 days of rinse-only greasy hair. (if you’re new to my blog, please don’t judge me).

before i show you the pictures, i’ll let you know what i’ve been doin:
– i didn’t wet my hair at all when i showered
– i used my boar bristle brush every 2 to 3 days
– i used my fingers to get the tangles out
– i used my castile mixture to wash my hair this time
– i used dry shampoo last saturday morning (5/18) and it worked way too well….lemme explain…

about this dry shampoo i used…
i used my regular homemade one (no biggie there). when i used it, my hair was getting pretty greasy looking in the front and not as much everywhere else. overall, my hair wasn’t as greasy as i’d expected. but then after i used the dry shampoo, my hair just stopped being greasy. just freaking stopped! for DAYS after. DAYYYS.  i honestly didn’t even have to wash my hair when i did, but my hair was starting to be a little stinky. esssentially what i’m sayin is that after 15 days of not washing my hair, it wasn’t that greasy (even a week after i used the dry shampoo. a whole week!)

the following pictures are not altered, cropped or edited in any way. I SWEAR. my transition has been unbelievable. even today, my hair looks like it’s just been washed. I LOVE THE ROM. (also, welcome to my parents’ house lol. i’m here visiting for the holiday weekend and my mom’s sort-of-birthday. hence being so slow with replying to your questions & comments!)




unbelievable, right? honestly i was worried to post these pictures because they don’t look like it’s been over 2 weeks since i’ve washed my hair. i promise on everything these are the real pictures from about 10 minutes before i washed my hair this past friday. but you can see my hair’s noticeable greasier in the back.

i had the flash on so it’d reflect all the grease instead of blend in. idk if it helped or not.

& a big thank you to SAM, who’s been just as crazy as me to try the ROM!! virtual high five! haha

i’ll wash again june 7th at the earliest! i’m  honestly gonna try to go 3 weeks this time around. (we’ll see!)

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63 thoughts on “rinse only method… update 2!

  1. Are you still doing ROM? Are you going to do another update? I am still thinking of trying, but waiting to see how YOUR hair ends up after your complete transition…

  2. I have just spent the morning trawling through your blog after last night deciding to give up on Shampoo. Would you recommend starting with the b.s & a.c.v then after a while going total cold turkey rinse only or straight to rinse only?

    1. aw, awesome! im excited for you! the longest (greasiest) yet easiest transition is cold turkey rinse only. the faster of the two yet a little more tricky (with ratios and how your hair will react) is the bs/acv routine. up to you which type of transition youd like 🙂 feel free to keep asking questions!

  3. Hey Alex Raye,

    I have been poo-free for almost a year now. I started last summer and had fully intended to get to the point of ROM. I don’t know that I ever finished my transition. My new semester in university was starting and instead of doing the BC/ACV rinse once a week I started doing it every other day, and then eventually everyday. I use.5oz of baking soda to 15.5 oz of water. It is the same ratio for the ACV rinse, but I add 7-20 drops of essential oil, because I got tired of people commenting on my hair smelling like vinegar all the time. I get lazy at times and use the all natural Burt’s Bee’s shampoo and conditioner sometimes. I also do a lot of deep conditioners. I found a lotion that has no sulfates, or parabens, or any of the bad chemicals and it is all natural. So I just drench my hair in it, braid it and go to sleep. Any residue comes out the next morning when I wash my hair with the normal method, though it can just rinse out as well.
    Lately, I’ve been able to stretch to the BC/ACV every other day. I could do that even before no poo, but no matter what I do, I can never go longer without my hair getting so oily by day 3 that people don’t realize my hair is dry. My hair is also curly and I’m blonde, so it looks oily alot faster I think.
    When I was researching on how to transition to ROM, it mentioned that when you are in the shower to have the water super hot so your sebum would melt a little and you could spread it to the tips of your hair.After you do that you use cold water to get it to set. I tried that for a while and it didn’t do anything. Do you wet your hair every time you take a shower? It sounded like you didn’t. I know you just started this a while ago, how is it going, is it working well? I want to get to this phase, but instead of going cold turkey, is it possible for my hair to recalibrate by just streching the bc/avc washing? I don’t know that I could handle having shower wet looking hair every day.

  4. I. Would like to go no poo and maybe eventually just water but I live on a farm so the smell gets in your hair any suggestions?

  5. Well I have switched to ROM without planning too. Surprisingly my transition to this has gone unbelievably smooth.

    I have been using lo-poo method for months and decided 3 or 4 weeks ago to switch to the BS and ACV method. So I clarified my hair with Castile soap, deep conditioned my hair, then was going to wait for it to get greasy before starting with the BS… Well 3-4 weeks later my hair still isn’t greasy ha I had no idea it would be that easy. About 1 time a week a rinse my hair with water really scrubbing/massaging my scalp in the morning then before I go to bed I use my BBB.

  6. Surprisingly my transition to ROM had went incredibly smooth, my original plan was to switch to the BS and ACV method, them to ROM after a few months.

    Well, I’ve been 3.5 weeks of just doing ROM and my hair still isn’t looking greasy. Apparently using shampoo and conditioner that’s sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free for the last few months has made my transition sooooo much easier. I almost don’t know what to do haha

  7. How is the ROM going? Are you going to do another update? I have gotten to the point where my hair still looks good on day 3! After years of washing every morning and having greasy hair by night, I am impressed! I have been at the beach and my hair was not greasy even on day three, but it had sunscreen stuck in the edges near my face and neck and I had sand all in my scalp. I didn’t want to wash since it wasn’t greasy, so I just rinsed and scrubbed like crazy with hot water last night. Then it’s like I spread the sunscreen and my hair is super greasy today. I am interested in the ROM, but I am unsure of how you “wash” with only water? How does it do enough to get your hair clean?

    1. hey emily! i’m definitely gonna do another update 🙂 between work and trying to draft up other blog posts in anticipation for future busier days, i’ve been swamped. i’ll try to get it up asap! i’m glad to hear about your 3 days now; woohoo!
      the water-only washing takes awhile for your scalp to adjust too. i’m still not adjusted and i was washing every week as a no-poo-er. your scalp just learns to produce the perfect amount of oil to not need to be cleaned all the time. i personally love it, but i know it’s not for everyone. i guess this of it this way… you went from washing every day to every 3…but your hair’s still clean! mine’s about at the 2+ week stage now.

      1. Can’t wait to get up to 2 plus weeks with no washing my hair! I LOVE it! I think I’m going to have to break down and wash it this time after only three days because it is SO oily…I think the sunscreen can’t come out with only water, but needs some Castile soap! I triee some dry shampoo but it is still just gross! My sister is obsessed with your blog now too! She went cold turkey chemical free and started the no poo and oil cleansing! She is cutting out all of her died and permed hair and starting fresh!

      2. you & and your sister are fantastic 🙂 if you’d like to guest post about your transition, lemme know! (of course your sister too)

      3. I would love to and I’m sure my sister would too, but I haven’t taken photos to show my progress from day 1…

      4. I asked my sister and we both want to! We will make sure to take photos. Let us know what else to do and if we have a “deadline”…!

      5. hi ashley! since you posted on the ROM post, i’m assuming you’re a water-only washer? try deep conditioning. (if you’re no-poo, deep conditioning would be my answer too lol). you gotta go by what your hair needs 🙂

  8. Hey alex!
    I’m kris’ sister and I am super excited as well just a little bit nervous and scared. So let me jt tell u about my hair, ever since I was a little girl I always had long curly hair and everyone said that it looked like eve hair bc it was jt so beautiful and shiny, strong and jt healthy. But over the years it is definitely not as curly, is very hard to manage, I cut it, I feel like it never grows, it’s dull and I have a lot of hair loss so u can imagine how ready I am to go chemical-less. I always used a lot of Product on my hair so it’s got quite a bit of buildup. So I don’t why I did this but at night I put coconut oil all over my hair, left it on overnight and in the morning washed it off with water and very minimal conditioner, and already my hair looked great ( so my sis said) then to clarify my hair I did the bs/ACV , REALLY cleaned my hair, squeaky clean lol. But since that strips it so much I did a aloe Vera and honey mask and washed it out but not enough. So my hair feels like I have gel in it:( so my questions are: should I have clarified before I did the coconut oil mask? Should I have done the aloe Vera mask after clarifying? Is the bs/ACV considered a clarifying solution on my curly hair? Or do I have to clarify again with a strong dilution of dr Bronner’s bc I feel that I have a lot of stuff in my hair what with the coconut oil mask and the aloe Vera mask? Also if I have to clarify again, how soon should I do it considering that I just washed my hair 3 times yesterday? Also, everyone says that my hairs already looks 10 times better than it did jt 2 days ago so Am I not going to go through a transition period? Cuz my hair isn’t greasy or dry or itchy and there’s waaaayy less hair loss today than before. I’m scared that my hair will stay the same:( I mean I only wash my hair every 4 days anyway. I feel like just doing the bs/ACV from now on (well after clarifying, if I have to) and jt going ROM. I rly don’t want ANYTHING in my hair at all.

    1. what type of honey & aloe did you use? and yes, it does have clarifying properties. you can always go low-poo till you’re thru the bulk of the transition and then go water-only 🙂

      1. I used raw honey and organic aloe Vera from my local health market. And I actually went ahead ad switched straight to ROM:) My hair looks and feels great:D its shiny, soft, my curls are really well defined, no frizzies, and allot less hair-loss. I am very happy and so far I haven’t experienced really greasy hair. So I am super pleased and very glad that I stumbled onto your blog. Thank you so much for your thorough investigation, hard-work, and inspiration for everyone else to be as crunchy as possible^.^

  9. Hi Alex! I’m so excited. My sister found your blog on no-poo yesterday and told me about it when I came home from work. I was so enthusiastic about it that today I’ve quit cold turkey. I threw out my shampoo and conditioner and body wash. I went to our local food market and bought avocado and almond oil as well as Dr. Bronner’s Almond Castile soap (it smells delicious). Today I did the BS/ACV rinse, then did the aloe gel and honey deep conditioning mask on your blog. I also used the oil facial cleanser method. So far I’m very excited. I think our hair process will be different because I have curly hair. I’m already used to washing it once a week and I use absolutely no products except for a smoothing serum when I straighten my hair. I had long ago given up on my curls. Since I was little, they became frizzy, undefined and limp on top. My scalp is dry and itchy and getting worse, with parts of my scalp hanging loose and coming off when I run my hand through my hair. I heat styled my hair once or twice a week. Suffice it to say, I’m ready to go chemical less. I hope to switch to the rinse only method ASAP after my hair adjusts to no-poo. If you have any tip, they’d be beyond welcome. So far I’m looking to use the most moisturizing, light ingredients. I also made homemade toothpaste and tomorrow I’m making the deodorant.

    1. wow kris; awesome!!! i actually have a post for curly girls here if you wanna check that out 🙂 the rinse-only method is awesome! i love my how soft my hair is, and how incredibly LOW maintenance it all is! i’m gonna be posting about no-poo alternatives on wednesday, so look out for the conditioners in that post, too. i hope this helps! also, i posted on your blog, so i hope you got it 🙂 you’re awesome girl!

  10. I just started my no poo journey today. Some friends/family think I’m crazy. I sure hope I don’t cave! I’m going straight just rinsing and once a week baking soda/vinegar washes.

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