calling all no-‘poo-ers!!! (no-‘poo motivation series)

i firmly believe i have the best readers there are (seriously, you guys are freakin awesome!), and i want to showcase YOU πŸ™‚

i’m starting a “no-‘poo motivation series” for readers to tell their stories about going no-‘poo. let’s hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly!Β all hair types, and all no-‘poo or sorta-‘poo efforts are wanted!


hopefully this little series will help encourage others and get some more discussion going for what worked best for all your different hair types. you can share your experiences, your methods, show some pictures if you want, throw in some tips, etc., etc.!!

the goal is to post semi-regularly, and to group either hair types or problems you had or some other common thread together. for example, one week i could showcase those of you that started with extremely damaged hair, and another week i could showcase those of you with curly hair.

if you’re interested in guest-posting on my blog, please email me at-

i hope you’re as excited about this as i am! let’s spread the word and help others get healthier hair!

(& up tomorrow… facial moisturizers with spf! yay for summer!)



61 thoughts on “calling all no-‘poo-ers!!! (no-‘poo motivation series)

  1. I hope Alex or someone can answer this. I’ve been no poo ( bs / ACV routine ) since march 2013 , so quite a few months. My hair has been great up until like two weeks ago…it got that funky waxy feeling ( product buildup? I sometimes use hairspray, but that’s it and not a lot only if going out ) it was..limp lifeless… Couldn’t style it at all. My hair felt like it had a waxy slimey coating lol.
    I just clarified w baking soda ( about 8 tablespoons bs into 1 cup water ) just now.
    And didnt condition w ACV.
    My question is , do we sometimes need to clarify every once in a while ? Say once or twice a year, because we use no poo method?
    Because after just clarifying deeply, my hair is bouncy and back to being full of life! Yes it’s a bit dry, but its expected with the amount of baking soda I used. But besides that its fine.

    1. hey there! it could be the hairspray. it could also be a hard water problem. you can try clarifying when it happens, but on a much gentler scale. you don’t want to clarify to the point of damage.
      any readers have some tips?

    2. I have never experienced build up, or the need to clarify hair. So I would guess that it depends on the hairspray. Different hairsprays has different ingredients. So check if it contains any typical build-up ingredients?

  2. I am nearly 3 months into no/low poo. I dye my hair so bs wasn’t a good choice, I learned the hard way. I rinse with dark brewed tea and acv. The tea helps restore the shine I stripped out with a dry bs wash. Transition month went ok, but the second month was harder to learn what to do after that! I went overboard too dry, then overboard with coconut mask, wouldn’t remove with castille soap and water (duh-should have used distilled), then finally settling in with a weekly egg mask. Egg removes coconut oil and also hair oil.

    My best hair helper is xanthan gel. It gives a carrier base to whatever I’m using. It thickens up the liquids so they stay on my head instead of running off down the drain. I add it to the egg mask, coconut milk wash, or add a small amount of oil to the gel and use it like conditioner. The gel slides easily through every strand, coating and detangling, then rinses right out.

    Other best helpers are (h)air freshener and sprays. I use AlexRay’s made with distilled water, acv and eo. Tried a spray with equal parts water and aloe gel. That one is very nice, but aloe is pricey. Maybe I’ll try xanthan gel, thinned out enough to pass through the spray nozzle.

    Month 3 is the best yet. Still learning….. I am 54 years strong and loving my hair again. Any ideas for a stronger hold spray? The curls fall out too fast.

    xanthan gel – 1/2 cup water, 1/2 teas xanthan gum. Mix with stick blender, store in fridge.
    Love the Blog!

  3. So I’ve been no poo since may and I have had a very, very rough road. I switch straight to the BS/ACV routine as soon as I found this blog. I was so excited I didn’t think to read up on what you should do before switching. Well after a month or so I was a little happier with my hair, but not by much. I came back to this blog and found the post on things you should do before going no poo and saw the bit about clarifying and deep conditioning. I had already purchased a castille soap bar at a local grocery store and figured I could just use that… BIG MISTAKE! First of all, rubbing a castille soap bar straight onto your head is a big whopping no-no since there’s no dilliyion, second I live in an apartment in a city with ridiculously hard water. For you know what castille soap and hard water do to your hair?! Make it a big pile of waxy, gunky, yuck that’s what! So after dealing with waxy gaur for a few days I decided to thoroughly scour this blog on all things no poo. I went out and bought what I thought was a good low poo shampoo (turns out it was almost like regular shampoo but with a heftier price tag) and clarified and deep conditioned my hair. Over the summer I dealt with my amazingly swealtery appartment, working in a chlorinated pool on a daily basis (and yes I wore a silicone cap since latex pulls horribly), and desperately trying to stay no poo. I won’t lie, my hair was not happy most of the time. Itwas usually oily at the roots but dry, frizzy, tangley, and brittle from about halfway down to the ends! And I tried everything! Coconut oil hair masks (nothing but regular shampoo could get that out), aloe and honey hair masks (the aloe made my hair straw like), eggs and yogurt and eggs and honey hair masks (and I will never do that again! The egg and honey masks worked by far the best, but not enough for me to justify the smell! It smelled just gross and it lingered in my hair for days!). Nothing worked! My hair was getting drier and drier by the day and my scalp was still an oily mess. On the verge of giving up Alex posted a no poo routine for beginners post. I’ve set it up so I’m notified whenever she posts something new and its amazing how perfectly timed that post was. The very first routine was for dry hair and while my scalp was oily it was the rest of my hair that was making me want to throw in the towel. Her first suggestion was low poo and I tried a sample of some of her approved low poo shampoos to very less than spectacular results. However she also recommended trying the ROM for dry hair. I’d seen when she decided to make the switch a few months back but never thought that was for me. Well here I am, nearly a week and a half since my last wash with something other than water and I am an oily, happy mess. πŸ™‚ yes my hair is pretty oily and my ends are a strange mix between dry with an oily feeling, but each day parts ofy hair seem a tiny bit less oily than the the day before and my hair is much more manageable, even when wet. Its still a bit poofy and frizzy on the ends but I’m really optimistic about the ROM. I’m hoping one day my scalp will calm down and make less oil and that I’ll eventually get to the point where I can cut off all my damaged ends. Hope this wasn’t too long of a read and I really hope this helps someone who might be going through similar things I went through. – Alexandra – πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Alex! I’m glad to hear someone else having issues like me… I’ve been no ‘poo for almost 3 months now, and since I work from home, and I’m a cleaning lady the other 1/2 of my life, I wear my hair up a lot so it’s no big deal when I’m transitioning. It just seems like my hair is only pretty the day after I wash, and maybe 3 days after that. But I’m going 2 weeks in between washings, and my roots are super oily/thick/coated feeling, while my shaft and ends are dry and frizzy!! Even after 3 months… you’d think I’d have it figured out by now! So you say you have hard water, but the ROM seems to be working well so far?? I know I don’t have SUPER hard water, but we definitely don’t use a softener. I’m pretty sure my issue isn’t with our water, because after I wash it’s super soft and beautiful. It’s like the air dries it out or something? Anyhoo, keep us updated, I’ll watch for your future comments because we seem to be on the same page. I DID try ROM for about 2 1/2 weeks, but then I had to go out, so ended up ‘washing’ my hair…..still not sure if I want to try ROM – I love the easiness of not washing at all, I’m just not sure if my hair will ‘have it’. lol Thanks for posting, be sure to follow up!!

  4. I’ve been “no poo” for only a a little over a week now! It’s SO hard for me…my hair doesn’t smell good anymore 😦 I aslo have insanely thick hair. About three years ago I shaved my head all the way into a mowhawk! I also dyed my hair a lot. Since the mowhawk phase (I don’t know what I was thinking), My hair has grown to about my shoulder/collar bone length when straightened. MY HAIR WILL NOT GROW! Help! πŸ™‚

  5. I have decided to go no-poo. My hair is the longest it’s been in 20 years (I had long hair until I was about 9 and chopped it off and kept it short for way too long, what was I thinking?!) and I don’t think it’s as heathy as it could be, so I’m doing it. I’m going no-poo. I typically wash my hair everyday during the week and then once on the weekend with a sulfate free shampoo, but I really feel like I’ve over washed it for a loooooooong time. So, 3 days ago was my last wash with shampoo and today I made the first step and washed with baking soda and ACV. I have a feeling the transition will be difficult since my hair is fine and slightly oily (or perhaps it’s oily because I wash it so much?). I’m not really looking forward to looking like a greaseball at work but hey, I’d rather have kick ass hair in the end.

  6. You use rasul clay by hotting up some water (maybe a table spoon). Mix the dry clay with the water and it will become thick in a minute (as clay is). When it’s cool enough to handle, massage it in your hair (especially the roots) and rinse off.

  7. Hi! I’ve been no’pooing for 1Β½ years now and i still love it. I’ve had periods when i washed my hair with soap nuts, oatmeal, only water, henna, rasul clay and conditioner. Rasul clay is by far my favourite. My hair has gotten much longer than it could be before, and it has more volume, is softer and shinier! My blog is mostly about no’poo to. I’ve also stopped using chemicals when washing clothes, body, cat, dishwasher and so on πŸ™‚ No’poo is much better than i could imagine before! Everybody should do it, no matter what kind of hair they have πŸ™‚

    1. Could you explain what Rasul Clay is and how you use it? I’ve been no ‘poo for ALMOST 2 months!! I love it most days, but I think I’m still finding ‘my’ routine. I’m trying to go as long as possible between BS ‘washes’, but I only make it to about day 4 and that day my hair’s really greasy at the roots and dry at the bottom. I’ve chopped a lot off the bottom every other week just about, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need anymore trimmings, it’s just more fuzzy at the bottom. I’m sure I’ll figure it out though I’m just interested in trying other no ‘poo methods also. Thanks for the info!

      1. It’s called “rasullera” (rasul clay) in swedish. It’s marroccan lava clay. You can buy it in dried pieces (flakes) or as a powder (there’s no difference). It cleans your hair and your body. It’s fantastic on my hair ’cause it gives a lot of volume and makes my hair really clean but not dry (not even without conditioner). Great, congratz! I dont think 4 days are bad after two months. The roots and ends of your hair will probably even out the fat by time. As long as its not broken you dont need to cut it πŸ™‚ great πŸ™‚

  8. I didn’t clarify my hair before begining my no poo transition ? Was that a bad idea. I am courintly in week 3 and my hair is still getting as greesy as ever . I am definitely going to stick to this though.

    1. hey joanna! since you’re 3 weeks in, chances are you won’t need to clarify at this point, unless you have really heavy product buildup that’s still not off your hair. some people’s transition periods are longer than others 😦 keep at it! grease is normal, unfortunately.

  9. HI! I just started my no’poo 2 days ago and its going great so far! i clarified and deep conditioned and it felt so great after! the next day i didnt wash but i put in this growth spray that i made with peppermint tea, dried rosemary leaves, and a bit of ACV and my ends got a little dry so i put some ACV rinse on the ends and my dry ends were gone! This morning i didnt wash and i wont put the spray in πŸ™‚ Im actually surprised that my hair isnt as oily as i thought it would, but then again i am only a few days in aha I’m so excited to see how my hair will be after the transition!! my hair is about chin length and i want to grow it as long as i can in the next year or two! my hair is pretty thick and this no’poo will be great for when my hair is long, and it will be really helpful when i start collage in a couple days away from home πŸ™‚ Thank you sooo much for all the time and energy you put into this blog!! it is amazing and im so glad i found it to help my hair be healthier !!

  10. Okay, I’ve been no-poo since the start of June. Before I started no-poo I already only washed my hair once a week. It really did take a week to get greasy. So I thought, I’m already only once a week, lets just cut the chemicals out too. But I’m having trouble with dandruff and deep-conditioning and I have to wash like every 4-5 days now. I deep conditioned with coconut oil and then washed it with a strong Castile soap mixture (I even rinsed with distiller water thinking hard water might be the issue). I washed it twice, but then had to wash it again the next morning because it was just toooooo greasy. I want to keep going but need more guidance on conditioning and help with dandruff. Any suggestions?

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