no-‘poo & hair salons

well hello poppets! welcome to NO-‘POO WEEK! first up, what do during your salon visit!

a lot of hair salons give you a shampoo/condition before your cut, and then style your hair after. so what happens when no-‘poo-ers are due for a salon visit?

no-poo & hair salons (what to do)

simply don’t have the hair stylist shampoo or condition your hair. salon products will coat your hair in silicones! if you do allow it, you will have to re-clarify (i know some people don’t mind re-clarifying. for me, it’s an unnecessary and very avoidable hassle).  if you don’t want to tell them about being no-‘poo, just tell the stylist something along the lines of “oh,  i just washed my hair earlier and don’t wanna wash it again.” but i think a lot of stylists find it intriguing 🙂
after you ask to forego the wash and you sit down in the chair, ask for either a water-only spray down cut OR a dry cut (both are fine, just your preference). the last time i got my hair cut was a dry cut. it felt weird just sitting down, quickly getting a cut, then leaving with dry hair, but i actually liked it! nothing went on my hair and i didn’t have to deal with wet hair after. the time before last, i got my hair sprayed down with only water and then cut. i liked that way too! especially if it’s hot outside.
now high five yourself for sticking to no-‘poo! but wait… what about the usual after-cut styling?

after a water-only spray-down cut (or regular cut, for that matter), stylists usually let you choose if you’d like them to dry & style your hair after your new cut. this is where it’s a judgement call on your part. YOU know your hair better than anyone. i personally don’t get my hair blow-dried or styled in the salon, because it’d be using heat and brushing hair while wet (neither of which i do nor advise).  aaand, if you get a dry cut, you won’t have to worry about this!

my advice? don’t do it. first off, the chemicals used are harsh on hair. second, the full extent of damage you’re doing WILL show with being a no-‘poo-er because your hair won’t be coated in silicones to make it soft & shiny after your dye job. third, the color will fade rapidly if you’re using the baking soda routine. fourth, you will have to re-clarify after coloring to strip your hair back down… and that is going to be harsh on your hair since you just got it colored.
highlights/lowlights/root touch-ups/etc., are the same. i personally wouldn’t advise it, but your call! 🙂

lemme put it this way…. no. lol

the chemicals that make your hair permanently curly, wavy, or straight are literally realigning the bonds that hold your hair’s protein structure together a certain way. and perming solutions contain concentrations of the same chemical that is designed to remove unwanted body hair. true story. it’s just chemistry! perming/relaxing your hair is terrible. it’s pure, irreversible damage.

anything i’ve missed? any stories about no-‘poo salon visits? let’s hear it!

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34 thoughts on “no-‘poo & hair salons

  1. Hi! Great post. Not sure if you’re still answering comments but I’d love to know what you use instead of hairspray./ smoothing serum etc. I can’t seem to be able to tame my (most straight) hair without keratin oil spray or argon oil or smoothing serum of some kind. Thnxx 🙂

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I am literally SO greatful for all the info you have in here. I’m going no ‘poo as I’m travelling this summer and having castile soap for hair, clothes, body, dishes and a ton of other things saves packing a gazzilion bottles. I’m 2 days in and am suffering from the grim waxy feeling hair and itchy scalp and your blog has helpfully pointed out both that I hadn’t diluted the soap enough and that I shouldn’t be using it in the first place because we have hard water here. I know you mentioned in one post about shower head filters (or maybe someone mentioned in a comment I don’t remember!) but do you have any other suggestions for making hard water work with castile soap? I’m going to look for baking soda tomorrow in the shop but being in France I don’t have high hopes that I’ll find it and/or recognise it.

    Also, I noticed your post about dying hair using black walnuts, do you have any tips for going lighter rather than darker? Finally (really sorry for the essay of questions!) I intermittently dye my hair crazy colours. Normally using La Riche dyes. Any thoughts? I found castile soap washes the red out even faster than regular shampoo but does nothing to the blue. Not sure what to think of that or whether using colours like these are compatible with no ‘poo. I know they’re not harsh dyes in the same way bleahes are but I believe they’re based on something like store bought conditioners with the pigment added?

    Sorry again for all the questions! I’m just super excited to finally find someone online who seems to know what they’re talking about with this stuff! Thanks for any help!! =)

  3. I usually get my hair highlight about every 6 months, I am naturally dirty blond so I only need a touch up twice a year. I am willing to give up highlighting since I definitely don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made on the no-poo method! But do you have any advice on how to naturally lighten hair? I have heard of coating your hair with lemon juice and leaving it on while out in the sun for a few hours but I am not sure if that would do damage to my hair. Anyways if you have any thoughts that would be great!

  4. I am interested in the answer to Melissa’s question as well.
    Also, I am a naturally curly, long, brown haired girl with blonde highlights. I have pretty decent hair, no real issues. I wash my hair like twice a week. I am thinking of going no poo, just to see what happens, no reason not to, right? I am having a hard time with going dark though lol. I really like my hair lighter. Is there a natural way of doing this, that I can do and go no poo at the same time? I am starting the OCM method soon, hopefully, but all this is a big jump from a serious make up wearing gal. I am interested in your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Hi, this is a tad off-topic, but do you recommend a heat protector spray when I apply heat to my hair (which is about once a week)? Since going no-poo, I have stopped needing hair spray, mousse, gel, wax, etc. to style my hair–but I still need a straightener and curling iron! I have DIY beauty recipes for almost all hair products if I were to decide I wanted to use them again, but I have never seen one for a heat protectant. And I’m worried that they might be silicone-based. Should I just keep the straightener on a low heat setting and use nothing to protect my hair, since I don’t straighten too often? (By the way, I will usually be doing a coconut oil hair mask the night before I apply heat to my hair, so I am wondering if the coconut oils will provide any sort of protection against the heat?)

  6. I will be getting my hair styled for my wedding soon, and I am a very recent no-‘poo-er! What should I do? I know that hair spray will be used, and I don’t really want to have to re-clarify and get back into the routine after my wedding. Any advice?

  7. Dear Alex, I did not know where to post this problem, so..

    Today I was in a video shooting for New Years Eve’s TV-program with our orchestra and before I could blink my eyes, the make-up artist sprayed my hair all over with a regular hair spray. Is my no-‘poo chemical-free hair down the drain? It took several hours before I could rinse it out. Do I need to clarify again or what should I do?

    Your Worried Laura

    1. hey laura! it’s all good! you don’t need to reclarify or anything 🙂 just keep on your routine as normal. it’ll be fine, promise! your hair might feel a bit weird if it’s not all rinsed out yet, but no worries!

      1. Oh, ok! Feeling relieved, THANKS!.. I rinsed it out with just water and it felt waxy and yuck..

        And I forgot to tell that when I once went to a hair salon to cut my hair during the second month, first thing stepping in the salon, I told the hairdresser in total seriousness that I’m highly sensitive to ANY chemicals, so please use only and only water on my hair.. She was like..oh, okay, a little frightened expression on her face:D So that did it, because they always want to use different stuff and they really don’t want to hear this I-DON’T-WANT nonsense:D They’re used to people who want this and more “good free” stuff on their hair:D

  8. Hey Alex! Love your blog. I have a question regarding hair products… I am a in between wavy and curly girl with lots of volume, I like my curls softer though and have opted against a gel persay. I use castille soap/ acv rinse but have recently been using Shea moisture a conditioner as a leave in. Is this cheating/ will it eventually build up on my hair? It smells heavenly and that and their curl milk has helped the dryness of my hair so much during this process. What do you think?

  9. I got my hair cut today and asked for them to just rinse it. They said that they had to shampoo it, though. Now my scalp is really dry and itchy… any advice??

    1. hey anna! i have no idea why they said they “had” to… weird salon. haha. you can put pure aloe on your scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. it’ll be soothing. it rinses with out with just water and your hair/scalp will feel much better 🙂 also, can you ask the salon for the brand they used? if it has silicones, be ready for them to slough off. it might make your hair tangly, heavy, and a bit weirder than normal.

  10. Hi! I’m so excited to start “no ‘poo”! We’re talking Castile cleanser ready, baking soda and vinegar on the sidelines ready to go. But I just came across something I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t know that this method strips the color from your hair. I am a natural brunette and recently went blonde, and am now back to brunette (my natural color). Is no poo going to wreak havoc on my hair and its color? Or should it leave it alone since its technically back at my natural color? Thanks for your input!

    1. hey christian! I would suggest you go low-poo if youre really worried about your dye 🙂 the bs/acv routine will strip the color faster than normal. my hair was colored and faded pretty fast, especially at my scalp. but it didnt make my hair nasty or anything. hope this helps!

      1. Thats great! I think I might actually just go no-poo and brave the hair color…it’s summer anyway…light hair time! 🙂 For the cleanser though…how do you make the baking soda paste? I can’t find it anywhere! lol Sorry!

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