no-‘poo & hair salons

well hello poppets! welcome to NO-‘POO WEEK! first up, what do during your salon visit!

a lot of hair salons give you a shampoo/condition before your cut, and then style your hair after. so what happens when no-‘poo-ers are due for a salon visit?

no-poo & hair salons (what to do)

simply don’t have the hair stylist shampoo or condition your hair. salon products will coat your hair in silicones! if you do allow it, you will have to re-clarify (i know some people don’t mind re-clarifying. for me, it’s an unnecessary and very avoidable hassle).  if you don’t want to tell them about being no-‘poo, just tell the stylist something along the lines of “oh,  i just washed my hair earlier and don’t wanna wash it again.” but i think a lot of stylists find it intriguing 🙂
after you ask to forego the wash and you sit down in the chair, ask for either a water-only spray down cut OR a dry cut (both are fine, just your preference). the last time i got my hair cut was a dry cut. it felt weird just sitting down, quickly getting a cut, then leaving with dry hair, but i actually liked it! nothing went on my hair and i didn’t have to deal with wet hair after. the time before last, i got my hair sprayed down with only water and then cut. i liked that way too! especially if it’s hot outside.
now high five yourself for sticking to no-‘poo! but wait… what about the usual after-cut styling?

after a water-only spray-down cut (or regular cut, for that matter), stylists usually let you choose if you’d like them to dry & style your hair after your new cut. this is where it’s a judgement call on your part. YOU know your hair better than anyone. i personally don’t get my hair blow-dried or styled in the salon, because it’d be using heat and brushing hair while wet (neither of which i do nor advise).  aaand, if you get a dry cut, you won’t have to worry about this!

my advice? don’t do it. first off, the chemicals used are harsh on hair. second, the full extent of damage you’re doing WILL show with being a no-‘poo-er because your hair won’t be coated in silicones to make it soft & shiny after your dye job. third, the color will fade rapidly if you’re using the baking soda routine. fourth, you will have to re-clarify after coloring to strip your hair back down… and that is going to be harsh on your hair since you just got it colored.
highlights/lowlights/root touch-ups/etc., are the same. i personally wouldn’t advise it, but your call! 🙂

lemme put it this way…. no. lol

the chemicals that make your hair permanently curly, wavy, or straight are literally realigning the bonds that hold your hair’s protein structure together a certain way. and perming solutions contain concentrations of the same chemical that is designed to remove unwanted body hair. true story. it’s just chemistry! perming/relaxing your hair is terrible. it’s pure, irreversible damage.

anything i’ve missed? any stories about no-‘poo salon visits? let’s hear it!

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34 thoughts on “no-‘poo & hair salons

  1. so i am about to start no poo but im a little worried, i dye my hair blonde…i am very unfortunate and i have horrible natural hair color, it a really bad like brown grey color and i was wondering first if the no poo is going to damage my existing blonde and if it will change the color of it? i live in hawaii and i just hate my hair being a dark color here ive tried before and did alot of damage getting it back to blonde. i to try to wait as long as i can before touching it up sometimes a few months. would it be better for me to just keep using my shampoos?

  2. I’ve been no-pooing since January and have used medium brown henna twice since then. It keeps fading to a orangy-light brown…..ugh!!! I wouldn’t recommend it, unless that’s the color you’re going for. I think the BS naturally lightens hair. I wish I could find a natural way to color my hair and keep it chestnut brown. Anyone got advice? I’ve heard coffee, or rosemary oil? Anyone have any experience using these?

    1. ah yea, henna is naturally red and fades out kind of orange. and yes, baking soda opens the hair and allows color to “drain” faster than it normally would. and ive done tea rinses to make it a slightly different brown and cut down on brassiness. ive seen success stories with using vitamin c rinses to take out orangey tones, but not from henna. tips anyone?

  3. What if I’m dying my hair to cover up grays? I’m doing the low ‘poo method but I still am very careful with what I use and how often. So I’m nervous to dye but my grays are becoming an issue for me.

    1. dying with conventional hair dyes will mean putting silicones in your hair. but the low-poo method will be much gentler and will eventually wipe the silicones back out. damage is still damage, but i completely understand the need to dye 🙂

  4. Hi Alex! (Is it just ‘Alex’ or is ‘Alex Raye’ your full first name?) Anyway, so, I also didn’t mention in our last conversation that I am one of those not-so-fortunate gals who needs to color their hair. I’m only 34 but I have bad genes (my grandmother has been WHITE as long as I can remember!). I don’t have a lot of grays but, again, I’m a little vain. :-\ Has anyone asked about or given an account on their use of henna? I’ve read in other places that if a no-poo’er needs to color, this is the way to go. What do you think? I’m not too familiar with it or its ingredients so I’m going to do some research a little later. I know our local Sprouts sells it so I’ll look at that one first.

    1. hey christina! it’s alex raye 🙂 I have a reader writing a post on henna and it should be posted soon. be careful about which henna you use. henna is only naturally red, so when you see brown shades, it could have other things added like metallic salts. just research ALL ingredients 🙂

    2. Hi just thought i would offer some advise being an avid henna user. Alex is right when it comes to henna reasearch is key. Many places add things to their henna like fillers or chemicals that can be devistating to your hair and your skin. Make sure you get your henna from a reputable company that gets their product tested for purity. I get my henna locally from the store front for . I personally know the store owner and have been buying my henna from them for years. The website has tons of info on the how to’s of henna for hair and I highly encourage you to check them out. I will just give a few tips on what to concider before going henna. Henna is red and henna is permenent, you cannot bleach or perm henna and it will not fade. Before dying your hair with henna be very sure red is where you want to be. Second low-poo and BS have not hurt or faded my henna in anyway. Third henna will not strip or lighten your hair, it is a transparent-buildable dye layer, your underlying color will effect your final color, grays and white hairs will be vivid and beautiful. If your happy with the color you get after the first dye then all you need to do it dye your roots if you want a deeper red keep redying your whole head untill you get your desired color. Fourth, if you have dye damaged hair already try mixing your henna paste with ACV instead of lemon juice anything acidic will do lemon juice is pretty harse though so be sure to do a deep contitioning after. Lastly Sleep in it if you can, mud yourself up then shower cap and lastly wrap a towel around your head this will hold in heat and keep the henna working all through the night.

  5. Hello! I have been trying to go “no-poo” and unfortunately, it left my hair a HOT MESS. My mother told me I looked like I had dreads?!?! I washed my hair first with baking soda paste to get rid of all those chemicals in my hair. My hair felt weird but I just left it. I than washed my hair with baking soda and acv and it was TERRIBLE. My hair felt like it had a nasty coat of dirt on it. So unfortunately, I went back to the poo. HELP! I have naturally thin but wavy hair to my shoulders. I want to go completely no poo. I already am using homemade foundation, body wash, and deo. I want to complete the trend without using shampoo and conditioner! Your help is greatly appreciate and you blog is AMAZING! You have really inspired me and made me realize what those companies are doing to our bodies with all of those terrible chemicals.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. When doing no-poo, I found you have to make doubly sure you rinsed all the baking soda out of your hair. If any is left in it will do that to me too. Rinse, rinse, then rinse again! Also massage ur scalp really well under the shower spray in the rinse process also. It helps get it our better.

    2. Baking Soda the couple times I used it, caused my scalp to go into hyper oil making drive. I did Cowashing (washing with conditioner) for a few months until I started water only. Cowashing slowed the oil way down and looked ready good.

  6. Hi I am curious about what you do after going swimming for no poo. Because its really hard for my hair to come back to looking nice after. I know avoiding chlorine would be best but sometimes its unavoidable. Let me know thanks!

  7. I’m going to get my first trim since going no poo and I’m worried about how to handle it when they want to wash and then put styling products to style and dry my hair…thanks for this post!

  8. If you go to salons like Great Clips (which is where I go) they simply spray your hair with water and cut. Shampoo and condition is an extra service and fee, and it’s something you have to ask for. By default they will only spray your hair with water, unless you ask for a dry cut. Which is fine by me, being a no ‘poo-er. Also, for those who get your hair sprayed but don’t want to get it styled with heat after the cut, you can divide your hair into 2-3 sections then twist the sections and let it air dry. Shouldn’t take too long since they don’t make your hair sopping wet when they spray and bonus: you get some pretty waves when it’s dry. 🙂 Another tip for Great Clips, make sure to sign up for their customer loyalty program. They send you coupons in the mail every few months, I’ve had cuts for as low as $4.99! 🙂

    1. hey haley! i just meant if you choose to have them wash/condition/style your hair, it’ll be coating your hair in silicones again, and you’ll need to clarify again (re-clarify) to strip it back down. that’s all 🙂
      and the cool setting would be just fine!

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