brush your hair correctly to keep it healthy

yay for NO-‘POO WEEK!! and to make up for yesterday’s lack of no-‘poo posts, here’s your double whammy for today!

the correct way to brush your hair (avoid common damaging mistakes you could be making)

i have TWO ways to safely brush your hair while no-‘poo (and even if you’re not a no-‘poo-er, your hair will thank you tremendously for using these techniques instead of your typical hair brush. aka, EVERYONE should follow this, no matter what your hair care routine is currently!!).

even with these 2, remember to:

  • NEVER brush your hair while wet! always brush hair while dry
  • NEVER detangle from the top down. always brush out tangles by starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  • don’t brush your hair multiple times a day. that puts unnecessary strain on it. once a day or every few days is plenty, especially with a natural bristle brush. sometimes i brush my hair every week, sometimes every 3 days. and i usually get tangles out with my fingers.

wait. what’s wrong with my current brush?
if it’s plastic or metal, throw it out. plastic bristles pull and tear at hair (especially the ones with those different size bristles in one brush things). you know those paddle brushes with the metal bristles and the little plastic beady things on the tips? HORRIBLE for your hair! so horrible.
what to use


*used for gentle detangling ONLY

i use this for those times i have bed-head and my fingers just won’t do the detangling job. this comb shouldn’t be used multiple times a day, or even every day if you can help it. just some gentle detangling!


*used for hair health

natural bristle brushes, like boar bristle brushes, are used to help distribute your scalp oils down the rest of your hair, smooth your hair’s cuticle, and also helps stimulate your scalp. i suggest using a boar bristle brush because it’s the most similar to human hair. so yes, you’ll be brushing your hair with hair!

because natural bristle brushes are not meant for detangling, they will most likely not penetrate all through the thickness of your hair. i’ve found it best to put my hair half up, and brush it half at at time, ensuring i get it all.
how to clean

– wide tooth comb – wipe down with a soapy, warm washcloth. rinse & let air dry/or wipe dry. done!
– natural bristle brush- because they’re so similar to human hair, you will see every little bit of crud it picks up…oils, sebum, extra product, lint (story of my life), etc. so every week at least, you HAVE to clean it! first, run your comb thru it sideways (in the direction of the bristles) to get the big gunk out…like your hair. next, mix up a solution of warm water and soap (i use dr bronners of course). i make about a 1:15 mix ration of soap:water for my brush. seems to do the trick! let the brush soak bristle side down in the water for 5 to 15 minutes to loosen everything up. then gently run your hand back and forth over the bristles to encourage all the gunk to get outta there. then give the bristles a good swish around in the water. then rinse the bristles well under running water, and shake excess water off. take a clean, dry towel and very gently press it into the bristles on all sides to sop up extra water. lastly, lay your brush on the towel BRISTLES DOWN (so the water doesn’t get into the handle) and let completely dry. done!


this is what happened when i went 2 weeks without cleaning my BBB. that powdery stuff is dry shampoo…and sebum! so gross!

where to buy
– wide tooth comb – any place that sells combs around you. i like the one i have because it has oil infused into it. check it out here.
– natural bristle brush- they should ONLY contain natural bristles (NOT mixed with nylon), and are usually set in wood. do your research 🙂 i’m going to suggest boar, so check some out here:

who out there has discovered the magic of a natural bristle brush? &/or not brushing every day??


117 thoughts on “brush your hair correctly to keep it healthy

  1. I rarely brush my hair (but it never really tangles or looks messy,) Only for important things (interviews, etc) but I’ve (about 2-3 weeks ago) started the ROM so… I’m brushing a bit more now for anti-grossness purposes. I wish I’d know about the bbb before I started. My transition would probably be going a lot better than it is! I’m new to where I live, so I’m on the search for one now that I know! Thanks for the heads up! (:

  2. I do have a question regarding brushing with a BBB. I have both the pure boar bristle Mason Pearson(extra stuff) and the mixed nylon+boar bristle Mason Pearson and even the Tangle Teezer to rid of tangles before I brush with the MP but it seems that the more I brush my hair, the more split ends I get. I do get regular trims now, no heat at all except the sun, no dyed jobs and hair masque once/week or twice/month. I only wash my hair once or twice a week. My BBB is usually clean until a few days after, there will be flakes or lint or fur and I have to wash the brushes again and wash my hair. I have no idea where I’m going wrong with the brushing. I am gentle with my hair cause it’s so fragile and I never over-brush. Is there a video to show proper brushing of the hair and is it that my hair can’t be brushed at all?

  3. I found this blog today and an totally in love! Thanks for all your helpful tips–this is seriously a gold mine.

    One question about this article: why do you advise against nylon other than for purist reasons? I’ve heard it prevents pulling and snagging to some extent and keeps the bristles in place.

  4. Hi! =)
    I love your blog! I started loo poo/no poo about a month ago. I got very inspired by your blog! I have a silly question though 😁:), I just ordered a natural bristle brush, but now that I’ve seen yours in the picture I noticed that the bristles on my brush are not as close to each other. It’s a wooden brush, but the bristles are placed in a plastic kushen. Is it really better to brush with a brush like yours or will it do the job just fine? I bought Kent PF07. I hope you can help me.

    1. It is pretty much will do the job as long as it’s 100% boar bristle. Kent hairbrushes are pretty good. I had one before I upgraded mine.

  5. Why is the mason pearson so expensive? I’m new to crunchy living, and want to go rom cold turkey, so thoughts on brush choices would be super helpful

  6. Just got my Spornette DeVille in the mail and I’ve been brushing my hair for 30 minutes…. Love the wooden handle and how soft my hair is already!! I’m obsessed 🙂

  7. okay so i’m dying to buy this brush but i have two problems. First, i don’t live in the united states. or the UK or anywhere that has there shops, so i was wondering if you know an online store that sells these? and second, i have curly hair and curly hair does NOT look good after being combed. you simply can not comb curly hair so i was wondering if you know what to do?Thank you

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