sweat & no-‘poo

surprise double whammy day for NO-‘POO WEEK since i’ve been asked about this so many times. woohoo! up for round 2 today is how to deal with sweaty head & no-‘poo.

heavy workouts? hot, humid days? steamy shower/bath? let’s see what we can do to stay clean AND no-‘poo–

how to stay no-'poo with heavy sweating (weather or exercise!)

i’ve ideas into categories based on the level of sweat, in hopes it’ll be more helpful! these are the other options besides further diluting your current shampoo. also, the lists don’t mean you have to do everything listed OR in order. they’re separate ideas that can be combined if you’d like.


– brush with your natural bristle brush to evenly distribute the oils (*always do this)
– gently scrub scalp with only warm water
– use a light sprinkling of dry shampoo on dry hair


– brush with your natural bristle brush to evenly distribute the oils (*always do this)
– try gently rubbing your scalp with warm water only
– rub your scalp with a lemon juice mix (1/4 cup lemon juice to 1 cup water) and rinse. it’ll get rid of the excess oils without stripping your scalp.
– use a light sprinkling of dry shampoo on dry hair


– brush with your natural bristle brush to evenly distribute the oils (*always do this)
– rub your scalp with 1/3 cup lemon juice, 2/3 cup water, and 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar. that’ll sop up the oil without stripping your scalp.
– “wash” with an egg. it’ll get rid of the extra grease without stripping your hair. don’t do this more than once a week because you can put too much protein into your hair!

any tips & tricks you guys love? let’s hear ’em!


46 thoughts on “sweat & no-‘poo

  1. hey, ive only a question! mmmm if i go 5 days a week, and sometimes i have between moderate to heavy sweating, can a i do that daily or what would you recommend me?

  2. Hello 🙂
    I’m interested in starting with the “no-poo” program, but I have seriuos dandruff problems :c I use H&S because it’s the one that leaves my hair clean, but damaged. I have a really thick, curly and frizzy hair, and I want it to look better, keeping the curls.

    I go to the gym everyday and I sweat A LOT, so I have to wash my hair daily, because once I tried to keep it unwashed for 2 days but I couldn’t stand the itch. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for me not to wash my hair daily.

    Is there a way I can start with it but keep my hair clean everyday? I’ve read that it’s not recommended to wash the hair with the baking soda because it would damage it.

    Thank you all.

    PD: English’s not my mother tongue, so excuse for any mistake.

  3. Hello!

    Any scuba divers and avid swimmers? How do you guys get rid of the salt water/salt residue in your hair? (Considering I’m travelling overseas so I don’t want to bring along white powder (bs) in my luggage! And some dive resorts just desalinates the sea water a little and that becomes tap water.)
    What about chlorine?
    Any great tips to share? ^^ thanks!

  4. I know this is an old post but….
    I have been doing water only for 2weeks now. I hit the gym heavy 4-6x weekly. When I’m done I have sweat dripping off my nose and chin(heavy sweat for sure), and have found that my hair looks better on these days.
    It confused me because eewwww I was a sweaty mess. I began looking into it and it turns out salt( the 2nd highest ingredient in sweat) actually cuts grease. The car ride home as the sweat dries in my hair is actually cutting the extra grease!
    The past 3 gym days I have kept my hait out of the shower, and just brushed it through after (seriously, just brush it clean). It may sound gross but my hair feels less heavy, and looks better than before.

    1. Hi morninglory, I get sweaty like that too. Do you have problems getting the bump out of your hair from it being in a pony tail during your workout without washing it?

  5. I work out about every day and I’m on my second day of no poo, but I’ve just been using the bs/acv solutions. Is it ok to use that even after sweating or do I need to use something else, I don’t want to prolong my transition period haha.

  6. i felt like this was the best spot for this question, its sort of random, but is there a way to get paintball paint out of hair in a no poo way?

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