for my curly no-‘poo-ers (& low-‘poo-ers)

i get asked for advice on how to change up the no-‘poo/low-‘poo routine for curly girls all the time. since i don’t have curly hair myself, i usually redirect those questions to you curly readers (you’re awesome, btw!).

so for this post, i’ve tried to gather as much curly knowledge (from YOU & others) as i could for y’all.

no-'poo help for my curly girls


– chances are the bs/acv routine might be too much for your curls. try a no-‘poo alternative or go low-‘poo
– wash every few days to every week (or more)
– look into washing only once a week with only egg yolks, or raw honey/pure, organic aloe vera gel, etc. i’ll be posting on no-‘poo alternatives soon! (there is a such thing as putting too much protein in your hair, so don’t use the egg wash more than once a week. you still may need to taper off from even that often)
– look into the rinse-only method. it’s extreme, but allows your hair to be as natural as possible


– use plain, organic aloe vera (leave on for 15-20 mins, then rinse with cool water) before your shower (like this… or buy an aloe plant. mine’s name is Allie, haha). it can be either juice or gel. if it’s truly organic/pure, it’ll need to be refrigerated to keep long. sometime’s it’s advertised as the edible kind. same difference (if not better…no preservatives!)
– rinse with pure coconut milk (check for any added sugars. you do Not want that in your hair…sticky and/or dull mess!) after you wash your hair
– try low-‘poo conditioners like this (more options here)
– some readers have had awesome results from leaving small amounts of coconut oil in their hair (also for frizz)
– check the safe products listed below


– let your curls air dry
– make your own hair gel
– look into organic leave in conditioners, coconut oil, and other safe curly products (listed below)
– i had one reader suggest using whipped egg whites as a type of hair gel. sounds great! maybe stinky in the heat though. idk!
– start plopping your curls (great tutorial here, with a video at the end)


– use your fingers, and don’t use a brush. combs may be used lightly, as to not cause any poofiness/frizz
– sleep with your curls pulled up/back/braided/etc at night to reduce tangles and frizz
– check the safe products below-

safe, no-‘poo friendly, curly hair products:

– kinky-curly curling custard (& other products)
– salon naturals curl defining cream
morrocco method leave-in conditioners
morrocco method curl cream
low-poo options
nature’s paradise organics detangler

& about the curly-girl method & co-washing– 

if you do the CGM and/or co-wash, i’m sure it’s doing fantastic things for your hair. truly! i’m seen amazing testimonials! just make sure you’re not using products that contain silicones (or other harmful chemicals). don’t use products with ingredients that end in -zane, -xane, -cone, or -conol. these will coat your hair and prevent moisture from getting IN. also avoid sulfates, parabens, “fragrance”/”parfum”, alcohols, etc.
i personally won’t be posting about the CGM, well, because i don’t have curly hair, and because it uses store bought products, and y’all know it doesn’t fit into my crunchy lifestyle 😉

THIS is also a great resource for curlies. go through the forums and see what’d be best for your hair.

i hope this post helped!! & as always, let’s ADD to this post. come on, curlies! i know you’re out there sitting on awesome no-‘poo tips…


76 thoughts on “for my curly no-‘poo-ers (& low-‘poo-ers)

  1. Has anyone heard anything about DevaCurl???
    While browsing the Internet about products and what not, Devacurl kept popping up and I’m curious if it is just another scheme like Wen?

    1. I love diva curl! I started using it about 2 months ago and my hair looks and feels amazing. I am Polish but I have semi-long very thin fragile naturally curly blonde hair that has spiral curls and the nopoo shampoo and conditioner leave it health soft and shiney.

    1. I know this it’s over a year old but i also have psoriasis and i find acv rinses top really helping the inflammation and to clear the scales

  2. hi, i’m new at posts so i dont know how i’ll get an anser… lets hope i do! 😉

    It has really helped a lot to read your blog, my hair started to get real dry, it felt rough… (i think that’s the translation in english!) so i will do all your conditionings tips!

    I have a question, when do i comb my hair??? it is curly like goldylocks in the botton and wavy on top… a real mess!!! but if i comb it my curls and waves become like an indian tipi!!!

    i hope you can helpme!

  3. hello! I really love your blog – thank you so much for all this info! i just found out about no-poo hair washing today, and i want to switch immediately to bs/acv routine. problem is, my hair is curly, and i’ve read everywhere that this routine is perfect for your curls, except here – you’re saying that i should go low-poo or try a no-poo alternative, and now i’m confused. i really liked the bs/acv recipe for its simplicity. would you say i should try bs/acv and see for myself, or definitely avoid it?
    also, sleeping on a satin/silk pillowcase reduces frizz due to less friction (and i heard it’s also better for your skin) 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. Hello, I want to start with the no poo method, but i have curly hair.. and im not sure, why i have to do every day for conditioning it and be able to style my hair. I always have to as least wash it every morning, because it doesnt survive the evening!. Do you know what should i do? Thank you.

  5. I’m low-‘poo now and my hair is still pretty frizzy and I don’t love it. I’m thinking about ROM but I have curly hair and I’m not sure how that will work. Won’t preening every day “brush” the curls out even if I use my fingers?

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