natural leave-in conditioners

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

hey AE readers! first, i want to thank you for your patience as i struggle to balance my new job and new life with my blog. i feel like no matter how many people i get back to, i always have over 100 comments to reply to afterwards (quite literally). i am doing my best to give you guys the attention you deserve for your questions with the time i have ๐Ÿ™‚

this post will be short & sweet, but it’s something many of you have been asking for. so here goes!

diy or buy these natural leave-in conditioners

summer time can really dry out hair, between all the sun, heat, and swimming. sometimes we need a good leave-in, right?

when to use a natural leave-on conditioner

  • dry hair
  • static-y hair (static is actually a lack of moisture)
  • curly hair
  • damaged hair

safe, natural leave-in conditioners

buy these

make these

  • mix your favorite organic conditioner (ideas here) with 4 parts water… shake and spray onto dry/damp hair!
  • mix 1 part of your favorite carrier oil (melted coconut, jojoba, argan, etc) with 4 to 5 parts water. shake and spray onto dry/damp hair (oil and water don’t mix… so really shake and spray immediately)
  • mix 1 part water to 3 parts pure, organic aloe vera (can add small amounts of vitamin e, coconut oil, etc). shake and spray onto dry/damp hair

you already know my recommendation is to use TINY amounts of unrefined virgin coconut oil and/or pure, organic, cold-pressed argan oil. i SWEAR by those two things!

any natural leave-ins YOU love?

we’re gonna tackle dandruff before friday this week! YAY! and hopefully detanglers early next week!



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39 thoughts on “natural leave-in conditioners”

  1. Hello, I have just started looking/using all natural products. I have had acne issues since I hit puberity and im now 24 still dealing with it. I thought maybe a change in products could help. I tried it once before using pure coconut oil for lotion or as a leave in for my hair and it seemed to be too much for my skin & hair. BUT I think I did it wrong as far as putting it in my hair since I didn’t dilute it with water and use a spray bottle (I see how that could be more effective). I was also still using regular sope so the sope could have also made me break out, not the oil. I have turned to washing my body & hair with baking soda and using raw apple cider vinegar solution for a conditioner, all diluted with water. I do find it awfully hard to wash my longer hair with these solutions but I do my best by basically dumping it all over my head and rubbing it in the best I can lol. So now im looking for an all natural lotion amd leave in conditioner. I dont just get acne on my face I get it on my body as well so I NEED suggestions on both solutions for very acne prone skin. My skin is sensitive, it gets oily easily and dries out easily. Any help is appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hi. Is 1 part coconut oil and 4-5 parts water no-poo friendly? don’t want get myself into trouble haha.

  3. Hi Alex Raye! Let me start off by saying I love your blog! I stumbled across it by accident one day, but am soooo glad I did. I honestly think it was divine intervention lol. I love your posts and all of your helpful advice. I started using the Shea Moisture shampoo about a month ago and instead of using their conditioner as well, I’ve been using raw honey, aloe, and have been doing the coconut hair masks because my hair really needs deep conditioning. I have very unruly wavy/curly, or as I call it “wurly”, hair that just has a mind of its own. I can honestly say since switching it’s more softer and definitely shinier (or glowier as my son says lol), and not as stubborn. I was going to mix up some leave in conditioner using my aloe, but the aloe I have has to be refrigerated once opened (I’m using Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Gel). I wanted to ask if it will be okay to mix up a small spray bottle and leave it sitting out at room temp or should I keep in fridge?

  4. Hi there, thank you so much for all of the great advice, tips, and recipes you have posted. I love your blog! I recently started using the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner and have been using argan oil and olive oil to tame the frizzies and moisturize. Unfortunately I’ve noticed my blond hair is getting really brassy. I’ve searched all over the internet and although I’ve seen others mentioned the problem, no one really has any solutions that don’t include chemicals. Do you think it could be the types of oils I’m using are not good for blonds? Could I be using too much? My hair looks healthy and feels great except for the brassiness. Is there something natural I could add to the oil (like ground up lavender flowers?) that might counteract the yellow? I’d really appreciate any ideas. I love using natural products, but I’m not loving the big bird hair ; )

  5. I’ve heard that oil on the scalp keeps it from being able to breathe. It makes sense to me, especially because with gentler shampoos you can have oil still left on your scalp and hair. Is this something I should be worried about? I like to put oil on my scalp/hair and braid it every night.

  6. I am a new no-pooer with curly, fine hair. I was reading how coconut oil is a great way to condition your hair if it starts feeling a little ‘eh.’ However everything I read (until now) simply said “..then just shampoo it off!” Logically thinking, since they claim to also be doing the BS and ACV thing that is what they used… They clearly did not and yours is the first post I read after I attempted this that confirmed this was the case. I think after two days I finally got MOST of the coconut oil out but my hair needs a real rest and maybe some real conditioning.
    So that is my long way of asking what kind/brand of argon oil do you use? because I’m thinking this is my next plan.

    1. hey autumn! yea, i try to warn all my readers about that. it sucks because coconut oil is one of my favorite things in the whole world! have you tried using raw honey? it’ll put some serious moisture into your hair and rinses out with cool water. i use pura d’or argan oil, but it also cant be used as a mask… oils in general can’t. but they’re still great to use in tiny amounts ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helps!

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