natural lotions (diy or buy)

what better way to kick off SKIN WEEK than to talk about nourishing your skin! (& happy july!)

diy or buy these natural lotions

these lotions/balms/butters/moisturizers are natural and/or organic, therefore completely safe to use! i would usually have a section on why to NOT use store-bought lotions, but i think if you’re reading this, you know who i am and what i stand for. so we’ll do a quick overview of what you do NOT want in your lotions πŸ™‚ yay!

what you DON’T want in your lotion:

  • mineral oil/paraffin oil – aΒ by-product of petroleum, to produce gasoline and other products based from crude oil
  • petroleum jelly/petrolatum –Β often contaminated with impurities linked to cancer and other health concerns
  • parabens – this is currently a Toxic or Not Tuesday post waiting to be published. short answer, it’s been found to cause reproductive and growth issues, and has (controversially) been found in breast cancer tumor tissue
  • fragrance/parfum – this is code for ‘we mixed a cocktail of unknown chemicals to make it smell okay’
  • silicones – anything ending in -xane, -zane, -cone, -conol. these prevent your skin from getting moisture
  • much, much more… check this list (scroll down past the video… you can mute it haha. there’s a list below.)

and we all know that our skin is our largest organ, and our first line of defense. our skin really has its work cut out for it! we need to care for it as the delicate, yet total badbutt that it is!

make these

  • unrefined coconut oil – CO straight outta the jar is an amazing body lotion. probably the best, honestly. and you can add essential oils for your own custom scent! keep in a glass jar at room temp or in the fridge and it’ll keep up to a year or two! for some reason i’m on a rose kick right now, and i recently mixed some of my CO with arabian rose oil. oooo yea! if you keep yours in the fridge and don’t want it to harden like crazy when it’s chilled, whip it! put some in a stand mixer or use a hand mixer, and whip that CO up till it’s fluffy!
  • unrefined shea butter – great moisturizer, but not as easily spread. you can whip it up with equal parts CO, *and optionally add a carrier oil and EO of your choice.
  • argan oil – you knew that one was coming, haha. pure, organic argan oil is an incredible moisturizer. it’s so darn expensive though. so maybe keep it for your elbows and knees?
  • sweet almond oil/jojoba oil – you can use it straight (might leave an oily residue), or you can mix it with it CO (1 part oil, 1 part CO; whip with mixer)
  • carrier oil mix – you can essentially make any great lotion by mixing a carrier oil of your choice, beeswax, and any essential oils you like. you can also add vitamin E and/or CO. seriously, it’s so easy and can be VERY personal πŸ™‚ think of the great lotions you could make for dear friends! it’s all about finding what is a perfect fit for you and being healthier
  • there are TONS of recipes out there for organic lotions. check out this jack pot of a database for lotions,
    *whichever recipe you choose to use, please store your homemade lotion in a glass jar!
    ** you can buy these at your local organic store, health food store, or online

buy these
(in alphabetical order)

**if you opt to buy your lotion, check the ingredients and make sure you can’t buy the ingredients and make it yourself for cheaper than what you can buy it for. unfortunately, organic products are sometimes heavily overpriced. the most cost effective is by far a jar of unrefined CO, since you can use it for SO many other things.**

what are some natural/organic lotions that you love?? let’s hear it!


28 thoughts on “natural lotions (diy or buy)

  1. Glad to see Bubble and Bee on the list- they are one of my favorite companies. I have yet to try their lotion (but will now!) but LOVE their pit putty (deodorant) and lip balm. πŸ™‚

    1. i just added to keep homemade lotions in glass jars, because some plastic containers are not PVC/BPA-free. i’d rather advise glass and be on the safest side πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for this Alex! I started researching how to make my own products a few months ago just trying to find ways to save money around here. I have now become a basket case and have chucked just about everything that hasn’t come from my own hands and seeing a whole LIST of this size that can be in just ONE bottle or jar of skin lotion is appalling! YUCK! I have the same obsession with CO as you I think πŸ˜ƒ I use it for EVERYTHING! But two of the things I do use it for is as a full body/face lotion and a hair treatment. I swear, ever since I switched over to it (oh, and of course I have to say here, I SWEAR by honey! I think my husband is becoming disturbed with just how much I’m getting obsessed with this stuff lol), I actually think I LOOK healthier. I haven’t touched make-up since I started going au natural… and my lazy self is LOVING that πŸ˜ƒ

    Thanks for this AWESOME blog! Always love reading you πŸ˜„


    1. hey krysta! thank you for such kind words!! πŸ™‚ haha, you’re not a basket case! but i totally agree about looking (& feeling) healthier! once you start down the natural path, you can’t stop!!

  3. I think another great one to add to the list of lotions you can buy is Boodha Butter (I may be spelling that wrong). It is made with coconut oil among other natural oils, and it smells amazing (like natural coconut). I was initially upset that the company was co-opting the image of the Buddha, but I quickly got over it when I realized how great the product was. lol.

    1. thanks tish! the ingredients look great for buddha butter πŸ™‚ it’s crazy expensive though! $23 for 1 oz! i tried to link the product page, but it gave me a 404 error. i’ll try again tomorrow. thanks again!

  4. I love what you are doing! Can I send you some products to review? I make everything myself, in my kitchen, very small batches, organic, pure stuff. πŸ™‚ my website is Lost River Naturals

    1. thank you so much connie! absolutely- i love homemade products! please shoot me an email at “” and we can go over details πŸ™‚ thanks again!!

    1. nope! their lotions have parfum/fragrance, potassium sorbate, & phenoxyethnol. and even though the other chemicals in their products aren’t a hazard per-say, they aren’t adding any benefit as a lotion, and don’t belong in lotions. i also don’t appreciate them advertising their lotions are phthalate-free, when they LIST “parfum” and “fragrance” as ingredients. hmm… i’m also very picky about my products and what i put out there to my readers πŸ™‚

    1. You know what’s funny? I use that coconut oil and shea butter mixture because I know it’s good for me, my sis made it for me and because of how YOU love coconut oil. But, no matter how much I use it, I seem to get dry flaky legs…I asked my sisters and they said that coconut oil dries out their skin too…Are we the only ones that get dried out from coconut oil?

      1. hm. i dont think it’s that CO is drying…it could be that you’re transitioning (egh, that word again!) from regular lotions, and/or you need to lock in more moisture first. try using it right after you get outta the shower to seal the water in πŸ™‚

      2. Probably not transition period since I have been using it since Christmas! Thats when my sis gave it to me! It does do better if I use it right after gettin out of the shower, though!!!

      3. I found that I was flaky too when using coconut oil, until I realized I wasn’t using an unrefined organic coconut oil. That has a lower melting temp which can easily be absorbed into your skin…others have a higher melting point, which essentially dry on top of your skin. So maybe that is the flakiness you are seeing?

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