natural/organic soaps

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

welcome back to SKIN WEEK!

this post, in contrast to yesterday, is all about natural/organic soaps. i know water-only washing isn’t an option for some, and i didn’t wanna leave ya hangin!

all-natural soaps (bar & liquid) and how to make your own liquid body washthis is a SMALL list of the organic/all-natural soaps you can find. there are TONS out there!

liquid soaps

bar soaps

as i mentioned, there are TONS of brands of soaps out there that are organic and/or all natural. there are even lots of people that sell their personal creations for more reasonable prices. it’s just a matter of taking a trip down to your local organic store, or checking etsy.  mountain rose herbs has a page for soaps HERE too. as always, just check the ingredients!

and remember that you don’t need to buy the ones in this post online. there are plenty of places (organic stores, some natural grocery stores, etc) that sell them.

you can also make your own bar soap! seriously! i don’t do that, so i won’t be posting about it. if y’all are interested, i can put up a few sources so you can check out the sources.

BUT…i will post THIS…

make your own body wash (from organic bar soaps)

you need: all-natural bar soap, glycerin, & distilled water. that’s it!

1. grate your natural bar soap till you have 1 cup of soap flakes
2. mix 1 cup soap flakes, 1 tablespoon glycerin, and 8 cups water in a large pot/sauce pan
3. turn the heat to medium/medium-low, and heat it till the soap melts. it’ll only take a couple minutes.
4. let your new liquid soap cool, and put it into a soap dispenser. you can use it for body wash or hand soap.
* you can add carrier and/or EOs to your soap mixes, too! adding a tablespoon of coconut oil would be amazingly moisturizing!

BAM! easy peasy! and CHEEEAAAP!

but that’s not all! … you can also wash with oil!! (“whaaaat?!”)
it’s like the OCM for your body!

how to wash your body with only OIL (& why you should!)

why? – this won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. it’s the same principle as the OCM. it’s nourishing and very gentle!

how to:

  • mix a carrier oil of your choice with a few drops of EOs of your choice, and put into a squeezy bottle/soap dispenser
  • stand under hot water in the shower (keep your hair out of the hot water!) to open your pores and get the extra nasty off you (if there is any)
  • grab a washcloth, wet it, and rub your body down
  • add a few drops of your oil mix to your washcloth at a time
  • wash your body in sections, remembering to add a few drops of your mix to your washcloth between body sections
  • you may just rinse off under the water, or rinse your washcloth and use that to help rinse off
  • finish off with a cold water rinse
    that’s it! easy and completely customizable!


what a long post! well AE readers… what soaps do you love to use??

(tomorrow will be shaving day… sorry lovelies!)


16 thoughts on “natural/organic soaps

  1. I made the soap recipe with dr. bronners bar soap and it turned out really really watery. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?

  2. Does it matter what kind of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap that I used when doing low-poo? I have sensitive skin/a sensitive scalp and I’m afraid that some of the “flavors” might cause irritation. Any suggestions?

  3. Im really interested in making my own soaps and I saw that you were going to put links to other pages but I didn’t seee them on here. Did i miss it?? I adore this blog!! Never stop!

  4. Intrinsic hand crafted soaps! Our hand crafted soap is made using a cold process where all ingredients are mixed at low temperature. This process ensures all the natural goodness from the base oil and essential oil is retained, which is better for your skin.

    1. thanks so much, shelby! thumbs up from me! opt for the fragrance-free if you can. it says natural fragrance, but they dont disclose what it is, so i dont buy that one. that’s actually the soap bar i use to grate up to make laundry detergent.

  5. Recently when i travelled with my husband and 4 kids, instead of taking loofas, body wash, face wash etc, I decided to just use the Made from Earth bars of soap for our trip. It was a good option and I thought it would last and work for all of us.
    It lasted us well but I was quiet happy that it did not leave my skin so dry. In fact it felt quiet smooth and nice. It almost looks natural and clean to me.

  6. Hey I have a few questions lol! Which carrier oil would you recommend as the best for the oil body wash? Also, (sorry for this one lol) I was wondering if this was safe to cleanse the girly parts with, or do I need to make another special cleanser for that area? And with the bar soaps, I’m trying to get the hubs off his nasty store bought bar soap but he likes the smell. Do you have suggestions for adding masculine essential oils to the homemade soap bars? I’m still fairly new to all of this and I really have no clue which EO oils go well with each other.

    1. I am SO glad you asked this! I’ve been meaning to ask the same thing about whether Dr. Bronner’s is safe to use on the “girly parts”! Ha ha!

  7. I have switched to dr. bronners and I love how it smells but it makes me SQUEAKY clean, which I know is a good sign but I hate the feeling. I tried diluting it more, but it seems no matter how much I dilute I still have that feeling. I am addicted to OCM for my face and I think I will try it for body wash! Thanks again. Can’t wait to try the lotion too, I am becoming more and more obsessed with my CO and argan oil.

  8. When washing your body with oil, should you not add castor oil to the mix like with the OCM? I saw that you only said carrier oil and essential oils and I just wanted to clarify. 🙂 Thanks!

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