shaving creams/lotions/gels… diy or buy

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

welcome back to SKIN WEEK – day 4!

many of you have asked about what i do for shaving. well, it’s time to share the knowledge 🙂

diy or buy - all natural shaving creams, lotions, gels

let’s be honest – having to shave SUCKS. it takes so long… you can cut yourself… you can get ingrown hairs… you have to keep re-shaving… BLEGH.

but what’s one way to make it suck less? use all-natural shaving creams/lotions/oils! think of it this way – you’re running sharp  blades all over your body. so do you really want chemicals seeping in? absolutely not!

so check these out –

make these

  • organic, unrefined coconut oil – you don’t need to “make” anything with this. just apply it plain, shave, and enjoy your silky smoothness! you can always mix some EOs in, too!
  • medium to heavy carrier oil – again, not really “making” anything, but it’ll work wonders. try sweet almond oil, sesame oil (which is the best oil for oil pulling, too! double whammy!), or apricot kernel oil. and again, you can add EOs.
  • ‘coconut cream’ – my personal combo/made up name! combine 1 part coconut oil, 1 part medium/heavy carrier oil, and a few drops of the EOs of your choice. whip up with hand mixer/stand mixer, and store.
  • coconut shaving lotion – mix 1 part organic shampoo, 1 part organic conditioner, and 1/3 part coconut oil. (note- if you choose to use liquid castile soap, dilute to 1/2 part soap, then 1 part conditioner & 1/3 part CO.). whip up and store.

buy these

** to clean your razors – every time you shave, rinse with hot water, and lightly brush front & back of razor blades with a soft toothbrush. no more goop; no more dull blades!

i personally either use plain coconut oil (rubbed on before my shower), dr bronner’s leave-in style cream, and my coconut cream. none of them are irritating, nor will they leave your freshly shaven parts in need of moisture. AND they’re completely organic! double score! (and backstory- i originally bought the DB leave-in cream for my hair, but it was just too much for it. i didn’t want to throw it away, so i thought “ehh, it’s just organic cream… let’s try this on my leggies!” and the rest is history!

and honestly everyone, there’s no reason to buy shaving lotion. you can make it so much cheaper and completely customize it to fit what you need/want 🙂

>> if you want to SHAVE LESS, check out my super easy, super yummy, coconut brown sugar body scrub! it’s heavenly!

what will YOU try? what do you currently use??



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31 thoughts on “shaving creams/lotions/gels… diy or buy”

  1. Hey, I realize this a super old post, but I just found your site around a month ago and have been gobbling it up! I love it! But I was a little surprised not to see honey on your list of ‘shaving creams.’ I used coconut oil for a while but it did seem to clog my razor and make a greasy ring on my tub. Then I heard of honey; I will never use anything else! I just squirt a little in my hand and rub it in, then shave. It’s amazing!
    Thanks for inspiring me with your lifestyle!

  2. I must say this blog is great! Wonderful. Suburb. A kissy from my lippies to my protruding hand.
    I must also speak of body hair. We have to ask ourselves… if we are wanting to rid hair because we like to or if we are following the ones who say hair is dirty, unappropriate, and unwomanly. I will admit hair ridding can be a calming, addicting (maybe from stress), benefitial, and sometimes painful. In these times, a woman is a hairless woman and I must disagree. Hair protects our sensitive areas! Yes we can trim! Just like all the transitions on this blog, body hair can be taken a step further. I encourage whoever is reading this to flaunt your womenhood in your own comfortabilty. We as women should not have to feel insecure about our natural bodies. There are plenty of famous women who didn’t give one pluck about showing their hair in public. As we know, confidence is the most attractive quality! I challenge anyone to love their body naturally with love 🙂

  3. I just use water when shaving and never use any kind of shaving cream. Is that bad for me? My skin never gets dry or develops rashes like most women I know who have tried water-only shaving, so does that mean it’s okay?

  4. Hey There!
    Does the coconut oil have to be unrefined? I bought a bottle not so aware of the fact that it was unrefined…and I’m thinking it might be better for body care than cooking or oil pulling. What do you think?


  5. So I tried using just coconut oil two days ago for shaving, and while my legs are super soft and love what its done for me, the actual experience of shaving was a nightmare! The oil kept getting stuck in my razor and gunk was everywhere! I think next time I will try mixing it with a carrier oil because that was too much work. Tho I can say two days latter i am still soft skinned and prickly free. Any tips for this problem?

  6. I use Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in the ‘fragrance-free’ version. It’s natural/non-toxic, affordable, super moisturizing, gives a close shave and lasts a long time.

  7. Do you get bad razor burn with any of these remedies? I get it really bad and since I have come upon your site I now have a new option to try!

  8. First off I’d like to say I have an obsession. It’s with your blog. Ever since a friend told me about it last Saturday I have spent every spare moment reading and absorbing the information like a sponge. I immediately started the no-poo and honey face wash and coco-deo and water-only-washing as soon as I read about it and I love it all so far.
    Secondly, I used the plain unrefined coconut oil as a shaving cream today and it really irritated my skin ONLY on my shins and arm pits. I have terrible razor burn now. Any idea why? Also, I have read that you do not recommend rubbing your hair dry with a towel.. Would a t-shirt be ok? And is throwing my hair up in a towel ok?

    1. I just tried CO to shave for the first time, too, and had the same result. Itchy, irritated shins – but the rest of my leg is fine! Have you had better luck over time? Anyone else run into this?

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