natural remedies for under-eye circles & bags

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

welcome back again to SKIN WEEK – day 5!

i don’t know about you, but under-eye circles have a grip on me. i’m one of those lucky ladies that could sleep every day for a year and still have dark circles. it’s really quite unfortunate…

there are tons of under-eye creams out there for circles and bags, but as you know, we’re lookin for the crunchy things here at AE  🙂

the skin around the eyes is so delicate and sensitive! and it seems like everything we do still results in having circles or bags.

so what exactly causes dark circles under our eyes and bags?

  • fatigue
  • stress
  • depression
  • age
  • nutrient deficiency
  • excessive use of drugs/medicines
  • genetics. sadly.

with all of these triggering factors (and combinations) we can get desperate for a solution. let’s explore some natural remedies! i’m just going to list some options (it doesn’t mean you have to do all of them, haha).

how to naturally battle the under-eye dark circles & bags

  • add a few drops of vitamin E oil to ice water, and mix the two well. dip cotton balls/pads in this mixture and place on the eyes for 20 minutes. this well help in reducing the swelling around the eyes.
  • place 2 cotton pads/balls soaked in cold milk under your eyes for a few minutes. the lactic acid in the milk helps reduce puffiness and darkness.
  • place two cotton pads/balls with plain organic yogurt on them (no added sugars or flavors) for 10 minutes. it will help as the milk does.
  • beat a few egg whites until stiff and gently apply it around your eyes. leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse your face in cold water.  it’ll make the area around and under the eye feel tighter and look less puffy.
  • take 2 slices of fresh refrigerated cucumber and place it on your eyes for 25 minutes. the anti-inflammatory properties of the cool cucumber will naturally help reduce puffiness.
  • place two thin lemon slices directly onto your bags or circles (do NOT get the juice in your eyes!!!!). don’t squeeze your eyes tightly but be careful not to open. leave on for 20 minutes, then carefully rinse off with cold water. this will help lighten the dark circles.
  • slice a couple small slices from a potato. put each slice under your eyes and leave them under your eyes for 20 minutes. this will help tighten up the puffiness.
  • wet two green or chamomile tea bags in cold water and refrigerate them for a while. place them over your eyes for 25-30 minutes. rinse with cool water. the tannin in tea will help reduce puffiness and darkness.
  • freeze a couple of spoons over night, or place them in a glass of ice water. rest them on your eyes until they are not cold any longer. this will help reduce puffiness.
  • soak two cucumbers in lemon juice for 3-5 minutes in the fridge. careful of the lemon juice, place cucumbers on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes. this will help with dark circles and puffiness.

other helpful tips – 

  • switch your sleep position. thanks to gravity, sleeping on your side or stomach can encourage fluids to collect under your eyes. and if you’re a side sleeper, you may notice a heavier bag on the side you sleep on. if you wake up with puffy eyes, sleep on your back with an extra pillow under your head.
  • apply a moisturizer under your eyes nightly. this can be the same oil you use for the OCM, or straight vitamin E. i really love argan oil and coconut oil for under my eyes!
  • make sure you’re getting enough iron & protein
  • make sure you’re drinking enough water
  • watch your salt intake
  • watch your caffeine intake
  • don’t sleep in your eye makeup
  • don’t smoke

what are you going to try? what do you currently do??


(the dark circles under my eyes in the picture are photoshopped for that dramatic effect, haha)

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21 thoughts on “natural remedies for under-eye circles & bags”

  1. Hi, do you apply coconut oil directly on the puffy area or is it just on the eye contour/bone under the eye?? I’m afraid if I apply it directly it will flood the puffy are and make it worse. They are bad enough!! Thanks

  2. okay, so first thanks for your blog! second, i feel silly asking if the %fat milk matters for the milk method? i’m actually going to research it now but just thought i’d ask to clarify here where i first read the idea. i’m most interested in using milk because my concern is about darkness and not so much puffiness. And i don’t have any lemons right now 🙂 again, thank you so much!

  3. I hate it when I wake up with bags under my eyes. I used to use real cucumbers (which helps, but gets messy). My doctor recommended the Made from Earth Cucumber Cool Gel – and it works even better than real cucumbers. I have tried every eye product out there and this is simple the best and its simple.

  4. my bags under my eyes are terrible full of water,i think it is from my thyroids,i have put more pillows on my bed ,drinking more water,watching salt intake,put ice under my eyes,nothing seems to work i am super depressed,it is getting to where i don’t want to be seen,there has to be a answer soon.why won’t a doctor help me?i have asked them to they say ice,can’t they describe anything?has anyone ever committed suiside over this before?It is beyond depressing,i already have deep wrinkles,but this is pathetic.Someone please help me!!!!!

    1. That sounds like you may have lymphatic drainage problems. There are very gentle and effective patting/massages you can try – pat lightly under the eye from the nose towards the ear, and continue to massage over the ear, directly and close behind the ears, and on down your neck. Roll your head gently with eyes closed also. This helps move the fluid towards its natural draining points. Hope this might help somewhat.

  5. I’ve also red that allergies can contribute to dark under eye circles- although I really don’t know any way around that!

  6. Great post; techniques I haven’t seen before. But I have REALLY bad udner eye circles, and they’re hereditary. But my diet isn’t the greatest and I could drink more water (although I think I have nice skin and everything; it really doesn’t show). Do you think if I do these tips they may get better, or is the main cause genetics?

    1. I’m really interested in this too. I’m wondering if none of these will really be that helpful if the darkness is hereditary….any thoughts? I’d hope there is something that can be done!

  7. I soak cotton balls in green tea and then freeze them in an ice cube tray. Once frozen I just hold them under my eyes for as long as I feel I need to. It smells good, feels good, and reduces puffiness!

  8. Oh goodness! For years I thought they were just from lack of sleep.. good to know it’s probably not just from that 🙂 Thanks for the knowledge!

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