honey face wash



this is for all my readers that don’t love the OCM as much as i do, OR are looking for an easier/less time-consuming way to

naturally wash your face (completely understandable).

raw, organic honey will pair perfectly with absolutely EVERY skin type. no exaggerations here! EEEEVERY skin type. 

so before you give up on natural skin care, try washing your face with honey!


you’re probably thinking, “why on earth would i put raw honey on my face?!”

well my friends, let me tell you:

  • it’s great for every skin type
  • it’s both moisturizing and drying. weird, but accurate. it’s moisturizing in that it will soak into your skin and leave it supple, soft and glowing. aaand it’s drying in that it will help get rid of existing blemishes and knock out unwanted oiliness. 
  • it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial (great for acne)
  • it’ll help heal blemishes, scars, etc.
  • it’s organic. duh. 😉

you HAVE to use raw, organic honey. if your honey has a usda seal on it like mine, perfect! if it says “raw” perfect! any other kind is processed and most likely cut with corn syrup. you don’t want that on your face!!

– wet your face
– get a small scoopful (about 1/3 a kitchen spoonful) of raw, organic honey (absolutely NO other kind) and rub it between your two hands (finger tips only)
– rub in circular motions onto your face for a couple minutes
– rinse with cool water OR let it sit for up to 15 minutes and then rinse with cool water
– DONE. seriously. it’s That easy!

has anyone else washed their face with honey? wanna try? let’s hear it!

i really should learn to post more flattering pictures of myself on the internet. you never know… lol. 



45 thoughts on “honey face wash

  1. I tried this honey face wash as a mask and left it on for 15 minutes. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m so used to my face being tight and dry, sometimes even flaky after I wash it. I even washed my face with just water the other night and I needed lotion right after! But with honey? My face was so soft after! I think I might try this every few days and see if it clears up my acne. (I would use it every time I wash my face but I have other face washes like one from shea moisture that I don’t want to waste)

  2. I’ve only been doing honey face washes for three days now, and find it leaves my skin rather dry.
    I’ve had seriously oily skin as a teenager with lots of breakouts way into my twenties. I’m now in my thirties and while my skin is getting drier and had to finally start using light moisturizers a few years ago, there still is some t-zone greasiness and I am kinda scared of the OCM. Also, i have a great source of local raw honey, so this sounded super tempting. I think this may be better for me once summer rolls around, but now at the end of winter, my skin feels quite stripped after a honey wash and I use the remainders of my (organic, but still plenty artifical) moisturizer on my face. I hope I’ll find the perfect solution before the moisturizer runs out and I’ll have to decide on a new product! 😉

  3. Any recommendations for store bought face cleansers that are okay to use?! I was doing homemade for my hair and switched to Shea Moisture and it actually was great so looking for something simi
    lar for my face!

  4. I recently purchased a sonic cleansing brush..it came with a cleanser that I’ve been using, but I’m sure it’s really not that great for my skin. I would like to try washing my face with honey, or using oil, but I LOVE my sonic cleansing brush and don’t want to stop using it. Do you think that either of these methods would work with the sonic cleansing brush? Or maybe I should only use the brush with water between washes? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Used the raw honey mask for 3 days. Unfortunately I had to stop using it. On the second night I noticed a few bumps around my jawline and chin. I searched many articles to find out if it was a normal side effect or if I was having an allergic reaction. I’m not allergic to honey what-so-ever so I honestly didn’t think I was having an allergic reaction. I found on several articles that my face may need to just adjust to the raw honey and that some people “purge” before it gets better. So I thought okay maybe it was normal. On the third night I used the mask again, this time soon after washing it off, my face broke out into several bumps; all over my cheeks, jawline, and chin. Only a few appeared on my forehead. My face was also red, warm, and itchy. I came to the conclusion that they weren’t normal bumps and that they were hives! I stopped using the raw honey immediately. It took about 5 days for my hives to clear up completely with the help of some Benedryl on occasion. I’m so disappointed in what happened to my face after using the raw honey because most people love it. On another note I still use my ACV diluted as a toner and I love it!

    1. I know this is a late reply, but the EXACT same thing just happened to me after using Raw Organic White Honey (Whole Foods, 365 brand). A few bumps the first night, and a total breakout of hives around jawline, chin, neck and under eyes and a few on the forehead the second night. Had to stop after that. But the good news is: I’ve tried two different types of raw honey, and one worked perfectly with no hives or adverse reaction. I was using the Raw Organic Mountain Forest Honey (Whole Foods, 365 brand) before this, and had no troubles, so there must have been some sort of allergen that I couldn’t handle in the White Honey that wasn’t in the Mountain Forest. Maybe test some different varieties to see if any others might work for you instead? Good luck!

  6. hi..
    can i use Dabur honey (Purity guaranteed 100% honey) daily twice i.e morning and in the evening..please help me..i want to improve my skin complexion

  7. I mix honey with the leaves from a used green tea bag and sometimes add rice flour to it. It has to stay in the fridge between uses! I figure that the tea leaves are gently exfoliating and anti-inflammatory and the rice flour micro exfoliates and is good for acne scars.

  8. I love using honey as my face wash! My face is finally happy. But 6 months of using honey, I seem to have sone kind of allergy now :(. When I wash my face with honey I have been sneezing a lot and have itchy eyes. I stopped using honey for face wash and the symptoms went away. I just went back to using it again and the sneezing and itchy eyes came back. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have an alternative? My face loves the honey and I don’t break out. I don’t know what else to use on my face. Any advise is appreciated.

  9. I was using the OCM for a while and liked it, it helped my acne alot but I read about the honey cleansing and tried it and my skin has never been better! Every night I scrub my face with oatmeal and milk to clean off any makeup and it gently exfoliates then do a honey mask sometimes I leave it on for longer and its like double power and rinse it off and use ACV. My skin still has little baby blackheads but I’m 17 so it’s expected makeup goes on well and its incredibly soft. I love honey! Thanks alexraye!

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