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2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

low-‘poo-ers have the luxury of throwing their products into their luggage & heading outta town! & ROM crunchies don’t have to worry about packing anything.

so where does that leave no-‘poo-ers with their homemade mixes?? whether it be for business or vacation, let’s talk no-‘poo travel.

how to travel with no-'poo

here are some things to think about before you travel if you’re no-‘poo:

  • how long are you gonna be gone?
    if you’re only gonna be gone a few days, wash before you leave and just bring some dry shampoo. no need for worrying about bringing your mixes! if you’re going to be gone a while, consider how you’re going to carry and keep your mixes while you’re away.
  • where are you headed to?
    can you buy everything you need there? or are you bringing everything?
  • are you flying?
    remember you’ll have to follow that ~3 oz rule with liquids and gels.
  • will you have access to a fridge?
    will you be able to store your mixes that need to stay refrigerated, or will you use another method till you’re back home?
  • would you go low-‘poo for trips only?
    for some that would be interested in the ease of low-‘poo for trips, it would allow you to throw your travel-sized low-‘poo in a bag & call it a day. just pick up a travel size bottle and squeeze what you need into it. and bonus – you could keep the rest of the low-‘poo to wash out coconut oil masks that were previously unable to be used as  a no-‘poo-er!

so you’ve decided you need a way to bring your mixes. what do you do?

easy way:
pick up a few travel size bottles. fill one with plain ol baking soda and the other two with undiluted acv. once you arrive at your destination, you can mix them in a separate cup & use them as normal. i’ve done this many a time and i’ve never had any issues.  if you’re using castile soap, fill one container with castile soap (undiluted) and the other two with undiluted acv. you can mix as you go.
if you need to bring along a deep conditioner, take some raw honey with ya! it won’t count as a liquid (although peanut butter and cream cheese count as “gels”…gross) and doesn’t need to be in the fridge.
if you’re using another homemade version that needs to stay in the fridge (like aloe vera), consider the following…

tricky way:
invest in some cool-packs/ice packs and one of those mini-beach-cooler-bag-things. you can travel with those for hours! i kept some of my probiotics nice and cold on my road trip across the country with a few ice packs a styrofoam box. i also wrapped it in the comforter i was bringing with me, but i’m paranoid about keeping my little bacteria alive haha.
if you’re flying & traveling with an infant and/or toddler, put the baby food/breast milk/formula/juice/etc in the same bag, and store your ‘poo mixes in an old baby food jar. ice packs are okay to take thru security when accompanying baby items. woot woot! if you’re not traveling with a little human, TSA will most likely take your frozen ice packs as you go thru security. no worries! pack an extra ziplock baggie to fill with ice once you’re thru security. i’ve love to say asking for a cup of ice shouldn’t cost a thing, but airports are weird. best o’ luck! and chances are they won’t confiscate a fully frozen gel/ice pack.  honestly, it depends on who you have for TSA agents and what airport you’re going through. i’ve been through airports and brought good ol unopened Makers through security with me (as in the adult beverage).  and i’ve NEVER had an issue bringing my big ol jar of liquid coconut oil deodorant with me. my jar of homemade toothpaste (that truly looks like death in a glass jar) hasn’t ever caused any issues either. and just this summer, i’ve flown all over the US as well as made a trip down to puerto rico. so all in all, don’t be worried about traveling with homemade goodies!!

hardest way:
buy everything you need once you get to your destination. it’ll mean an extra trip and extra money spent, but for those that don’t want to go low-poo for a few days, or for those whose hair isn’t a baking soda fan, it’s unfortunately what you have to work around.

anyone have tips on traveling as a crunchy, or have an entertaining story about getting your things from point A to point B?! 😉

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11 thoughts on “traveling & no-poo”

  1. Wonderful advice. I love our no poo regime and we are traveling to Europe for 14 days. I don’t want to lose the regime so am going to carry the vinegar with us. Thank you so much. Are you sure the baking soda is okay to put in one of the small bottles and bring along also or should we buy it in the UK?

  2. I used to buy a bag of frozen corn and use it as an ice pack on planes. As I was visiting family, when I got there, I just threw it in the freezer to eat later. I put it on salads as a topper and now my kids love frozen corn as a side dish! Talk about easy! I’ve since found out they allow the ice packs, so we buy our corn there. Of course, you’re right, it depends on the agent. You can still get a jerk. I do recommend that if you are taking any food like veggies that you take a sealed bag. I’ve taken open bags of carrots and stuff, but I’m with kids. My single aunt has had them confiscated.

  3. I just saw that they sell travel size versions of the Dr. Bronners Castile Soap at London Drugs (Canada)

  4. You suggest low-poo as an option for traveling but would that cause your hair to produce more oil when switching back to no-poo after the trip? I have been no-poo (bs+acv) for almost a year now and I wouldn’t want to mess it up and have to go through transition again if I used low-poo while traveling. Any advice on going back and forth from no-poo to low-poo would be great!

    1. hey ellen! great question. it could if you don’t heavily dilute the low-poo into water, or if you start washing more often than you do with no-poo. everyone’s different, but there’s no harm in switching back and forth for traveling. just dilute the low-poo down (try 1 part ‘poo to 8 parts water) and see how that does 🙂 hope this helps!

  5. I would like info on what you use as your homemade toothpaste and deodorant. I am starting with no poo but plan to go homemade and chemical free with all my products. I already have gone eco and green friendly with most of my home cleaning supplies, so now I am moving on to me!

    1. Hey there! that’s awesome. I actually have posts for both. You can use the search bar or the index page to find the posts 🙂 hope this helps! good luck!

  6. Just what I needed!! Were planning a trip to the other side of the world for a month next week…… Have my fingers crossed I’ve been no poo for a month and a half and ROM for my body, OCM, and homemade deo! Will let you know how it goes after I get back!! Wish me luck! LOL…

  7. I’m from Florida and am in the UK now while being no’poo. Since all the bottles you bring have to fit in a zip lock bag with united it was very limited what I could bring, so I brought the dry shampoo (recipe from your website) and the oil I use for my hair (one of the ones you recommended for leave in conditioners) and bought the baking soda and acv here. I’ve been mixing it in a cup before I shower using the cap of a water bottle to measure. I think I can bring the baking soda back since there was so much left but the acv I will have to throw away =/ or find another quick use for it. Just my experience traveling as a no’pooer 🙂

  8. More than the supplies issue (which is usually pretty manageable if you’re doing BS/ACV), I’ve found the no ‘poo routine can be tricky if you are traveling to a place where the water is harder than you’re used to.

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