ROM (water-only) update #4

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

whew, it’s been AWHILE since i’ve updated everyone on how the ROM is goin for me.

the last time y’all heard about it from me, it was a bunch of frustration…..
now, long story short, i’m beginning to really, truly LOVE it.

it’s been about 6ish weeks since my last post, so i’ll do my best to sum up what my hair’s been going through:

  • i used only water to wash my hair every thursday or the following saturday (idk how i came to that conclusion, other than i was hoping my hair would be “nicer” for the weekend.. ha)
  • i used my BBB every other day (like a dummy. i got lazy)
  • i used my dry shampoo either every week or week and a half.
  • ……prepare yourselves for this one… i cheated!…. i used a diluted mix of shea moisture shampoo (1 part ‘poo to about 5 or 6 times water) the night before i was going to be around the CEO of my company. the C.E.O…

dear ROM, 
i’m sorry.

at least it was low-‘poo…right? Wrong! even though it was diluted, the shea moisture was way more cleaning power than my hair was used to at that point in time. so guess what happened…. my hair became grease city 4 days after! FOUR DAYS. i was NOT a happy hippie!
that started this nasty cycle where i was super greasy and used dry shampoo every 5 to 6 days. and when i tried to do water-only, it just wouldn’t work! i used an egg to wash and raw honey on the length of my hair a couple times, and that set me back on the ROM path. thank goodness!

i also took a week off of work (10 days total including weekends) to get my life together (i’m still between states.. the midwest and the east coast are fighting over me..haha) and decided it was the perfect time for me to not wash my hair at all! so i gave myself the completely-made-up-on-the-spot-10 day challenge.


  • no dry shampoo
  • no diluted shea moisture
  • no eggs
  • no honey
  • no ‘poo of ANY kind!
  • BBB every day
  • water only wash on day 1 and day 10
  • nothing else. nothing. else.


as amazed as i was that my hair turned greasy super fast after using ‘poo, i’m even more amazed at how fast my hair bounced back into the ROM swing of things. my hair’s done the BEST it’s ever done with water-only since i started. so now it’s been over 2 weeks since i’ve washed my hair, and 1 week since i’ve washed it with only water. and lemme tell ya, i’m so stinkin proud of my hair!! looky, looky!

2 days after my water-only wash –
(& before my daily BBB brushing… which was 8 days after my last diluted ‘poo…don’t remind me of that terrible mistake lol. sorry that i forgot to take pics with flash, too.)
20130813_101750 20130813_101641

& 1 week after my water-only wash –
(which is 2 weeks after my last ‘poo. these pics are after i used my BBB… with flash & without. idk if you can see the greasiness differently)
20130814_113844  20130814_113814 20130814_113331-1 20130814_113245

so greasy, but not as greasy as i thought it’d be! i still have 3ish days left for my 10 Day Challenge… but after tomorrow’s post, you’ll understand why i decided to post an update now 😉

dare i say i’m at the very end of the transition?!?

water-only washing is possible!

hippie stamp Sig

54 thoughts on “ROM (water-only) update #4

  1. Hello! I am still a bit confused about how all of this works (could possibly be that my brain is fried from finals). Do you not wet your hair at all for 10+ days, and then wash with water? Can you water wash more often or is that bad? And I know that you should preen/brush often, but do you scritch often as well?
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. Hey! So I sort of stumbled upon this while browsing Pinterest a while ago and decided to give it a shot. I used to only co-wash my hair (washing with only conditioner) because curly hair is the driest hair type and I knew shampoo was bad news all around. It works FABULOUSLY but then I decided to study abroad in Spain and the water here must have been different because I couldn’t do my co-wash successfully (even though I had been using that method for over a year with no problems) so I broke down and bought shampoo. About a week ago I quit cold turkey and have just been water washing, obviously there is going to be a long transition period before I can get this to work, but I decided it’s all or nothing. I don’t use the baby powder that I normally use on those greasy days between washes, works just like dry shampoo, because I didn’t know if the absorption of the oils would still cause my scalp to produce more oils. I let my hair air-dry and that’s all, no styling, no drying, no heat used whatsoever. I still have two weeks before I go home to the US, and I tossed my shampoo so I wouldn’t break my resolve; I’m hoping this cold-turkey quitting along with not using any products will speed along my transition. If not I can always go back to co-wash when I get back! 🙂

  3. Hey Alex, I am trying to do the ROM for about a week now.
    there are good days and bad days. first 3 days I used bbb and rinse, it feels okay, not too greasy, presentable i would say. then i didnt wash for 2 day(no brushing as well, too lazy) and it actually looked okay. but yesterday night I feel like I need to wash because it started to look greasy again and if you look closely, there are dust sticking on my hair. and even worse after I wash, my hair took forever to air dry, and it feels so gross(sticky and waxy), I dont even want to touch them. now I just put them up. I dont know if I should I use bbb and wash again or stick with it until i REALLY need a wash. And is the sticky feel caused by too much sebum?
    Thank you for answering my questions, big help!

  4. I’ve been no poo since summer and within the last two-three months have had HORRIBLE dandruff….so I switched from bs/acv to watered down castile with argan oil and essential oils added. I’ve also been doing the honey/aloe vera deep condition every week and I STILL have the flakies!!!!!! I’m at my whit’s end!! I do have hard water but we have a water softener. I only wash my hair once a week. I divide my hair into 5 layers and use my bbb to gently scratch then comb out my hair to try and get rid of some of it but nothing seems to work!! I initially wanted to go ROM but I think my flakes are going to get worse if I switch. Any suggestions?????

  5. I have jumped into the water only journey for the past 4 weeks and I need help! I have bought a water softener shower head and a BBB. The greasy hair is not horrible but the dandruff looking specks is driving me crazy! I have been going 7-8 days between ROM washing until this last washing. After my hair air dried, i had white specks everywhere and ended up washing the next day with ACV and honey, which helped. Will the dandruff improve? Do you still scritch and preen every night? Did you feel like you 10 day challenge was the tipping point in your ROM transition? Would you mind providing a sample schedule for you hair care now? Amy suggestions and input would be helpful! Thanks so much for your blog. I have SO enjoyed reading your posts.

  6. Hi Alex,
    I’m so glad to have come across these ROM posts! I’ve been doing the ROM for 6 weeks now and am certainly having ups and downs. I wash with water only once a week and it’s definitely taking longer each time before the grease kicks in. I too work in a corporate office, so dry shampoo is my savior some days. I brush with a bristle brush everyday, but don’t think it’s a BBB, so I might invest in one. I agree with a previous comment that this is the best ROM info I have found. Can’t wait for your next update!!

  7. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a little while now, and i am truly jealous of you!! Anyway, i’ve been no poo for a good few months and love the idea of ROM especially being a traveller out in NZ atm….unintentionally, i went for 12 days with no BS/ACV etc….BUT. i shower every day and find that if i keep my hair dry it gets greasy more quickly, so i wash it with water every day which keeps it shiny & soft. is this bad/wrong? i thought i had it so good and the transition was easy, but after checking up on your blog you only washed with water every few days….?!?!?

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for walking us through this method, I’ve always been curious about it, but it’s hard to find information this good. To give you some background, I have very curly hair that is prone to dryness and breakage. I transitioned to no-poo and it has been manageable, but I would love to cut even that out and go WO. Have you had any feedback on the rinse-only method for curly hair, or do you know if it’s okay to use the recipes you have for homemade gel while being rinse only?

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