just getting started? here are my CRUNCHY MUST-HAVES!

this post is going to be so fun!

i get quite a few readers that reach out to me knowing they want to start, but don’t know where. i felt the same exact way when i switched! i read anything i could get my hands on about natural living solutions and soaked it up like a sponge.

for all y’all that want to ditch the chemicals (and let’s be honest…save tons of money…), but are overwhelmed by everything you can do (completely understandable!), this post is for YOU!

going crunchy (all-natural, homesteader, etc.) is incredibly liberating and yet very daunting. it’s a complete life-changing experience and it’s easy to get lost along the switch to a more natural lifestyle.

so what DO you do?! and with what?!

good news is, you can do pretty much anything you like to & tailor it to your specific needs! bad news is, you have SO many options that it’s easy to get bogged down.

no matter which routines you choose, i’ve picked these 5 products (and some honorable mentions) that will ease your transition and that can be used for multiple things. they’ll all be a fantastic starting point for your new crunchy lifestyle!!
AND i want ALL of you crunchies to leave your “crunchy must-haves” in the comments!! i told ya this would be fun!

here we go!

don't know how to start your crunchy life? look no further than here!

  • castile soap (either liquid or bar) – this will be your ultimate cleaner. you can dilute it and use it for body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, all-purpose household cleaner, and even put it in your homemade toothpaste! its uses are plentiful!
  • baking soda – you can use this as an all-purpose cleaner (toilets, dishes, countertops, drains, clothes, etc), skin and face exfoliation, to relieve heartburn and skin irritations (even poison ivy), in your homemade deodorant, overall odor absorber (including carpet cleaner), cockroach and ant repellant, dry shampoo, etc.
  • coconut oil – this stuff is my holy grail. i use it for lotion, shaving cream, deep conditioner, eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles, in my smoothies and meals, and in my toothpaste. i always have 2 jars on hand – one opened and being used, and one waiting for me. you want the unrefined (virgin, undeodorized) version!
  • essential oils – EOs are little liquid miracles. they can be used for anything and everything from helping rid infections to just plain ol making things smell great. you should use EOs with lots of caution, and with a plentiful amount of research under your belt. see this beginner’s guide to EOs for a quick learning blip.
  • apple cider vinegar – this can be used as a facial toner, acne spot treatment, hair “conditioner”, all-purpose household cleaner, deodorant, wart treatment, sunburn relief, in water for a drink or on a salad to balance your body internally and cleanse your lymph nodes and flush out candida (ladies!), fabric softener, fruit cleansing bath, etc. you want the raw, unfiltered kind!


  • bentonite clay – you can use this on your hair & skin, and as an internal/external detox. i even put it in my toothpaste!
  • aloe – you can use this on your skin, hair, and even consume it. it’s wonderous! i love it in my morning glass of water and as a hair conditioner.
  • raw honey – again, you can use this on your skin, hair, and consume it! i LOVE it as an acne spot treatment and deeeep conditioner. you can literally wash your face with honey, too!
  • arrowroot powder/corn starch (non-GMO) – i use this stuff for dry shampoo, make-up, and deodorant. a little goes a long way for multiple uses!
  • sea salt – you can use this for cleaning, body scrubs, etc. you can mix it with coconut oil and EOs for a fantastic body scrub that’s completely unique to you!

and of course, always have an abundance of glass jars for all your concoctions!! ❤

need to buy anything? check out my resources page for trusted companies and brands!

(fellow crunchies– WHAT ARE YOUR CRUNCHY MUST-HAVES??)

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34 thoughts on “just getting started? here are my CRUNCHY MUST-HAVES!

  1. Hello! I wish I had found your blog sooner, it has been so helpful as I transition away from a chemical-filled life. I was wondering if you have any recipes for dish soap? I haven’t seen anything posted on your website yet. Thanks!!

  2. Hey Alex, how do you take Bentonite clay internally?? Tried googling it but everyone’s answer is different, plus I trust you more! 🙂

  3. Hi Alex! How do I take bentonite clay internally? Been trying to look on google but there are WAY too many contrasting opinions and to be honest, I trust you alot more!! Thanks 🙂 x

  4. Would argan oil also be one of your must haves? Doesn’t it get rid of acne? If it did, when did you start to notice the results? Please reply!

    1. hey kenzie! argan oil is very near and dear to my heart lol. argan oil definitely helped my acne, but i was using it for the OCM. it helped lighten my acne scars, too. keep in mind you have to help heal your skin from the inside-out (enough water, eating right, etc). give it 2-3 weeks 🙂

  5. So, I’m not exactly ready to give up regular shampoo just yet, but my hair is getting greasy really fast and I have been having to wash it literally every day. Are there any shampoos you would recommend that will keep my hair clean/”ungreasy” for longer? 😛

  6. Hey Alex I was wondering if you have any suggestions for an alkaline water filter for the shower? I’ve been looking at a few different ones but I’m not sure which ones to trust. Thanks a bunch!

  7. Oh my favorite crunchy must have is oregano oil. It heals cuts and scrapes really fast. It is also amazing at preventing me from catching all the illnesses that go around at work. You just suffer a few drops under your tongue as long as you can stand the burn then drink it down with water. I have been doing this for months whenever people at work start showing signs of getting sick or when i start to feel like I might be getting sick and I have not caught any of the nasty bugs since. But if you do come down with something and are stuffed up then get some Olbas oil and use as directed (put a few drops on a tissue and place the tissue in your pillow case at night).

    1. So good to know! I have Oregano oil and I can barely stomach the smell, for some crazy reason lol. I have a terrible cuticle biting habit, do you think it would help those spots heal? Also, mixed with a carrier or just solo? Heaven knows it is nasty maybe I would stop torturing my fingers altogether haha. Thanks!

  8. Hi, i’ve been looking all over your bog on a post about bacne.. but it appears you havent posted an entry about it at all yet! 😦

    I’m a bacne sufferer. Scars, and acne. Back and chest! 😦 I’ve been spraying diluted apple cider vinegar but it seems like my body acne hasnt improved! I’ve been cleaning sheets, changing clothes more frequently, and washing my body more frequently..
    Please help! Do you know of any good body washes, lotion (i cant use coconut oil it breaks me out), and remedies to try? Thanks so much!

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