tips for ROM success

if you follow me, you know the ROM has been a long journey for me… and i was already a no-‘poo-er.

i thought i’d share some things i learned along the way that really helped my transition!

tips & benefits to using ONLY water to wash your hair!

  • make sure your hair has been clarified at some point before your ROM transition. it’ll help drastically! there’ll be no silicones for your hair to slowly slough off, and i mean slowwwllyyy. not to mention, the slow silicone sloughing (i love alliteration) will make your hair appear greasy, feel “heavy”, waxy, dull, and tangly. who wants that? no one.
  • don’t use hard water. i have hard water and learned to deal with it for no-‘poo. i thought it’d be okay for the ROM because i’d only be washing with water…but nope! either boil your water beforehand to wash and rinse (ain’t nobody got time fo dat), buy distilled water, or invest in a shower head filter. i vote shower head filter. it’ll be nicer on your skin too. oolala! your best bet would be to go to a lowe’s or home depot around you and search for a hard water filter. to filter out chlorine and sediment, these are expensive, but here’s a couple you can look into:
    – aquasana
    – heaven fresh (fixed head & hand held)
  • invest in a nice bbb. your boar bristle brush (bbb) will be your absolute best friend during this whole process! it’ll be the saving grace for your oily mop. for me personally, there was a huge difference in the “before & after” grease levels of my hair from brushing. after about 15-20 minutes of using my bbb, it seemed as though the oils had been thoroughly distributed and the grease almost “disappeared.”
  • dry shampoo is essential. if you’re going to be in public, at least. if you can go through the super oily transition phase and use water-only cold turkey, PROPS to you! you won’t need dry shampoo! i seriously wish i could’ve done that. however, corporate america doesn’t like to see greaseball hair. blegh. i wouldn’t suggest using it more than 2x between washes though. things can get cakey and weird.
  • steer clear of ‘poos. completely if you can manage. only use low/no-‘poo if you HAVE to. keep in mind it will prolong your transition. i learned the hard way. for example, i was already washing every week and a half to 2 weeks, and found out i’d be around my company’s CEO. i decided to wash with a low-‘poo and diluted it to 1 part ‘poo to about 5 or 6 parts water… then my hair got greasy again after 4 days! only 4! i was so so so upset!
  • don’t be afraid…  to have nasty, dirty hair. i mean dirrrrtyyyy. let your grease-flag fly!
  • watch the conditioning.  you might not need it, or you might only need it on the very ends of your hair. for me, the bbb coated my hair in my natural oils and my hair is now SUPER soft and shiny. when i first switched, i was really fond of using raw honey in my hair in the shower. after a few weeks, if i used the raw honey, it left my hair too heavy. my hair is now at a point where it doesn’t need conditioning at ALL. it’s just too much for it now. if you find you don’t need conditioning, then simply don’t. at the same time, make sure your hair is suffering from being too dry!
  • scritch and preen EVERY day!! yes, like a bird! this and not using hard water are the MOST important tips i could ever offer anyone that’s going water-only. to scritch, lightly use your fingernails, or a comb (like a wooden comb) to “scratch” your scalp all over, and loosen everything up.  then to preen, use your fingers to pull the oil from your roots down the hair shaft in small sections of hair at time. my bbb does a great job at doing the job! yes, this is quite time consuming, but it feels SO GOOD! and it’s very, very worth it! and bonus – the additional scalp stimulation increases blood flow and can help with faster hair growth! bam!
  • be patient. seriously. doesn’t that suck to hear? it’s like the worst piece of advice ever. but if you thought no-‘poo was tough, get ready for ROM. i’m a hardcore almost hippie and this transition made ME want to quit and go back to no-‘poo…. i consider myself a dedicated, tough cookie, but it was a rough ride for me.
  • find motivation and support. it’s great to have someone/people to reach out to for help, to swap stories/experiences, tips and tricks, etc. find those people. find that support.  and relish in the fact you aren’t dependent on commercial products and you’re letting your hair be as natural (and as healthy) as possible! i had this blog as an outlet to connect with you guys and you all really kept me going.

and don’t forget the benefits!

  • save money. you don’t need to buy products.
  • save space. going somewhere? no need to pack hair products! more room for clothes! 😉
  • & the most important benefit…. healthier hair! see the picture above? that was taken earlier today. my hair’s never been this soft and shiny before. and it’s all completely natural! no silicones; no products!

i personally feel great about going WO (water-only). but as with any natural or conventional beauty routine, the ROM is not for everyone.

anyone have some tips & tricks for going WO??

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170 thoughts on “tips for ROM success”

  1. Hey everyone! I have a couple questions:
    1-Why wait so long between washes? Why not water only rinse twice a week or so?
    2- When swimming, how do you protect your hair from chlorine and wash it out afterwards?
    3- Do you still use products like mousse and hairspray to hold curl? (Like heatless curls)
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hey guys. I’m writing from Germany and I am doing the WO method for almost a month now. I kinda like it but what frustrates me is that even after washing it isnt really clean. I swear I scritch and preen ENOUGH😅 even in the shower I use my BBB to preen… Can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong?

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