30 day plant-based diet challenge!

in the past few years or so, i’ve made a LOT of dietary changes. i’ve gone from almost living off of processed and premade foods, to now eating a mostly plant-based, raw diet. don’t get me wrong…  i can’t turn down a cookie! and i’ll NEVER turn down a rare steak! MMM!  but the way in which i see eating is completely different. it’s a whole lifestyle; not just a diet!

i could have a whole entire other blog about food… not even exaggerating. so please bear with me while i try to get my point across in ONE POST. it’s gonna be a challenge… and a challenge for you! 😉 see what i did there? haha. i’m so lame!

the challenge is: to follow a plant-based diet for at least 30 days! & i bet you won’t wanna go back after! (details below!)

i heart my PBD!

WHAT is a plant-based diet?

a PBD is a diet that’s heavy in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. it’s NOT vegetarian NOR vegan. i think that’s a HUGE misconception/misuse of the phrase. you still eat fish, red meat, poultry, and dairy. those who claim a PBD diet is indeed vegan are INcorrect…that would just make it vegan, haha. but this is plant-BASED.
when you eat meats and dairy products, try to buy from your local farmers market, and limit your meat consumption to grass-fed, hormone-free, wild meats and organic, hormone-free dairy products.
(quick blip – you don’t “need” meat to get all the protein you need. for example, my kefir has 11 grams of protein per serving, and i drink it every morning with breakfast. but you DO NEED meat for vitamin b12. okay, i’ll get off my soapbox now.)

WHY follow a plant-based diet?

  • overall health (heart health, gut health, eye function, lower BP, diabetes prevention, cancer-fighting properties, etc, etc)
  • increased proper bodily function (bowel health, skin health, healing, sleeping, etc)

again, i could write a whole ‘nother  blog on following a plant-based diet. fah realz. for now, i’ll link you to some pretty outstanding articles and videos, because i don’t want to beat a dead horse (these are random, but good):*

*i tried to use publicly available links instead of pulling summaries from my research database. if they don’t work, please let me know and i can personally email the articles to you. and no, i won’t share your email addresses with anyone else! 🙂

please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH as well. learn about the nutritional content of foods and what your body needs daily! this isn’t something that can be jumped into without some thought. you need to ensure you’re getting what your body needs!!


  1. no processed sugar
  2. no processed food (if it comes in a bag or box premade or “ready in 5”, you don’t want to eat it)
  3. meals/snacks based on veggies and fruits
  4. when meats are consumed, ensure they’re hormone-free/organic/grass-fed/free-range/etc/etc
  5. ensure water/liquid intake is sufficient for proper bodily function**

> what this challenge IS NOT:
– going to follow vegetarianism.
– to lose crazy amounts of weight… i don’t even wanna get into this.
– to be skinny. it’s not a fad diet. it’s a lifestyle for your HEALTH!

> what this challenge IS:
– to learn about healthier, fresher food options for your body’s nourishment
– to be healthier and feel better
– learn how to focus on being a nutritarian
– learn to regulate proper liquid intake

join the 30 day #PBDchallenge!

if you’d like to join the challenge with me and other crunchies, comment below with:

“i pledge to take the 30 day PBD Challenge to learn about nutrition and to better my health. i also pledge to not overwhelm myself and know that the AE crunchy community is here for me.” …and then put your start/end dates. i’ll post the 1st comment to get things rollin!

i’ve created a pinterest board just for this challenge. let’s ALL pin our plant-based recipes and information/research to this board HERE 🙂 i’m still not really sure how to get everyone on it, so just let me know your pinterest name in your pledge comment and i’ll invite ya right to it! pleasepleaseplease!

and don’t forget to tweet me (@_almostexactlyblog) and the other crunchies about your journey with the tag #PBDchallenge.

let’s see those meals and hear the support!!!!

LET’S DO THIS, CRUNCHIES! i’m so excited for us!!


i feel like i should get into why i will NEVER completely give up meat and dairy (of course with accompanying research for BOTH sides of the argument)… but that’s definitely for another day… 🙂

who’s gonna take the challenge? who already follows a PBD?

see y’all on pinterest!

hippie stamp Sig

**please drink enough water! you should be getting roughly 1/2oz per pound of body weight OR 2/3oz per pound of body weight for very active people** an overwhelming majority of adults are chronically dehydrated and aren’t aware. i drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, 32oz bottle of water throughout the day before 5pm, a glass of water with lunch, then another glass of water between getting home and going to sleep. the 32oz during the day has really helped me stay on track! i drink almond milk too, so i adjust my water intake accordingly. there is a such thing as being OVERhydrated and it’s dangerous, just as being dehydrated is.

disclaimer: ALWAYS talk to your healthcare professional before changing your diet and lifestyle. and DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! your participation in the 30 day PBD challenge is completely voluntary. i will not be held accountable for anything stemming from, or related to, following this challenge.

37 thoughts on “30 day plant-based diet challenge!

  1. Starting tomorrow, November 24th, I’m going to start my 30 days of a plant based diet. I’m vegetarian, playing around with being vegan, but I still eat way too much sugar and carb LOADED food. Luckily this will end on New Years Eve because there’s no way I’ll make it through Christmas on kale.

  2. Ive been eating a PBD for about 4 months now, and i am never going back! changing the intake we have can have such postitive outcomes for how we feel afterwards. I have to say, i am from a big meat eating family.. and when i see them and occasionally have a small piece of chicken while visiting for dinner, etc, i feel like CRAP afterwards! all groggy and tired…
    PBD gives me so much energy! i feel way healthier, i can definately say i have noticed by stomach is also loving it! I was diagnosed with an ulcer a few months back and since changing my diet WOW night and day! To anyone who is hesitant, what do you have to lose?

  3. I pledge to take the 30 day PBD diet to learn aboutnutrition and to bettrr my health. I also pledge to not overwhelm myself and know that the AE crunchy community is here for me.
    Start: 1/2/14
    End: 2/2/14 and possibly beyond

  4. I have been eating this way since August. Although I thought I didn’t feel any better, I realized that when I “cheated” and ate wheat, my joints were hurting the next day and my ankles were swollen. So back to my “diet”!

  5. What are your views on the blood-type diet by Dr. D’ Adamo? It is based on keeping the body alkaline and helps you avoid foods that contain lectins that agglutinate your red blood cells via its blood-type antigens. According to my blood-type I should follow a high protein (lean and clean animal protein) diet/lifestyle and exclude most grains. So far, it has helped me with my health after my doctor “prescribed” it to me.

  6. I pledge to take the 30 day PBD Challenge to learn about nutrition and to better my health. i also pledge to not overwhelm myself and know that the AE crunchy community is here for me. I’m starting 10/22 and will finish 11/20… the cold weather has been running me down already, I hope this really makes me feel good and energized!

  7. I’ve been calling myself a sort of vegetarian as a way of explaining what I eat when my co-workers and students see me snacking on fruits/veggies/nuts/etc. but PBD is a much better way to describe it! Thanks!

  8. Loved your post about what a plant based diet is! I agree with it! For he last year I’ve been on a very “nourishing” aka wholefoods but lots of fat and meat spin. I felt I needed to do this and explore that option.

    Prior to getting pregnant in 2007 I went vegan after a lot of research. During that time I looked fantastic but had some problems like bumpy fingernail ridges (horizontal) and loose stools.

    Then I got pregnant and suffered terribly with hyperemesis gravidarum. I vomited to the point it literally could have killed me if I didn’t eat whatever would possibly stay down. For months that was dairy/corn flour based custard (I think called vanilla pudding in the US). Then mango and banana icey smoothies got me throughout he latter months of pregnancy. I was pretty rattled after that re: diet. I went back to a fairly mainstream ‘healthy’ ‘balanced’ diet.

    Then I read a book called “what the bible says about healthy living” by Dr Rex Russell. That helped me put a lot of what I had learned in perspective – more of a plant BASED diet, with certain naturally reared meats more for celebratory meals, raw dairy, raw honey etc.

    Over time I’ve added in kefir and learned about soaking to neutralise phytates and make legumes more digestible – I think not doing this was a cause of the loose stools (sorry if TMI but I’m not shy 😉 )

    Anyhow, I’ve started to feel a bit podgy having so very much rich food so streamlining back to my plant based diet with high quality clean meats and raw dairy kefir/butter to complement it. I also remove he cover fat which is where toxins are stored on the clean animals, so fat is reduced but not eliminated in this type of diet :0)

    I have a facebook foodie page called Barefoot in the Kitchen where I share lots of crunchy recipes and tips too. Looking forward to following you, I just found you after looking for others who are dying their hair with black walnut hull 😀

    1. thanks so much! and thanks for sharing your story! 🙂 i love me some kefir!! i feel gross when i don’t have some every day, haha. thanks for linking your facebook; can’t wait to check it out!! ❤

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