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diy hairspray

after posting my recipe for an all-natural hair gel, i’ve gotten quite a few requests for an all-natural diy hairspray.
here’s what i’ve come up with for my lovely crunchies! it’s a flexible hold hairspray 🙂

diy hairspray


  • 1 cup filtered* water
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • 6-10 drops of any EO you’d like
  1. bring your water to a boil
  2. add in your sugar. mix until dissolved.
  3. let cool to room temp
  4. * add EOs if you’d like
  5. put your new homemade hairspray in a spray bottle (i have a little glass one, but the travel ones are easy to find and cheap) and use as you would regular hair spray. you may need to use a funnel to get it in the bottle.

you can add more/less sugar in the mix for more/less hold, respectively. be sure you don’t add too much sugar or your hair will get sticky. also, i’ve seen quite a few recipes that add vodka or rubbing alcohol. you do NOT want alcohol in your hair! it’ll be extremely drying!

now your flexi-rod curls can last for days! 😉
let us know what you think!
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19 thoughts on “diy hairspray

  1. I wear my hair up everyday and so I HAVE to use hairspray to hold the little pieces up. Everyone talks about how awesome ROM is but no one talks about how you just rinse conventional hairspray away. I’ve tried and it’s a nasty, flaky, sticky mess!! Anyone have this same problem?
    I’m interested in trying this instead of my gluten filled chemical hairspray…

  2. So many years ago it was, that I don’t exactly remember, but as much as I can recall it was more like a mask. Slap kefir on the head, slather around, cover the head with plastic wrap and towel for 10 minutes (while washing/shaving body :)), then rinse with acid (lemon or vinegar) and then rinse with mix for curls.
    I will note though that the less fat in kefir, the easier to wash it out and that it is better for dry hair.
    Also I personally prefer to use shampoo, it feels more cleaner and glossy for me after the wash.

  3. I am reading with intereset the posts. I am from Russia and when I was young during “perestroika” when there was nothing in the stores and anyway people didn’t have money to buy. So the hair were washed with Kefir (you might know, russian ‘yougurt’ drink), rinsed with lemon juice/water for blonds and vinegar/water for dark haired. I made curls by mixing a bit of sugar or beer with a lot of water every time i washed my hair right in the shower, rinsed my hair with the mix, let it towel/air dry and used soft rolls made by myself (soft paper rolled over bands) to curl before bad. In the morning I’d remove the rolls and didn’t even need a comb. First day it was “done”style, second and third day it was “beach waves” style. No hot tools, we didn’t even know such exist 🙂
    Hair were dyed with onion skin (smelly), chamomile, lemon juice, henna, basma, tea.

    1. So interesting jane!!! Thanks so much for sharing :):) what exactly was the technique for washing with kefir? I always have multiple bottles in my fridge!

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