all-natural household cleaner

being on the PBD, i eat a ton of fruits and veggies. my veggie scraps are frozen to make stock later, but what about my fruit peels?

well, my orange peels are almost always put to good use. and this is my favorite way!

an all-natural household cleaner! (and pssst – it’s SO EASY to make!)

all natural, super easy household cleaner using orange peels


  • glass jar with secure lid
  • orange peels (roughly 1 large orange for every 8 ounces your jar holds)
  • raw acv
  • patience (but only 10 days worth!)


  1. peel your oranges
  2. CRAM them into your jar. really stuff ’em in there
  3. pour enough acv into the jar to completely cover the peels
  4. seal your jar
  5. let sit on your counter for 10 days. turn upside down and shake EVERY day until the 10 days are up!
  6. after 10 days, strain the liquid out, and use as you would any household cleaner. putting it in a spray bottle would be great!


20131112_170959for this round, i only had a clean snapple bottle left over from matt…i clearly need more jars. 

this stuff is pretty fantastic.

anyone used it? want to? let’s hear it!

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10 thoughts on “all-natural household cleaner

  1. Hey, I’ve been using this for about 4 months now – I really like it. One thing I’m not certain about is if it’s antibacterial? I’m not overly concerned if it’s not – just curious.:)

  2. Can you use this on windows/mirrors?? I read somewhere that white vinegar can eat through glass leading to eventual pitting of the glass… rather hesitant to keep using my mix I have now. Wondering if acv would be better??

  3. Thanks for the tip! I’ve got a whole bag of mandarins and I know exactly what I’ll do with the peels now 🙂 Do you find that it still has a vinegar smell or is it hidden by the citrus smell? I’m not a huge fan of the smell of raw vinegar or acv which is why I ask.

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