all natural pet “shampoo”

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label. more here.

my pets are my babies! so if i’m all-natural for the sake of my health, why wouldn’t my pets be, too?!

well, they are! and yours can be, too!

all natural pet shampoo

make these

all-natural pet cleansers (dogs & cats)

  • mix 1 part of your favorite castile soap into 8 parts water. use as regular dog/cat wash.
  • mix equal parts bentonite clay and raw acv. add aloe and/or honey for moisturization. rub the paste into their coat and rinse very well. don’t let the paste dry!! it will dry out their skin and coat!
  • use plain ol aloe vera after their “shampoo” for extra conditioning
  • use vinegar (white or apple cider) mixed with 3 parts water. pour this on your furry baby, rub into their coat, and rinse well. it’ll knock out any odors. and it’s great for those pets that don’t need a wash, just a deodorizer.
  • *oatmeal – grind it up till it’s a powder and add it to any of the above for skin soothing properties and coat softening (especially with the castile soap)
i’m not sure why she likes to jump in the bathtub. she’s weird.

buy these

  • earth bath for dogs (it says puppy shampoo, but that’s because it’s gentler, and it’s already pH balanced)
  • earth bath for dogs with sensitive skin/allergies
  • earth bath for cats
  • dr harvey’s herbal shampoo for dogs & cats
  • doc ackerman’s oatmeal shampoo for dogs & cats
  • dr bronner- shampoo & conditioner
  • derMagic shampoo bars – please don’t buy these. they’re EXACTLY the same as a castile soap bar, at about 2x the price! i just wanted to show an example.
  • any castile soap bar (think human shampoo bar/body wash bar…but castile soap only). *note – if you have hard water, don’t use castile soap. it’ll react with the minerals in your water and cause a soap scum build-up

you can buy the earth bath products online (think amazon,, and in stores (like petco).

so fresh & so clean, clean!

the “buy these” list is pretty short because i either found a great shampoo that was ridiiiiculously overpriced, or they still had forms of sulfates or other chemicals in them i couldnt jive with. if you guys know of any others, please suggest them! 🙂

always check the ingredients on your furry baby’s products, just as you would your own!

how do you keep your pet clean?

hippie stamp Sig

*that black and white cutie is one of my doggies, Gunner. he’s a huge cuddle bug & scaredy cat. the brown & black cutie is one of my kitties, Charlie (Charlotte). she usually only answers to FatFat… (long story). 

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8 thoughts on “all natural pet “shampoo””

  1. So…I wish I could post a picture but after my Obi had his first bath (diluted dr.bronners followed by acv rinse) he was soooo fluffy! He would seriously win a dog show competition he looks so good!!

    But alas, now I’m hesitant about putting his anti tick medication on him. I’m scared to look at the ingredients…

    Does anyone know of any “natural” pet care remedies or websites they have tried and would recommend ?

  2. I have been using the Shea Moisture shampoo for my hair. Since it is pretty moisturizing, can it be used on the dogs, too?

  3. I’ve been using castile soap mixed with aloe, vita e oil, raw honey, and coconut oil as my body wash and also my dogs shampoo. Is that ok first off and Should I dilute it with water also? And he has really bad skin allergies/dry skin also so I’m always looking for anything to add moisture to his skin/coat. He’s on omega 3 supplements right now, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. He drinks acv In water daily, I mix up a concoction of coco oil and aloe and a soothing essential oil and it helps but only temporarily. Like half an hour or so. I feel so awful for him Bc he’s SO itchy. And to be honest the constant licking/scratching is pretty annoying too, lol so relieving his itch with bennifet with both. Haha

    1. hey courtney! i’d nix the castile soap from his wash. it might be too drying for him. you can put raw acv on his skin to help, too. you can also wipe his paws and coat with a cool, wet washcloth when he comes in from inside to help rid his coat and skin of grass and pollen allergens. using oatmeal with your current mix should help greatly too (minus the castile soap). you can also try slowly switching his food (it might be a preservative or something he’s allergic to). i have a dog that has terrible allergies (the black and white one pictured above) that really act up in the summer, and we gave him benadryl because nothing else would help the poor thing. just call your vet for a dosage. i hope this helps your baby!!

    2. If the poor guy is really itchy, I would consider getting him an allergy test at the vet’s office. I’ve worked behaviorally with so many dog owners with itchy dog issues, and they’ve tried EVERYTHING. They go grain-free, switch proteins in the food (chicken to lamb, for example), change the soap they’re using on the dog, and…seriously, the list can go on forever. Commonly, the culprit ends up being an allergen – something that is in the home and can be managed.
      In rarer cases, the dog isn’t absorbing the nutrients he needs to keep his skin moisturized. In that case, usually switching to raw (or supplementing dog kibble with a raw food diet, if you’re poor like I am) will help.
      The culprits have sometimes been the cleaning chemicals used in the house, dust/dust mites, grass pollen, laundry soap, and even some of the all natural stuff we use…even castille soap.
      Also, although some companies advertise that you can wash your dog everyday with certain soaps, don’t do it! It dries out the skin and leaves the temporarily-soothed dog just a little bit itchier every time.
      Lastly, scritching and preening helps doggies too! Rub that mutt and help distribute those oils, exfoliate those dead skin cells, and get some increased blood flow toward the skin.

      (**I must note here, for reasons of being responsible, that I’m not a veterinarian, but a well-informed human who works with and trains animals for a living. I work as a behavior consultant, and a lot of medical issues tend to go hand-in-paw with behavioral issues, so I’m always learning new things and working with veterinarians on different issues.)

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