no-poo motivation series – laura’s story – “how no-poo changed my life”

hey crunchies! here’s our second installment of our no-poo motivation series!

this post comes from Laura of Ten Healthy Fingers. check her out and spread the crunchy love!

not gonna lie, i cried the first time i read this…



My name is Laura and first of all, I want to say that it’s a huge honor to write a guest post in this amazing blog.

I have not used any regular shampoo for seven weeks now. I got this amazing idea to go no’-poo from Almost Exactly and I am so grateful to Alex. So grateful that she has helped me to leave my awful hair in the past.

How and WHY did I decide to go no-‘poo?

So back to the start. I have had crazy-awful hair for I-don’t-even-remember-how-long. As a teenager I used regular shampoos from any other supermarket, then I went to salon products and then to pharmaceutical products. All this time I had a huge problem with oily skin on my face and †awfully greasy hair. I needed to wash every day to keep my hair clean. And I was a very outgoing person, going to music school, regular school, friends etc. That meant literally washing every day. Annoying, huh?

A few years back, the problem went even worse. Now it got to the point where I had to wash in the mornings, because washing in the evening was pointless.

I really needed help from a professional, I was unhappy.


The doctors blamed hormones and †wanted to prescribe hormonal contraceptives against it, I declined.†It got really bad – I didn’t even get my hair truly clean anymore so I went to a professional, specializing on hair, to take a closer look at my scalp. She looked it with a magnifying camera (200x) and recommended special deep cleanser, special shampoo and of course, special conditioner. To be precise – I only bought these three (each cost about 17-20 euros, in dollars 22-26 USD). She prescribed more things and all together, there were 7 items.

Those actually cleaned my hair and in the beginning I was able to wash every second day if I really-really wanted and stayed home the second day. At some point I felt they are still not good enough and after quitting those products, it got worse again, I think even worse than before. You know the desperation if you constantly need to worry how your hair looks, does everyone see how greasy they are, not to mention that hair held more close to scalp. I was literally unhappy with my hair and with myself and you know what it can do to a girls’ self-esteem.

Soda-ACV1The beginning of no-‘poo process

Then I found this blog and I am forever grateful! I did everything just as Alex has written. I did the clarifying and I started washing my hair once a week. Gross? Yep, it was. The first two weeks were awful for me, but then again – I had the worse possible hair before. In between I rinsed my hair with warm water. There were moments when I wanted to go back to a regular shampoo, just to feel my scalp a little bit more clean. I stayed strong and looked at Alex’s hair for motivation. After all – I had nothing to lose, it couldn’t go any worse than before, just had to tolerate it for a bit longer.

Daily, I used my fingernails to massage my scalp and then brush for 10 minutes. It made me feel a bit better and it felt like my scalp can breathe more.

I didn’t feel particularly good, but I had my goal and in bigger plan – it’s just few weeks of tolerating and rest of the life of happiness.

Two weeks

At the end of the second week I was not quite sure, but I THOUGHT I felt a little different. I noticed that my outgrown fringe started to became rather clean. That was the moment I knew that Alex was really right and that I’m not going to quit!

There is one thing I wish I would have payed more attention to – Alex strongly advised to deep condition often. I underestimated this a little, because it didn’t feel that necessary. Believe me – it is! Even if you feel in the beginning that it’s cool without deep conditioning – don’t trust yourself. It was the biggest mistake, because I think now I have to cut my hair more than I should have if I deep moisturized more.

Three weeks

I felt better than ever. I knew that it’ll probably take a little more time, but I was sure that there is a moment when this routine will make my hair completely clean. They appeared quite okay by the end of the third week, but I still felt they’re rather dirty, especially in the back.

Five weeks

On the 36th day ( I suddenly saw that my transition period is over! BC/ACV routine really cleaned my scalp, even the back of my hair were now clean. An on top of it – they stayed completely clean for TWO DAYS! It was a miracle, I don’t even remember when was the last time I didn’t feel this need to wash my hair every day.

And if you read from her posts that in a little time you begin to see what your hair wants -I thought that it’s insane, how on earth am I going to get my hairs’ needs?! But she was totally right, you are going to see what your hair need. At first I did everything just like she said, I think I did it for 5 weeks and then I started to “listen to my hair” and experiment a little with my routine. It’s not as messy and inconvenient as you would think. It takes about 10 seconds to make these mixtures even if I make them right before washes.

How am I doing now?

At this very moment, seven weeks of no’-poo, I feel amazing. After five weeks I started to wash a bit more often, because I am renovating my home, so my hair just got more dust in them. I can now wash every third day. It does get greasy at the end of the second day, but nothing compared to what was before. I think it’s even so little that other people can not really see it, I’m just understandably more sensitive and paying more attention to the appearance of my hair.

Can you go no-‘poo?

Absolutely. If I did it with my most-oil-producing-gross-greasy-hair, you can absolutely do it! If I went through a 5-week transition period with my hair, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU can, too! Almost Exactly is the best help you can ever get for the transition period and after that. Everything is written down, there is information about literally any situation that may appear and Alex is so helpful when it comes to a new person going no-‘poo.

I love my hair now, I am genuinely happier. THANK YOU, ALEX! You changed my life!



thank YOU, laura!!!

leave her some love! and questions!!

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14 thoughts on “no-poo motivation series – laura’s story – “how no-poo changed my life””

  1. I have very OLD hair. I’m 75 years old, and I have even tried a few. I am thourly impressed with the cheministry involved. Even more instant gratification : you go to I possibly 2 stores to get everrthins needed. I will keep you posted on how the, OLD, hair is doing.. Sandy W. (Lowell, OR)

  2. I’ve recently started the baking soda/acv method and I’m on week 2. Honestly, I have to do it every other day otherwise my hair is stuck to my head. Thank goodness another oily/greasy hair person posted a testimonial. Thank you. I’ve been so close, to throwing in the towel. My hair is also thin and fine. I’m trying to figure out how to post a pic of how my transition period went the first took me using a castile shampoo… I only lasted a week before sswitching yo bs/acv.

    1. Yeah, transition period can really take time, I myself wanted to give up a couple of times.. But don’t quit! At the end of the day, it’s all worth it.. think about it..these are just few weeks of your life..and you have tens of years ahead of you with amazing hair, if you go through those few weeks. You can definitely do it!:) Just stop stressing and wait for the moment when you see real changes(:

  3. okay didn’t get an answer about needing to have dirty hair before i color it. BUT now i am definitely in need of help. i have naturally very dk brn looks black, curly hair and i have been having someone else coloring my white hair but my hair is all wiry now and i’m cutting my hair short when i want it long. so i’ve decided to do it myself and so far i’m not doing much better myself. pls help.

    1. I myself didn’t exactly get the point – you have dark hair and are coloring it white? This itself is a really bad idea, in my opinion:D On this matter I have no idea what to do other than stop coloring your hair, because I have potato-blonde hair and even when I tried to dye them lighter, it was a terrible idea. By now, I have let my own color grow out and I have cut almost all of the hair that I damaged with hair dye. As far as I know, salon dyes are far better than store-bought dyes. Sorry, I think I wasn’t much of help, but tried:)

  4. I am so so so so happy you started this motivation series, because i don’t have ANY support sistem surrounding me… Everyone tells me just how crazy I am for even trying to go no-poo and that it is because of it that my hair is awful (when it is awful). I’ve changed my routine a tousand times because my baking soda ran out and I’m having trouble finding it lately.
    At the moment I wash my hair with glycerin soap (run it trough my hands and than rub it on my scalp and rinse right after) with ACV rinse.
    Not sure I should do it, not sure what I sould do next, not sure if my hair gets so greasy with dranful because it is actually dry or I have oily hair… COMPLETELY LOST 😦

    1. It may take time to find your routine.. at the moment I wash my hair with egg yolks:D It cleans like nothing else and my hair stay clean for 2 days.. then rinse with warm water for one or two days and then egg-yolk again. My hair seem to love it at the moment, all soft and shiny:) May be it’s not such a bad idea to try out.

  5. I went no poo for awhile and then for some reason ruined it, as I was starting to see results, bu washing with Shampoo again. I’m still low ‘poo though and have cut out conditioner but considering how I don’t deep condition maybe I should be lo’ conditioner instead. Haha. I just need some time when I can be in a secluded space for awhile. An article on how to hide greasy hair during the transformation would be great if you haven’t wrote one already.

  6. Thanks for your post Laura! I’m stoked it worked for you so well. I have been doing various alternative poos for three months, and my hair has been super oily. It’s not something I experienced with commercial shampoos, so it has been pretty frustrating. I can definitely see how it can affect your self-esteem. I want to walk around with a sign that says, “This is not my idea of clean hair, I promise. I’m transitioning!” But I am not giving up (I’m saying this to myself more that to you 🙂 ). Yesterday I tried diluted castile soap followed by the acv rinse. It was amazing how it cut through the oil. I think I finally found the right no poo for my hair type. What do you use to deep condition? Thx!

    1. Haha, I wish I could walk around with a sign. In my case, I didn’t explain myself to almost anyone. I just felt that it’s easier to let them think that I just have a bad hair day (I don’t have many people who see me every single day), than to explain this “crazy” idea and get demotivating responses. Try to explain a bunch of hairdressers’ friends that you don’t use any of those “magical salon shampoos”:D

      For deep moisturizing, I have blended avocado (1/2) , banana (1/2) and honey (roughly a tbsp) a couple of times and it worked for me. I even felt that it moisturized too much, next time I add less avocado. I also couldn’t keep myself away from coconut oil, but this was a mistake, I had trouble getting it out for a whole week, felt like transitioning again:D

      One recent addition to my new no-‘poo routine is that I have started to reduce the amount of baking soda and add honey to the mixture. I tend to forget to deep condition enough and it helps.

      Keep going, because if you get there, it’s gonna be amazing!:)

  7. When I wash with the baking soda and condition with the vinegar my hair definitely stays fresher. I want to go longer between shampoo s . I would like to try every 3 days instead of every other day. I love almost exactly where I usually find exactly what I am looking for and then some when it comes to natural beauty recipes. A huge thank you to almost exactly.

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