norwex cloths – product review!

hey crunchies! it’s been FOREVER since i’ve posted! but that’s life, right? it always finds a way to not go how you planned ❤
i miss you guys.

so awhile back, i was contacted by the lovely rachel from norwex. she reached out to me about these antibacterial microfiber cloths, and it of course piqued my interest being both water-only and all-natural with cleaning my home.

when asked to give them a try and review them, i was over the moon!!
as always, my review of any products (including this one) are completely honest!

norwex cleaning cloths

what is Norwex?

it’s a fantastic company that’s mission is to “[improve] quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in household and personal care products.” how perfect right?!

norwex logo

they have products for cleaning both body and home.

what are the Norwex cloths?

they’re these super soft, super awesome, microfiber antibacterial cleaning cloths. they have cloths for cleaning your counters, windows, face, body, removing makeup, a hair turban, bath towels, bath mats, dusting mit, etc.

caring for them is a bit different than other cloths. you can’t use any soaps, oils, etc. you can wash them with clothes and sheets, but not with towels! towels have too much lint. so really, anything linty shouldn’t be washed with these cloths. i’ve been washing them in a castile soap mix, but was advised it could buildup on the cloths. if that were to happen, i could just give them a good vinegar rinse and they’d be good to go again. cool!

what did i use them for?

water-only washing:

before i say anything, i will say very honestly, i never want to use any other cloth on my body or face. i’m completely smitten with these body cloths. they are so soft, but they exfoliate and really work wonders with water-only washing. my skin always feels so soft and clean! after i’m done, i wring the cloth out and leave it hanging on my shower curtain rod to dry. i only wash it once a week (it’s antibac, remember!). over the past couple months, i’ve never experienced any sort of mildewy smell or anything. this cloth is magical! now that i’m all packed to visit family for the holidays, my cloth is packed right with my clothes. i won’t leave without it!

another thing.. rachel mentioned she uses it to shave instead of using a shaving cream. not gonna lie, i was SO skeptical… but i tried it! i exfoliated my legs with the cloth (folded the cloth a few times and “wiped” my legs a few times over), and then got right to shaving with just my razor and water. i don’t understand how, but it works! i didn’t feel any irritation! after my shower, i just used a dab of CO on each leg  as usual, and no burns/cuts/etc. seriously, this. cloth. is. magical.

stop using your acne creams, cleansers, lotions and potions and USE THIS CLOTH! the antibac and mild exfoliation action will kick your acne to the curb.

look how soft… makes you wanna rub your face on it huh?

household cleaning:

since i use a vinegar based cleaner, this cloth was perfect to use. i’ve cleaned my bathroom and kitchen with the cloth multiple times, and every time i notice how much more dirt and stuff it picked up, compared to using my normal cleaning cloths. the first time i cleaned my bathtub, i actually felt pretty gross. i thought my tub was sparkling clean all the time…and alas, it was not! but now it is!

my mirrors were spotless… my laptop screen spotless… windows spotless…

you can use them to dust, too. dry or wet, these babies do it all!


this post sounds like an infomercial…i’m aware. but really crunchies, these cloths are really THAT great!

for more info on Norwex and their cloths/other products, click HERE. you can order straight from rachel! if you have any questions, feel free to contact her! she’s an angel.

if you can only get 1 type of cloth, go for the body cloth. you’ll notice a huge difference in the softness and clean-feeling-ness of your skin (yep, just made that up.) then when you get a chance, spring for the other ones! they’re totally worth it!

i hope you fall in love with these cloths, too!
HUGE thank you to rachel and norwex for changing my body and home cleaning routines. i am forever grateful!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS about the products and/or purchasing them (EVEN INTERNATIONAL READERS), please email Rachel at 🙂

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37 thoughts on “norwex cloths – product review!

  1. I use an oil cleanser wash for my face which only requires a wet towel to wash off after applying, but I’ve been doing this and going back over my face with the face cloth. I still pick up make up from my face with this method. do you think the oils will ruin the face cloth. I have been rinsing them off with castile soap with a couple of drops and it seems to get the makeup off and I hang it dry. I am hoping I am not ruining the cloths or taking away the efficacies of it. Your thoughts….?

    1. Hi Edith,
      Not sure if you’ve had this answered or not yet? May I suggest trying the cloth alone, use it to remove your make up and to clean your skin and skip the cleanser altogether? The Body Cloth does an amazing job of deep cleaning, without stripping any oils, in fact, it regulates your natural body oils. I don’t even have to use moisturizer since I stopped using cleansers to clean my face, even in winter, and I’m 46!! Using just a cloth and water is also so much more gentle on your skin. The more wet you make the cloth, the more gentle it is. The more wrung out, the more of an exfoliation it does, but you have to be very gentle doing it wrung out, and it’s suggested to only do this once a week at most.

      Your cloth might have a bit of build up on it from using it after your current oil cleanser, but don’t worry, you can revive it! Just boil some water and pour the boiled water into a bowl, add a stitch of laundry soap that is free from bleach, fabric softeners, fillers or dyes, and then add your cloth, agitate it and watch all the gunk come out of it! Do this process until the water runs clear and then rinse thoroughly and let it air dry. It will seem almost brand new again, this is called a Deep Clean. You can do it whenever it seems your cloth has lost its punch.

      Hope this all helped and again, try just using the cloth alone, you’ll likely be really pleasantly surprised how refreshed, clean and vibrant your face will feel! If you have any questions, feel free to ask/reply. Cheers, Tanya

  2. I also bought the makeup removal cloths and cloths do you just rinse them out with hot water and hang to dry? Do you have to use the Norwex laundry soap or can you use anything else?

    1. You can put them in with your laundry, just NEVER use fabric softener. The chemicals will coat the fibers and take away the anti-bacterial properties. We use Norwex Laundry Soap (of course). You can put them in the dryer or just hang to dry, your choice. My wife washes hers every week when we do the bath towels etc. Remember, the silver actually cleans the cloth as it dries, so while there may be something physically on the cloth, the cloth will be clean!

      I hope this helped, Mark.

  3. Hello 🙂
    I just bought myself the norwex cloths for my face and I am so excited! My acne has been getting out of control and I really hope they help!
    I was just wondering on how you personally wash them with and how many times a week?
    Any information would be great!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Wash your cloths in a laundry soap that doesn’t have fillers. Of course the Norwex soap is great, and you use very little which saves you $$. When your wash them, make sure you don’t have laundry that generates a lot of lint, like big fluffy towels. The lint will get in the microfiber and make it less effective. Also avoid laundry softeners and dryer sheets.

      A couple times a year, you can give your cloths a Hot Bath. This will remove the build up on the cloth and bring new life to it. Your can do this more than once if you notice the cloth smells or becomes stiff after washing. How To: bring a pot of water on the stove to a boil. Remove from heat. Put your cloths in the hot water and let them sit for 10 min. Rinse them and wash as usual. If there is a lot of “stuff” in the cloth you will see it come out in the water. You can repeat the hot bath to remove more “stuff.” Though you don’t want to over boil. I just do min a couple times a year.

  4. I am in Canada……We do not have Norwex here……….but I’m hesitant on buying these…….I have used several products already the last one being mysticmaid…. no matter what I do I can’t seem to get my stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, oven & microwave clean without streaks on them…………….Has anyone used there cloths for this????? Does it work????

    1. Norwex guarantees the cloths for 2 years. However I have a cloth that is 6 years old and is still able to pick up protein (that is smaller than bacteria and viruses) and passes the swab protein test!

  5. Alex – Are you still using a moisturizer after washing with the cloths? I just got the makeup remover cloths and used for the first time. My skin felt smooth but a little dry. Do I just need to get used to the cloth?

  6. I know. I get to talking about these and I sound like an infomercial, too!

    I have a question. I have extra body cloths that I could assign to other duties. Any suggestions? I live in an RV and must make everything earn it’s keep. I could give these away, but I want to KEEP them. Can I, for instance, use the extras for general cleaning? I don’t see why not, but thought I’d ask you or your readers if they have a suggestion. I do use the net for washing dishes and just love it!

    1. Hi Heidi! This is Rachel You could use the body cloths for cleaning if you wanted to. However, I really would suggest the Enviro cloth. It has a much tighter weave and is meant to hold up to the scrubbing action. The Body Cloth is much softer because it’s for your body. You can get a set of 4 small Enviro Cloths called Travel Cloths. If you know someone else who would like them, maybe they could order the set. Then, you could trade them a body cloth for a few travel cloths. It would be a win-win for you both! Just an idea.

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