oil cleansing method motivation – molly’s story!

hey crunchies! in line with our wonderful no-poo motivation series, i have a great OCM motivation guest post here from Molly.

her story is so relatable and inspirational! i hope it gives anyone that extra “oomph” to go for it and/or stick with it!


I never thought I’d participate in anything “natural” or “eco-friendly.”  My mom was a naturalist while I was growing up, and of course, I rebelled against anything she did.  I never cared about chemicals or pesticides or any other gross things I would put on my skin.

When I was about 14, my skin started rebelling against me (karma, maybe?).  At 16, after trying Clean and Clear, Purpose, Neutrogena, and everything else, I finally tried Proactiv.  And it worked!  For a while.  But then my skin got angry at me.  It was dry, flaky, oily, and covered in blemishes all at once.  I couldn’t go a whole day without having an oil slick covering my face.


I tried to hide it, but clearly I didn’t do a great job. 

            I started getting desperate.  I used heavy makeup (which is difficult, might I add, for someone as pale as I am) – foundation, concealer, powder, everything.  When I started working 12 hour shifts as a police officer, I learned to keep some concealer in my shirt pocket so I could touch up through the shift.  By the end of my shift, my face was greasy and all the caked-on makeup had melted off to reveal my rough, blemished, and angry-looking skin.


Rough, bumpy, angry skin with a TON of makeup.

            Finally, I turned 27.  I had dealt with acne for 13 years and I was DONE!  I thought I’d grow out of it, but I never did.  I was still using Proactiv, and it was just making my skin dry and full of acne.  I just didn’t know what to do.  And then, a few months ago, I joined Pinterist.  I started reading about the Oil Cleansing Method, which lead me to Alex’s blog.  I thought that it was so crazy that it just might work.

I was so excited to try it that I used straight cooking oil (bleh!).  Even though using cooking oil is something you should NEVER do, my skin already started to respond!  I bought some castor oil (the icky, non-organic kind from the laxative aisle) and combined it with some olive oil.  Although my skin’s initial response was positive, things started getting bad again.  I kept going, though, because I was determined to make this work.

I did more research and found out that using anything but organic, cold-pressed castor oil was BAD.  I started experimenting with my blend.  Coconut oil was a big mistake (hello, breakouts).  Olive oil also made me break out.  Finally, I got some nice castor oil and combined it with some grape seed oil.  Things started getting better!  I added some tamanu oil, lavender essential oil, and a sage/castor oil tincture.  And, guess what?  My face cleared up, was no longer greasy, and now it was actually DRY!  I found out that the oil could actually be causing my dryness, so I now only wash with oil about twice a week.  In the morning (or evening, depending on when I’m working), I spray my face with a chamomile/ACV/lemon juice toner (recipe to follow).  At night, when I don’t use the OCM, I wash with a VERY diluted mixture of Dr. Bronner’s and chamomile tea.

I’ve stopped having to use heavy makeup, too.  I used to use really icky, comedogenic, heavy-coverage foundation.  Now I just use a little concealer under my eyes and a powder made from Fuller’s Earth and a LITTLE bit of mineral powder makeup for pigment.  I don’t need much, being as ghostly white as I am.


My skin now, after three months of eliminating chemicals from my skin-care routine. 

            My point is, girls and guys, IT TAKES TIME!!  Don’t give up.  It will take a little while to figure out what blend is right for you.  And hey, the OCM might not be right for you.  It’s all about what your skin wants.  It took me 13 years to realize that my skin doesn’t want to be attacked and stripped and scrubbed.

I’d like to thank Alex for allowing me to post, and also for all the wonderful information she provides.  I couldn’t have conquered acne without her!

PS Here are a couple recipes to try –

Calming Chamomile/ACV/Lemon Juice Toner

  • 2 parts raw apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg’s)
  • 4 parts chamomile tea
  • 1 part lemon juice

Brew a strong cup of chamomile tea (make sure it’s pure chamomile).  Use at least three bags per cup, and let sit for several hours.  Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle.  You may need to use less ACV or lemon, depending on what your skin wants.  Spray on your face and don’t wash off!  This will take off makeup, too.  Just don’t get it in your eyes, and definitely don’t put hot tea on your face!

My Oil Mixture

  • 2 parts cold-pressed, organic castor oil
  • 2 parts grape seed oil
  • 1 part tamanu oil
  • 1 part sage/castor oil tincture
  • 5 – 10 drops lavender essential oil

Mix well, and follow Alex’s directions on how to use the OCM!

Thanks for reading my long post.  I hope you guys can have the kind of success I did.

– Molly


leave molly some love and feel free to ask questions!!

THANKS, molly! ❤

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14 thoughts on “oil cleansing method motivation – molly’s story!”

  1. What would you suggest for breakouts? I’m trying really hard not to throw in the towel but I had a horrible reaction to the acv toner you posted. The area around my chin and mouth broke out badly. 3 weeks later I’m still trying to clear it up. The rest of my face is fine, it’s just a small patch. I’m currently using jojoba and tea tree oil to treat it. It’s drying up but since it’s next to mouth it’s sore and I can feel it when I talk or eat 😦 it’s only a small area but it’s definitely noticeable. My OCM consists of castor oil and grape seed oil. I originally was using castor and sweet almond oil. I thought that the sweet almond oil was what was causing the breakout so I switched to grape seed oil.

  2. I get the caster oil and tamanu oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, but I got the grape seed oil at my local health food store. You can also find them online at places like eBay and Amazon, just make sure that they’re pure and cold-pressed!

  3. do you get all of the oils in your mixture from the mountain herbs rose website? or do you know of another store that sells them?

  4. I just started my year out by going completely chemical free. I am doing the WO hair care, just started oil cleansing. I am using organic sesame oil, and it cleared up my skin. I will definitely be cutting back to 2-3 times per week now, and cannot wait to try the chamomile tea recipe. All this cold weather up here in Maine is really drying my skin out!

    1. Let us know how it turns out! Sometimes I get a little psoriasis on my face, especially in the winter. I’ve found that some raw ACV followed by straight tamanu oil will clear it up and moisturize the rest of my face, too. Maybe something to try. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing! I also use OCM and looked into the castor oil you use… I currently use argan oil, but am running very low and the kind I use is a bit pricey. I was thinking about going back to castor which is what I started with but I saw some argan oil on the Mountain Rose Herbs website, have you (or Alex) tried the kind they sell? Thanks 🙂

    1. I’ve tried argan oil, but not from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love it in my hair, but not my for my face. It made my skin break out a bit. It’s worth a try, though! Good luck!

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Your skin looks beautiful! I’ve been using oil to clean and have noticed my skin is drier (but it is winter in Minnesota). Maybe you’ve helped me put 2 and 2 together. I’ll use less often and see.

  7. When you use the toner and you’ve worn make up do you rinse your face? You said you don’t rinse it, but it does remove make up, so I just wanted to understand a little better.

    Also, what brand of caster oil did you finally settle on?

  8. Since people are asking, here’s the recipe I use for the thyme tincture:

    I used about two tablespoons of dried thyme (I dried it myself in the oven). I then covered it in organic, cold-pressed castor oil in a glass jar. I let it sit in a dark cabinet for two weeks and shook it everyday. Then I strained it through a coffee filter. Thyme has amazing anti-bacterial and healing properties!

    Source: http://www.crunchybetty.com/thyme-and-again-guess-what-else-it-does-goodbye-inflammation

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