happy holidays! merry christmas!


i decided to make a video instead of type… sooo…

don’t forget to leave your plans and gift creations below!

all my love, 

hippie stamp Sig

7 thoughts on “happy holidays! merry christmas!

  1. Merry late Christmas! And happy New Year! Thanks so much for making this blog, it really opened my eyes to what bad things d ive been putting in/on my body. I was wondering though if you chew gum… weird question, but if you do, do you have an organic kind you like? I love gum, i cant live without it but im worried that it also has chemicals in it. Is this true? Thank you again! LOVE THIS BLOG!

    1. hey lola! to you as well! i actually can’t chew gum because of my jaw (i have TMJ). most gum contains artificial dyes, flavors, and sweeteners that i wouldn’t want in my body. any readers have some favorite “safer” brands of gum?
      and Thank You!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! It’s great reading all of your blogs. I ordered some Castor oil, Grape-seed oil, tea tree essential oil, and some Argan oil! All organic of course. I am so excited to try the OCM. I have always struggled with acne and I have tried everything! I love hearing all of these OCM success stories!!!

  3. I gave my niece my Christmas scented body scrub for her Birthday (which is almost at Christmas anyway).. Should do a check-up if she enjoyed it.

    All my other presents were not crunchy, but they all came from the bottom of my heart and were really thought through and personalized.

    Hope you had great holidays!:)

  4. All the gifts I gave this year were crunchy! I made a Cinnamon Orange Sugar Scrub, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange scented whipped body butter, and some floral bath salts with lots of different dried flowers and goodies like that. Everyone loved it! So glad I can bring a little crunchy goodness to my loved ones lives ❤

  5. Hi Alex! This is totally irrelevant to this post, but I just wanted to say that I was so inspired by your blog that I started a blog of my own. I’m trying to spread the whole no poo concept because I love my hair now! I also wanted to thank you because now I don’t have acne, greasy hair and such.😃

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