gelatin hair mask

i’m probably the 23587th blogger to post about gelatin hair masks, but i figured since i tried it, i’d dedicate a post to it.  hopefully it helps someone, somewhere! but of course, my post will talk about the science behind this all-natural hair mask!


using gelatin as a hair mask isn’t anything new. but why gelatin?

  • punch of protein – helps with breakage and strength
  • dose of shine
  • added silky smoothness

gelatin protein is is a hydrolyzed protein, and is smaller than egg protein, therefore binds with hair much better. it will bond to the cuticle of hair, and will bond especially well to the damaged parts of your hair. for my curlies and wavies out there, this gelatin mask can enhance limp waves and curls.

sounds great, right?

what makes it even better is that you can use it no matter if you’re no-poo, low-poo, or water-only! yahoo!


  • gelatin (i use this one because i also take gelatin as a supplement and it’s the only brand i trust so far)
  • warm water
  • whisk/fork
  • container


  1. in your container, mix in 1 spoonful of gelatin powder into 6 spoonfuls of warm water. you want to add the gelatin slowly and whisk the mix quickly so it doesn’t clump up.
  2. let it sit while you “wash” your body (term used loosely…lol).
  3. “wash” your hair as your normally would (term also used loosely), or wet your hair in between wash days while you’re showering.
  4. while you’re still in the shower with wet hair, slather the gelatin (it’ll be a thick gel by now) all over  your hair. allll over. mine smells kind of like beef, so don’t let the smell alarm you. it’ll wash out.
  5. let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and rinse VERY well with warm water.
  6. let air dry, and voila!

your hair will be stronger, shinier, and smoother!

if your hair is stiff-feeling or brittle after, it’s too much protein! rinse again and cut the amount of gelatin in half for your next mask. do not do this mask more than once every few weeks, and every few months if your hair isn’t damaged.

i’ve noticed my results are the best the next day after the mask. i’m not sure why. sometimes when i accidentally don’t get it rinsed out enough, it’ll make my hair feel weird. kind of a waxy crunch if that makes any sense at all… but between scritching/preening and these occasional masks, my hair is silky smooth and shiny! take THAT, pantene!!

anyone prefer this protein mask to eggs? or vice versa?

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16 thoughts on “gelatin hair mask

    1. hey peach! i’ve gone vegan since this post and am actively looking for a solution. the gelatin is basically a protein repair mask, and the gums unfortunately will not work in the same way. i’ll be sure to post as soon as i find something 🙂 vegan power!

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