bare minerals – product week

natural makeup is hard to come by and EXPENSIVE most of the time.

i remember seeing countless commercials and ads for bare minerals awhile back. i’m not sure if it’s still all the rage now, as i’m out of the makeup world, but i thought i’d touch on the company’s products a bit.

and sorry for the lack of pictures to go with the review. i’ve been away from home quite a bit lately. but believe me, i always think of y’all! product week will be intermittent, and will be spread to featuring various brands throughout the weeks between other posts. how does that sound??


yes, the commonly known brand! let’s set a couple things straight first – they are not organic & they aren’t all-natural.

since they have so many products, i sifted through common ingredients they use that you want to avoid.

so let’s get to specifics with ingredients:

  • silicones – silicones (like on hair) create a barrier on the skin when in makeup. this keeps in any sebum, dirt and bacteria that may already be on your skin. therefore, once your skin is irritated, it will breakout. aka, silicones in makeup can lead to increased breakouts! it can also flare up eczema.
  • nano powders – (aluminum, copper, bronze, etc) sadly until they change their formulas, this includes ALL of their powder products. yes, ALL. “nano” is basically just a fancy way of saying the particles in the powders (iron oxides, etc.) are small enough to pass right through your skin, and directly into your bloodstream. think about that for a second… it’s terrifying!
  • bismuth oxychloride – it makes the makeup shiny and silky (think iridescent eyeshadows/bronzers/etc), and can make your face itchy, red, and irritated. i know my face gets this hot, itchy feeling, accompanied with red blotches when i used makeup containing it. using makeup with this ingredient is dependent upon the person and how sensitive your skin is, but why risk it? leave it out!
  • limonene – once this stuff hits air and sunlight, it oxidizes and becomes a skin and respiratory system irritant. CosIng and the International Fragrance Association Codes & Standards state it should be banned in cosmetics. the  EU has already banned it.
  • ferric ammonium ferrocyanide – this little colorant is an organ system toxin. aaand if it’s in anything other than lip products, it’s technically against the law, as per the FDA! so i’m still scratching my head as to why it’s in BM’s eyeshadows…
  • benzyl benzoate – used as a preservative. it’s restricted in cosmetics by CosIng, recommended restriction by the IFACS, and banned in the EU, all acknowledging it as a human immune system toxicant and allergen.
  • benzyl salicylate – this guy is a fragrance ingredient and UV absorber. it’s banned by the EU as a human immune system toxicant and allergen, as well as restricted in cosmetics by CosIng, and recommended restriction by the IFACS.

the nano particles are enough all on their own to ensure this stuff never goes near my body.

what do you guys think??

as always, do your research 🙂 you can’t just trust labels, as we’ve seen!

i have a whole slew of brands to review, so keep your suggestions comin!

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37 thoughts on “bare minerals – product week

  1. Hello thank you for your opinions! Could you please tell me if the mineral makeup foundation of “Root” is safe? Could not find any of these ingredients, but maybe they don’t list them all like Bismuth Oxychloride?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. i love Root and personally purchase and use their products! their eyeshadow “rosewood” and their mascara are my favorites! as far as i know they are ‘safe’ 🙂 ❤

  2. Hey can you review Mineral Fusion I use their products all the time but they are super expensive, $20 for a tiny little thing of eye shadow. And Bramble Berry I have bought kits through them that you can use to make eye shadow.

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