uncle harry’s – product review!

when a reader asked about uncle harry’s products, they immediately caught my eye. they claimed their shampoo contained a mix of apple cider vinegar AND castile soap. in the same bottle. mixed… hold up!

castile soap is nothing but saponified oils… vinegar UNsaponifies these, taking away the cleaning power, and making it look curdled. so naturally, i was so confused.

i emailed them inquiring about the mix and wondered if there was any curdling going on. the reps quickly got back to me, assured there was no curdling AND offered to send me samples.

YES please, of course!!! and they sent me a really nice package of samples! i was pleasantly surprised! i got to try their soapless wash, their shampoo, and their hair oil. hence this product review! and as always, my reviews are ALWAYS honest, at all expenses 🙂

uncle harrys

about uncle harry’s:

taken from their website “Uncle Harry’s Natural Products is a family run adventure in innovation, dedicated to making earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices. We are extremely proud to offer some of the cleanest and most affordable body care products available. All of our formulations are hand-made using only the finest quality botanicals, including local, organic, and sustainable raw materials… For the past 20 years we have built a reputation for integrity and outstanding value, while maintaining our roots in family, traditional healing, and Earth-consciousness.”

and now…. the products!!

soapless shampoo:

remember the soap nuts i mentioned briefly awhile back for use in no-poo alternatives? well, here’s a soapless shampoo that has them! cool, huh?

i tried this product on the ends of my hair to not upset my water-only routine. it wasn’t drying on my hair at all!

and the 2 best parts – it can be used in hard water (YAY!), and it can double as your body wash!

ingredients: soap nut powder (sapindus mukorossi), reverse osmosis water, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, and tea tree

shampoo (both aromatherapy and organic):

as with the soapless shampoo, i tried these on the ends of my hair. they lathered up nicely for an organic shampoo and smelled very hippie-like (not in a bad way, haha). i’m strictly a floral scented person, but they weren’t bad!! i did like the lavender aromatherapy shampoo smell. and the smell didn’t linger in my hair barely at all after it was dry.

i didn’t notice a film on my hair after using it (as expected from the vinegar/castile mix), and am still very perplexed about this…. must be magic.  i also didn’t get to try this in hard water, but i will very safely assume it will leave a film on your hair if you have hard water (because it’s a castile soap). if you have hard water, go for the soapless shampoo  🙂

as with the soapless shampoo, you can definitely use this shampoo as a body wash!!

ingredients: organic african black soap, organic castile soap, organic apple cider vinegar, reverse osmosis water, organic jojoba oil, organic lemon, lavender, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils.

herbal coconut oil:

this is a hardcore moisturizer! it smells like an all-natural store (if you can think of that unique smell), and a little of it goes a LONG way! it’ll add a great punch of shine, too!

ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic hemp oil, sage, burdock, nettles, lavender, lemon, tea tree, rosemary, geranium oil
(i’m assuming they at least partially used fractionated coconut oil since mine didn’t solidify up too much in the cold. or maybe the amount didn’t affect it.)


i hope you guys get to try uncle harry’s! it’ll be gentler on your hair and skin, compared to other castile soaps that aren’t mixed with herbs and oils. i’d normally advise a diluted acidic rinse still if you use the organic or aromatherapy shampoos, to ensure the ph of your hair is in the range it should be in after using the castile shampoos, but there’s acv in them already.  you should be good to go! just remember if you notice more tangling than normal, or a “film” on your hair, reach for your acidic rinse and use it a couple times after shampooing.

has anyone tried this brand? what do you think??

THANK YOU to uncle harry’s for the great samples!! the shampoos are currently being used by my mom, who i’m sure will be the next biggest fan! she’s been searching high and low for the perfect organic shampoo for her, and i think these are perfect!

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18 thoughts on “uncle harry’s – product review!”

  1. I also jumped on trying the Uncle Harrys products right away. I’d been trying the castile soap loo-poo method but I have hard water and it was still leaving a film in my hair even with distilled water. I got the soapless shampoo and the hair gel/ conditioner as well as the hair and scalp elixir. I have thin, fine, curlyish hair and after using their products my hair has felt so thick! I love it! My only problem is, the soapless shampoo doesn’t seem to get the oil from the elixir out very well.I also never really clarified my hair before I switched to the loo-poo so I think I’m going to try clarifying and see if that makes it any better. But I’ve really enjoyed the Uncle Harrys so far and I was amazed at the great prices!

  2. Thank you for sharing about these products! I have hard water so I bought the soapless shampoo and love it! I use it with their leave in spray conditioner and my hair is soft and shiny! I have thin hair and it’s been full of volume since using these products. I just bought the lavender gel and can’t wait to try it. I’m going to give their skincare a try also!

  3. Hi ladies, I actually use the soapless shampoo, so I figured I could also do a product review! I have been on a no poo journey for months, and have piled just about everything in my pantry and refrigerator on my head. I have straight, medium length, semi-fine hair, and no matter what combination of things I tried, my hair would be matted to my head, greasy and gross. I didn’t like the baking soda/vinegar at all either…my hair was always super tangly and nasty afterwards, and I hated to whole process of the vinegar…yucky. The day I broke down and finally washed my hair with a low poo, my husband looked at me like it was our wedding night and said “you look amazing today! Did you finally wash your hair? With, like…soap?” It was then I decided no poo just wasn’t for me. Until I was researching and came across this! I bought it and tried it. I put it on my scalp just like I did with the baking soda mixer, and scrubbed it in and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. When I rinsed it out, it did still feel a bit greasy, and I immediately felt disappointed, but figured I would blow it dry and see. And holy crap! My hair felt completely clean and freshly shampooed once dried. Like real shampoo…not aloe/honey/baking soda/beer/vinegar/lemon juice/cucumber/whatevercombinationIcouldpossiblydreamup shampoo. No grease! Great smell! Soft and shiny! I loooooooove this shampoo and think it is the most amazing stuff ever! I also use many of their other products, including the leave-in conditioner and argan oil balm (which is an incredible lip balm and eye cream too). So that’s my two cents. I am so happy with the soapless shampoo and can’t believe I finally found a way to go no poo and still look pretty! 🙂

  4. Hey guys! I am looking to go no poo. My hair are currently not treated or coloured but are very damaged. I don’t even use heat other than occasionally. I am now almost a week apart between my washes and I am using the Jason brand- a less chemically harsh shampoo (as they claim anyways). I have been devouring this blog and it is so helpful! I am so so happy to find this blog because to date it has the most comprehensive blog. I absolutely love you Alex for taking the time and writing here. I love you!!!. You can buy Jason brand of shampoos in Canada in the organic/natural aisle of any store. They are quiet affordable. I didn’t find anything on your site about them so I will be doing my own research and see. The water in Edmonton is quiet hard so I will keep searching for good solutions. Its hard to find some of the trusted products in Canada unless you get them to ship it from the US and then you are paying customs and shipping and yada yada yada! Thank you for keep updating us with all these new solutions!

      1. Hey Angelica! Thank you for your response. I think I have seen the “Aubery” brand and will check it out. Still question remains that if water is really hard can I go loo poo or no poo?

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