scritch & preen

how to scritch and preen - an essential part of any natural hair care routine!












i’ve finally uploaded the video on how to SCRITCH AND PREEN your hair! it’s an essential part of ANY natural hair care routine!

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19 thoughts on “scritch & preen

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’ve re-started on my no-poo journey after a few years break, and have noticed oil build up, and a dandruff build up. After watching this vid and ready your post on ‘the flakes’ I feel more confident to take the next few steps!!

  2. I always had a bit problems with scritch and preen, because I always got stuck with my fingers in my hair. Especially when I just washed the hands, I never could dry them enough. Now I found a cool solution: cotton gloves!!! For me it works good, and I think the effect is even better than with bare hands. What do you think about that? Maybe silk gloves would be even better..

  3. I thought that the whole point of no poo ( or one of the main points) is what little time it takes to care for your hair when you only need to wash it once or twice a week. 15-20 minutes of Stritching and Preening seems to kind of defeat that purpose, especially if it’s done everyday. Does stritching and preening really need to be done everyday? Thanks for all your helpful blood entries!

  4. DON’T try the onion!!!! It stung my eyes so bad during the blending and putting on my hair process that I couldn’t see anything – luckily hubby was home to help me. It didn’t wash out at all and stunk to high heaven even after using the lemon water rinse (I also added clove oil to it). Then I tried rewashing with aloevera gel and the onion got out and 90% of the smell but my roots were so pasty and sticky that I literally ripped hair out trying to gently finger comb through it. Then I beat a whole egg and put that all over my roots, which solved the sticky pasty problem but my hair feels dryer/yuckier than it did before starting any of this!!

  5. Thank you for this, I have so much wax in the back of my head, I think I’ll try this tonight. Also, as a fellow furmom such a cute fluffy furkid.

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