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good morning, crunchies!

after the post on the research behind oil pulling, we learned that oil pulling is just as effective as using a mouthwash. if you personally don’t like all the swishing, making your own mouthwash is a great alternative!

but what’s IN your mouthwash is also very important!

here’s a mouthwash recipe that’s remineralizing, healing, and kicks bad breath to the curb!

remineralizing mouthwash (oil pulling alternative)


  • 1 1/2 cups filtered water
  • 5-10 drops peppermint essential oil (or lemon…or cinnamon… whatever flavor you want! but do not use wintergreen*) (fights bad breath)
  • 1 teaspoon calcium magnesium powder (remineralizing)
  • 1 teaspoon Real salt (pink Himalayan sea salt) (healing; antibacterial action)
  • *5-10 drops trace minerals (i like LiquiMins) – not essential, but great for added minerals to “bathe” your teeth in (remineralizing)


  • put your filtered water in a glass bottle that you still somehow have the lid to  (i used an old tea bottle)
  • pour in your cal-mag powder and salt. shake to dissolve
  • add your trace minerals, if you’d like. shake a bit to mix thoroughly
  • add your essential oils, one drop at a time (too many and it can burn your mouth. EOs are very concentrated). shake to mix.

}sip a bit from the bottle, careful not to swallow. swish around in your mouth for a couple minutes and spit! no need to rinse. this is safe for the little humans that can brush their teeth unsupervised, granted they know not to swallow 🙂

nothing in this mix should “expire” quickly. however, keep an eye on it and make a new batch if you haven’t used all of this one in a few weeks.

what flavors will you use? i stick to plain ol peppermint. i’d like to try lime!

let us know how you like this rinse, and if you prefer oil pulling or rinsing! either methods are great for overall better oral health ❤

*note – i personally advise against using wintergreen essential oil. there is evidence it’s highly poisonous when taken orally! when used properly, it can be helpful when used externally, however.


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26 thoughts on “remineralizing mouthwash”

  1. Hey Alex this sounds great to make. I was wondering which LiquiMins you were using. There seems to be a few different kinds on amazon (one with silver in it, one with vitamin C and electrolytes and another with a vita-mineral-berry). Would you be able to let us know which one you recommend using or provide a helpful link to the one you buy.
    Thanks so much!

  2. When I asked at my health food store for cal-mag powder they gave me a container of a magnesium-calcium drink. serving size: 3 rounded teaspoons. Is this the right stuff? For some reason I was thinking it was something like a vitamin. I told them what it was for and thought it wasn’t what I needed but they said it’s very popular.

      1. Groovy. Thank you so much for answering SO FAST! 🙂 I also meant to ask if sea salt is ok to use until I can get the real salt?

  3. I don’t mind oil pulling at all, so I think that’s what I’ll stick with, since it’s less work. But I’m sure there are plenty of people who would prefer a good mouthwash!

  4. I am so excited to try this! My three year old is having some minor dental issues due to a lip tie and this could really help! Especially if I could find berry EOs 😉

  5. When you say Real salt (pink himalayan sea salt) does that mean you suggest the himalayan salt or that is what you need? Is the normal real salt brand ok? thankk you!

  6. Hi Alex, Great post as usual. Do you have any recommendations for healthy mouth washes we can buy when mixing one isn’t an option? I would love to make this mix in the future but it would be great to be able to switch to a healthier option in the mean time.

    1. thanks so much! i’ve actually never looked into it until your comment…haha. i did a quick search, and it looks like there’s a lot of nice ones on Etsy (always double check ingredients!). vitacost seems to have a few choices as well, but you’ll have to look into the ingredients more. generally speaking, i’d avoid toms of maine and jason. they tend to not really be all-natural at all. i hope this helps 🙂

      1. Hi Alex, Thanks for answering my first question. I’m currently using a natural toothpaste which has glycerin in it. I just read on your old post that it can stop remineralisation of teeth, I was wondering if using this mouthwash would combat that or if the glycerin would stop it working? I have three tubes of this toothpaste to go through so I won’t be thinking of an alternative for a while until I have gone through them 🙂

  7. Dear Alex, many thanks for this! A friend of mine suffers from gum disease… Do you think she can use this recipe as well, or do you possibly have any ideas how to strengthen her gums in a natural way? Many thanks in advance for your kind help, it really makes a difference what you do! X

  8. This sounds great! Thank you so much, the oil pulling sounded too much for me but I have wanted to try it. I have been brushing my teeth with distilled water and 7 drops of tee tree EO in an eye dropper bottle, very interesting. Where do you buy the calcium mag and the trace minerals? Are there special types?
    Than you so much,

    1. hey paula! i like LiquiMins trace minerals, and i believe i got my cal-mag powder from vitacost. if you cant find the powder, you can get capsules and break them open, or tablets and crush those up. hope this helps 🙂

  9. Super excited to to make this! I was at your resource page figuring out where to order some things from when this post came through my email.
    I’m on day 25 of no-poo. Day 16 of only water rinse. Things are going decently well. I’m going to purchase a shower filter today due to feeling like my hair is too stringy/waxy. Hope that will fix it. 😉 Will my hair begin to feel normal to the touch? Or is it supposed to feel kinda heavy or waxy? It looks better than it feels right now. So I was wondering. I can happily report my horrific scalp itch/flakiness that has been an issue for 12 years has COMPLETELY stopped!!! So Thank You!! All of your information has been so very helpful. I have stalked your blog for the past 3 weeks. Lol
    Sorry for getting off topic of the post. I’m just so dang excited….

    1. aw, that’s awesome carrie!! i love hearing stories like this 🙂 i don’t care what post it’s on! ❤ i totally understand that waxy hair feeling. mine did that in the beginning of my transition and it drove me NUTS! lol. thumbs up to you and fingers crossed for a quick transition!

    2. I’ve been no-poo for 2 years now, and find that a vinegar or lemon juice rinse helps me when my hair gets waxy/heavy.

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