coconut oil hair mask removal – no-poo friendly!

crunchy confession: i have deeply  missed my coconut oil masks. being a water-only washer, they were completely out of the question. even though i might not ‘need’ them because my hair gets conditioned with natural scalp oils, i really missed them. i think it’s really soothing to massage oil all over your scalp and have your hair smell like real coconuts 🙂

crunchy ideas: i decided to tie my sections of my hair into different ponytails and try to wash the coconut oil out without a low-poo or castile soap. was i nervous? who me?? pshh.. yes. but maybe that was because i decided to do this at 10pm the night before i had to be in the office. not smart on my part, my friends. not smart.

so what did  i use? why? what happened?

well… let’s just say i have a no-poo friendly way of washing out coconut oil hair masks. crunchies REJOICE! .

all-natural coconut oil mask remover - no shampoo & no conditioner!

out of all the crunchy things i have laying around my apartment, i couldn’t think of one that would be able to take out such a heavy oil. (this was post-oil slathering, btw… i was gonna be knee-deep in regret if i couldn’t wash it out)

staring into my closet… then my storage box… then my fridge… it hit me. EGG YOLKS. i was gonna use egg yolks!
but why egg  yolks? well, they’re already a great scalp de-greaser, and provide extra nourishment to your scalp and a punch of protein to your hair. egg yolks are also fatty and oily; perfect for dissolving oils! remember from the OCM that “oil dissolves oil.”

i wasn’t really sure what all to do, so i tied my hair into 3 ponytails to experiment. talk about a show-stopper. super hot hair-do, ladies!

with my 3 ponytails, i tried 2 different egg yolk rinses, and 1 water-only rinse.


ponytail #1 got 1/2 egg yolk whipped into 1/3 cup of water slathered on it (my hair was NOT wet down beforehand) and gently massaged in. my white sink was covered in yellow goopy polka-dots. it was immediately rinsed with cool water. to my surprise, it took out about 75% of the oil! another rinse wouldn’t hurt!

ponytail #2 also got 1/2 an egg  yolk whipped into 1/3 cup of water slathered onto it (again, my hair was NOT wet down beforehand). i gently massaged it in, and let it sit for about 10 mins. after those 10 mins, i re-dipped my hair into the egg yolk mix, massaging gently again. i then rinsed with cool water. that method took out about 90% of the oil! i couldn’t believe it! i could still see oil in the center of my ponytail, so i bet if i concentrated on massaging the egg into that part, it’ll come out. i decided to leave this ponytail alone because it felt so, so soft!

ponytail #3 (barely seen in the top of the pic cuz it was piled on top of my head) got a warm/hot-ish water rinse…….. over… and over… and over… lol. it took about 50% of the oil out. Fail! i don’t know why i even bothered trying this way again. so i used ponytail #2 method on ponytail #3, and it came out! perfect!

i think if i ever use coconut oil on my hair again, it will only be the ends of my hair. and i’ll definitely be using egg yolks to wash it out!

so there ya have it, crunchies! egg yolks = no-poo friendly coconut oil hair mask removal!


  • make a mix of 1 egg yolk to 2/3 cup of cool water (increase amount of yolk/water as necessary to cover your hair). whip up well. i suggest using bowl (you’ll see why)
  • gently rub into oiled hair that has NOT been wet down with water. this mix is very runny, so i suggest hanging your hair over a bowl to catch what runs off and reuse it. (ah, there we are!)
  • let the yolk/water mix sit on your hair for 10-15 minutes.
  • dip your hair back in the yolk/water mix and gently rub again.
  • rinse VERY, very well in cool water.
  • enjoy your silky locks!

warning – do Not use this method more than once every 2 to 3 weeks. egg yolks pack a lot of protein, and there IS a such thing as too much protein for you hair. too much protein makes your hair feel stiff and easily breakable! usually damaged hair will do just fine with this frequency. healthier hair will need egg yolks way less often (and will need CO masks way less often too, of course).


** please try on a small section of hair before you douse your whole head with CO! !

comment below with your experiences! and also be sure to comment if you have another way to remove coconut oil without a “product” (no low-poo, no conditioner, etc.)

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* note about using egg yolks – if you have protein-sensitive hair, be very cautious about using egg yolks on your hair! too much protein can cause the hair to feel stiff, crunchy, and can lead to breakage. also, i know a lot of people can’t stand the smell of eggs. i used to be one of those people! but now i always buy my eggs from chickens that were antibiotic and hormone-free, and fed an all-vegetarian diet. i have Never (repeat: never) had a problem with smelly eggs (whether it was right when i cracked the egg, all the way thru to when the time came to rinse out the yolks) after the switch. i attribute it to the quality of the eggs, but yes, i know eggs do have a certain smell about them. mine were never “bad” though. hopefully this helps!
** if you’re vegan (or not an ovo-vegetarian) and choose not to use eggs, please use a low-poo to wash coconut oil masks 🙂

38 thoughts on “coconut oil hair mask removal – no-poo friendly!

  1. So I did the coconut oil right before my work shower. total fail, I went to work in a seersucker suit with slicked back, bun tied hair. (I work in a casino and figure the suit/hair combo went as a tied together statement – co-workers seemed speechless, not in a good way) Ok complete fail on my part. Anyway am going to try the egg wash now. thanks for the great advice!

  2. Is it ok to rinse coconut oil down the shower drain? Also I have noticed it makes the bottom of the shower quite slippery.

  3. I have been washing my hair with Rye Flour! It is amazing. Just mix rye flour and water til it is like a shampoo consistency and voila. It’s pH levels are the same as your skin so it doesn’t dry out the hair. And it makes it look like you have used salon brand shampoo/conditioner. 🙂

  4. Just discovered your blog and lovin’ it! I have a question, though. I am a bit confused about the process of clarifying your hair prior to beginning a no- or lo- ‘poo regimen. How and why? Thanks so much!

  5. I just started the no poo this last week. Like literally this is day #6. So I clarified with the Benny clay and water. Didn’t wash for the next 5 days and then did the coconut oil mask. I’m thinking I screwed up BIG TIME. Now I can’t get that yucky feeling out of my hair. I put the oil in dry hair, let it sit for several hours and then attempted to wash it out with the Castile soap/water mix several times. No luck. So then I read the above and tried the egg wash. Also, no luck. Hair is super gross, looks wet, and I can’t move my fingers through it AT ALL. I really don’t want to break and use regular shampoo but I also don’t really know what to do now. I guess I don’t really understand how to start this process. I don’t understand how to condition with ACV. I feel like Im missing some vital piece of information to make this work. I have semi curly hair. If anyone has any advise I am listening. 😥

    1. Monica, if you still haven’t given up on the no poo method and/or still haven’t quite figured it out, have you been using conditioner? Although straight haired people can go without conditioners with ease, it’s not really a choice for us curlies, sadly.. Curly hair is naturally dry, therefore we need to give it that extra bit of moisture. Look for conditioners that are 100% sulfate, silicon and paraben free! Also remember to change up your conditioner every once in a while. Hair can become “bored” of the same product, so to speak. Personally, I’ve fallen in love with L’Oréal’s EverCreme line as well as devacurl’s no poo conditioner. I hope this helps somebody!

  6. Thank you for having an index for your blog! Have you added this one to it? It would be so helpful in the future!

  7. This works wonderfully! I’ve been doing coconut oil treatments about once a month then just slogging through the next few days till my next BS/ACV. It’s only been a few months no poo for me so this is heaven! I did the CO last night and couldn’t get all my hair clean no matter how much Castile soap I used. Tried this when I got home today. Worked like a charm!

  8. OMG its a miracle!! This worked like a charm! I’ve suffered several embarassing coconut bad hair days and was looking for a solution that actually works! Thanks sooo much Alex, loving your blog to bits! x

  9. Thank you!! This WORKS! I always have to use shampoo after an oil treatment and that still doesn’t work very well. This was perfect! I left a blend of coconut oil, Shea butter, apricot oil, almond oil, and EO’s Rosemary, sage, tea tree, and lavender (scalp only for the EO’s mostly) in for 12 hours. I doubled recipe for my very long hair. I left it in 15 mins, rinsed, used the leftover that dripped into the bowl to hit the scalp again for 10 mins, rinsed, and then finished with ACV/water for 10 minutes. Silky, soft, and no oil! Yay yay!

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