combat frizz, fly-aways, and static

the weather is starting to get cooler! we know what that can mean… worse cases of our little friend enemy, static, is just around the corner. my poor little boy knows this better than i do…

look at dat mane!

what causes frizz and static?

STATIC – the main culprit is a lack of moisture (of your hair and/or the environment; this includes low humidity also). other things certainly contribute, like friction between your hair and your brush bristles (i’m lookin at you, boar brush), and cold air (cold air doesn’t hold as much moisture), dragging your shoes on the carpet (which would be 2 insulators touching each other), your little brother rubbing a balloon on your head, etc.

FRIZZ – various things can cause frizz. it could be a lack of moisture, too much moisture if you have curly hair (too much moisture, ie: high humidity, causes the hair cuticles swell), hair ‘roughage’ throughout the day/night (friction; rough hair styles, etc.), a diet lacking propoer nutrition, and general damage to hair (over styling, over exposure to chlorine/sun, etc.). oh, and genetics. womp.

combat frizz and static naturally

overall tips to combat these hair issues:

  • use silk pillowcases – they wont’ “pull” at your hair when you’re rolling around in your sleep, leading to less breakage and less frizz.
  • keep your hair moisturized – dry hair is more susceptible to frizz, fly-aways, and static. use a natural leave in conditioner and keep up on your deep-conditioning (if you need to). coconut oil masks are a complete winner in my book (and you can use them if you’re no-poo, too!)
  • invest in a humidifier – it’ll put moisture back into the hair, benefiting your hair and skin.
  • don’t use hair products that contain alcohol – these can be drying to your hair and scalp, eventually leading to damage if left dry.


  • wash your hair less. this allows it to retain its natural sebum, and reduces the risk of drying hair out from too much washing.
  • if humidity is your issue, try using coconut oil or argan oil to lightly coat your hair. this will keep too much moisture from getting in and making your hair cuticles swell and look frizzy. just use a little bit, though!
  • use a boar bristle brush to move sebum down the length of your hair. this is the best frizz fighter and conditioner for your locks. avoid plastic and nylon brushes, as they add to the static electricity. (*note – many people notice a boar brush actually increases static. this tip is for smoothing out frizz 🙂 )
  • find a routine that works for you that involves eggs, honey, yogurt, or vinegar. these can be used separately or combined as “shampoos/conditioners” or hair masks. these ingredients will help keep your hair moisturized and healthy, and won’t strip your natural sebum.
  • use a homemade hair gel for some gentle and natural hold.
  • rinse your hair in cold water at the end of your shower. this will help close up the hair cuticles and smooth them out.
  • steer clear of using a regular ol towel to dry your hair. this is unnecessary friction and roughage. instead, opt for a 100% t-shirt, or plop your hair into a microfiber hair wrap (and don’t rub your hair with them or anything).
  • let your hair air dry.
  • keep your hair healthy from the inside-out. follow a diet rich in the nutrients your body needs and stay hydrated. your hair will stay ‘hydrated’ and healthy, too!


  • as with frizz, wash your hair less. this allows it to retain its natural sebum, and reduces the risk of drying hair out from too much washing.
  • use leave-in conditioners when necessary. if you opt for coconut oil or argan oil, remember to use a very TINY amount. you don’t want to overdo it and look greasy.
  • same as dealing with frizz, find a routine that works for you that involves eggs, honey, yogurt, or vinegar. these can be used separately or combined as “shampoos/conditioners” or hair masks. these ingredients will help keep your hair moisturized and healthy, and won’t strip your natural sebum.
  • trim off split ends.
  • rub your hands over your hair throughout the day, keeping away from your scalp.
  • shower using warm water, instead of hot water. it’ll combat the dryness induced by using hot water. heat is heat, whether you’re using hot water or a curling iron on your hair.
  • try using a wooden brush or your fingers to get tangles out (instead of a boar bristle brush). steer clear of nylon and plastic brushes, as they add to static electricity.

of course there are more tricks of the trade out there, all for different hair types. what are your go-to remedies?


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10 thoughts on “combat frizz, fly-aways, and static”

  1. So I started the WO method about a week ago and my a swim season is starting soon. I will be swimming in a pool with chlorine and I was wondering if you had any tips to keep my hair moisturized and clarified? The chlorine can be very drying so I don’t know how I can do the WO method and swim at the same time.

  2. I love your blog; thank you so much for the detailed posts! I was wondering if you might be able to do a post on something I’ve been seeing on the internet lately–coffee and baking soda hair removal. The idea is that the baking soda intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root. It sounds a little too good to be true, so I did a little searching and found several articles saying coffee actually promotes hair growth. So now I’m confused. I’m weary to try it (on my legs, for example) in case coffee does indeed promote hair growth and I end up with gorilla legs! Do you have any wisdom on the subject?

  3. I’m water only for 3 weeks now and for the first time in my life have been able to let my hair air dry and am happy with the results. I have thick/wavy hair that is also frizzy. I use a bbb and scritch/preen every night, but I feel like I have to wet my hair in the shower every morning to reestablish the waves. However, I’ve read that wetting your hair every day isn’t good either and can add to the frizz, any suggestions?

  4. I feel as though my hair is frizzier when I bbb. Also how long/ often should I brush? It seems good till about mid length then kinda frizzy/dry. I am afraid of breakage or damage. Any tips for my brushing? I’m water only for 3 months now. Starting to struggle with dry/flaky scalp. 😦

    1. hey Carrie! yes, that’s not uncommon as I’ve come to find out. have you tried to use a wooden comb or brush? I love them! bass brushes make some great ones out of bamboo and they’re not expensive. also, try ‘washing’ with pure aloe vera leaf gel/juice with a tiny little splash of apple cider vinegar. leave it on your hair and scalp for about 10 minutes and rinse it really well with cool water. that should help with the dryness and flakes 🙂

      1. I actually use my Wen comb instead of bbb although I tend to finger comb most often now. I just feel like I’m supposed to bbb. Haha. I will get some aloe. The acv seems to either dry my hair one day or make it greasy another. Go figure. 😦 I have become a total blab to anyone about your blog!! It is so helpful. I just made the activated charcoal tooth paste. Still not sure its right though. The rehydration of Bentonite clay has me all tore up!! I don’t know if I’m doing it right. All I taste is clay.
        And I absolutely love love love the heatless curl with foam rollers! My hair holds curl for days now! Even if I brush it!! So thank you so much for the awesomeness. I’ve been becoming oh so very crunchy. I shall one day have hair as fantastic as yours!! It is what keeps me choking down those fish oil vitamins.

  5. Raw Curls Anti Frizz Spray is an exceptional product to combat frizz. Utilizes a patented molecule that no one else is using to stop frizz in it’s tracks.

    1. from raw hair organics? the ingredients don’t look very “natural”. i may have seen the wrong one… i’m seeing methylchloroisothiazolinone, polysorbate 20… etc.

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