treat yourself

i firmly believe in pampering or treating yourself regularly, no matter your schedule or lifestyle. for some, this could mean grabbing that treat you deserve, or mixing up that face mask you’ve been dying to try. it’s about taking a small time-from everything to focus on YOU and give yourself some time. after all, you work hard to be that great, don’t ya? i knew it!


from small things to more time-consuming things, i always find little ways to indulge myself… and let’s be honest – keep myself even-keeled after hectic days or weeks. it can be as simple as drinking tea and catching up on my favorite blogs while my face mask has time to soak in, or it can be as long as scrubbing, then oiling, then washing my feet. anything i can fit into my schedule that makes me feel better, i try to do.

here are my favorite ways to treat and pamper myself. i hope you share yours, too! ❤

dandelion root tea w/ coconut milk

i like to take some time to read natural beauty blogs and/or real food blogs while i drink what i think is a very comforting tea. usually Runt (my fluffy gray nebelung) likes to lay on my lap, too, which makes it even better!


steep the dandelion root tea (i love traditional medicinals) for a few minutes in very hot water, add some unsweetened coconut milk, and get ready for some warm comfort in a cup!

simple face masks

even if i don’t have all the time in the world to mix up crazy good face masks, i always like to make simple ones.

my favorite currently is a spoonful of plain kefir, a few drops of almond or argan or emu oil, and a few sprinkles of Real salt. very quick to make and it makes my skin very soft! i usually leave this on for 15 minutes and rinse it off with cool water and a washcloth.


another quick mask i love is a spoonful of plain aloe vera gel and a 1/4 spoonful of apple cider vinegar. i leave it on for up to 15 minutes and rinse it off with cool water and a washcloth. this one helps with dry skin and hormonal breakouts.

and honestly, even plain aloe is a great mask for both your face and hair. dump in on your scalp and face at the same time, and take 15 minutes to sit and do nothing other than relax before you rinse off. it’s so great!

simple scalp masks

i guarantee you that if i have at least 30 minutes to an hour free, i’m doing a scalp mask.


these can be as simple as just plain aloe vera gel, or i’ll add in other things. my favorite right now is 5 parts aloe, 1 part raw honey, and 1/3 part apple cider vinegar. it’s simple, yet packs a great moisturizing punch. try adding in 1 part plain kefir for extra protein and softness, or a few drops of your favorite oil (i love argan oil) for extra moisture and shine.


i’m probably on the weird spectrum here, but i LOVE stretching. it just feels so great and i feel so relaxed afterwards! having a desk job really gives me shoulder tension, so it’s a necessity that i work that out daily. i’ve let the tightness go until i got back spasms once… Not fun.

take some time to stretch it out and clear your mind!

body scrub

nothing is pampering quite like a yummy body scrub to exfoliate and moisturize all your skin! my very simple go-to scrub is 2 parts Real salt to 1 part coconut oil. you can of course add essential oils to make it smell however you’d like. lime, anyone?!

dampen your skin with a warm washcloth (or do this before you exit the shower), scrub all over, and gently rinse off. some oil will be left over to moisturize, and your body will be baby-butt soft. you deserve it!

foot care

okay, i’ll really take the weird award on this one, but i love oiling my feet. yes, i hate feet, but i hate dry and/or uncared for feet even more.

if i have a solid half an hour to 45 minutes, i’ll dampen my feet, use my body scrub on them, rinse them off in warm water, and then oil them up with almond oil and 1 mL of magnesium oil. i then put thick socks on and jump in bed. the magnesium helps me sleep soundly, and then i get to wake up to soft and pampered feet! win!


because wine.


how do you treat and/or pamper yourself? doesn’t matter how indulgent or how simple it is, leave us some ideas 🙂

love you all! now go get some self-lovin’ on!




12 thoughts on “treat yourself

  1. Hi! I really need your help. First, I switched to a PBD, and I lost a looot of weight. I was pro low fat diets, and rae veganism, and all those things, but suddenly, I changed my mind. I discovered Paleo, which I though was a horrible diet, and started to find good things in it. Right now I eat a lot more fat and animal products, and I’m trying to gain weight, but it seems hard, and I’m just lost and don’t want to hurt my health >.< Right now what I'm basically trying to follow is a diet similar to what Dr Axe ( opts for. When I discovered him I thought this diet was the perfect mix of vegan and paleo, sort of… But it kind of encourages saturated fats and big proteín and animal products quantities, and I really don't want to make a mistake… What do you think about this diet, should I take some advice from Dr.Axe or you think he is not trust worthy? What advice can you give me? Thanks so much!

  2. I love to just sit and listen to albums, both new ones and old ones that I love. I’m in school and I don’t have much time to listen to music, so this really perks me up after a long week 🙂

  3. Hey! I’m new to your blog and so far I love it!

    So, I was wondering have you ever tried “Soap nuts”? They’re supposedly an organic and all natural cleaner (whether it be for shampoo or laundry detergent) as they’re just dried shells of nuts from the soap nut tree. I’m considering trying some, but I was gonna ask to see if you could review them, or if you’ve ever tried them. Thanks!

  4. I love brushing my hair. just sitting somewhere quiet and closing my eyes…and brushing each section.
    all those other ideas are amazing too!

  5. Thanks for the feet tip, I’m endlessly despairing over all of the remedies that don’t help my poor feet. With the body scrub though, I’ve been told that coconut oil blocks the drains so I’ve switched it for almond oil

  6. I literally just got finished doing some self pampering :). I made myself a lavender Epsom salt bath and soaked while I had a charcoal clay mask on! I almost always end my night with a hot cup of tea and a chapter from whatever book I’m reading 🙂 tonight it was peppermint tea and a Sookie Stackhouse novel (the ones True Blood is based off of. Never seen the show, but I’m enjoying the books so far).

  7. I love that you don’t forget to pamper yourself everyday – most of us completely neglect the ME part of the day. Me, too, I guess. At least I have never consciously taken ME-time more than once a month.

    Although one moment I take from the day is when drinking my afternoon coffee. This is usually the time I catch on with my favourite blogs or read something just for fun (mostly online, though).

    I also read a book (paperback) every day before going to sleep..even if just for 10 minutes.

    Recently I have discovered, that I enjoy beautiful manicured nails:D I live in the Philippines (like a nomad, out of a 7-8 kg back bag, computer is 4 kg of it:D) now and it’s much cheaper here, than back home (not to mention, that I don’t have anything sharp with me, planes are not fans of those).. so now I can sometimes let manicurist/pedicurist pamper me.

    I have completely forgotten about face and hair masks:( Thanks, although I have to invent something new, as there are not many things available here, that are back home (even natural honey!).. I’m even struggling with being completely no-‘poo:(

    Eh, sorry, a long comment:)

  8. I love the wine one… If I drank alcohol. I’m abstaining at the moment. Too much fun on NYE, ya know? LOL!

    My favorite way to relax is to find a good book at the library and just curl up on the couch for a bit! I’ve just recently chosen to forgo e-books and pick up an actual paper book and there really is a difference! I love it! ❤

      1. I’m re-reading “To Kill a Mockingbird!” I absolutely love it! Such a classic. “Intervention” by Terri Blackstock was good. Her writing style wasn’t my favorite, but the plot was good. OH. One of my fave series is the O’Malley series by Dee Henderson! 😀

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