weekly catch-up #1

2021 edit: i no longer subscribe to or support the “all-natural” label.

i’m trying something new here on AE – – a weekly catch-up! posting doesn’t happen as often as i’d like. and plus, i want a way to connect with my readers more!

if this is a total bust for you guys, please tell me, ok? okay.

weekly catch up on AlmostExactly Blog

NEW 100% PURE MAKEUP. 100% Pure had this insane deal where if you spent $45, you got an eyeshadow palette, mascara, eye liner, and lip balm for FREE. i don’t know what possessed me to not share via instagram (where i saw the deal), but i will definitely start spreading the word on sales. i bought the caffeine eye cream and the hydrating face lotion to meet the minimum purchase requirement and to finally get to try them, of course! usually i DIY eeeverything, but i felt a little splurge on myself for makeup wasn’t a bad thing…right? i’ll post a total review on the products soon after i have some time to really test them out! especially in this southern swamp heat. do you have any 100% Pure must-haves or passes??

MAKEUP SAMPLES. i ordered some samples to try Bella Mari’s liquid foundation (i currently have the wrong shade and needed to test for a new one), 5 eyeshadows, and a lip color. there’s going to be a review posted soon! do any of you use this brand?


HONEY LOVE. i bought a new batch of a honey from a local vendor here, called sourwood honey. i’ve never had it before but it’s good…for honey. i’m actually not a fan of the taste of any type of honey in any form (98% of the time i use honey it’s going on my body or in my hair), but i decided to give this one a go for my teas. have you ever tried this variety? what do you think?

NEW FACE OIL. i still use the OCM, but i’m down to every 2-3 days, mostly out of laziness. i only wear organic face makeup under my eyes (circles) and on my chin (scarring), which i usually wipe off with water after work, followed by a facial oil (same one i use for the OCM). right now i have a little 1 oz bottle that i filled up 1/4 of the way with tamanu oil, 1/2 with hemp seed oil, then added 1 pipette of sea buckthorn oil, 2 pipettes of rosehip seed oil, and enough of kukui nut oil on top to almost fill the bottle. unfortunately i have to keep this batch in the fridge because of the hemp seed oil, but it leaves my skin super velvety soft and i think it’s completely worth it! what oils are you loving right now?


FOUNDATION FLOPS. do you guys have any favorite organic liquid/cream foundations? right now i’m mixing 2 different kinds to get a consistency i can deal with and setting it with kaolin clay. i’ve found them to either be tacky or cakey OR they have a lack of coverage. it’s also VERY possible that i don’t know how to properly apply and set my foundation. any suggestions?? please!

what’s up with YOU this past week/weekend? i want to hear all about it!


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18 thoughts on “weekly catch-up #1”

  1. I’ve tried a sourwood honey before and it was very different from the wildflower honeys that I’ve had! It doesn’t have that overly sugary sweet taste but is more bitter and sweet, if that makes sense! I drizzle it over seeds and dried fruit and use it in my tea!

      1. Depends on whether or not I’m wearing a base (no base seems to be best), or if I used a toner beforehand (sometimes it helps). Usually orangey by the end of the day, especially on particularly hot days (must be the oils). When I get it right, it’s just the right amount of coverage and color I need.

  2. So fun! I bought the caffeine eye cream (had my eye on for a while–hah) and dark cacao creamy eyeliner (already use and love) to get that deal too and my stuff arrived yesterday! So excited. I looove the “naked” colors. Make-up is fun but i like it as mostly an enhancement.

    I use Bella Mari’s moisturizing foundation in light rose. Love the color and that it’s not cakey or thick, I found it wasn’t quite as spreadable as I wanted tho. So I use 2 drops of argan oil with a dime sized amount of foundation which is enough to even out my skin and give it some extra glow. I’ve been setting it with cowgirl dirt’s silk veil. It can still be slightly sticky, which isn’t always the most comfortable, so I just don’t wear a lot of foundation. I apply the silk veil with a brush, but I want to try a powder puff, I think that may help.
    Sorry for so many words. But the struggle is real, so I thought I’d add my 2 cents to help a girl out.

    1. ah, thanks SO much, anna!! i hope i love the eyeliner; i’m just so hesitant with that price tag 😦 & great idea about mixing in oil and trying out a puff! yay!

  3. Love the weekly catch up idea! Fun way to have shorter updates without the overwhelming commitment of writing a full blog post =)

    I’ve recently started the OCM (like, two weeks ago!) and I briefly tried Emu oil, but found it to be too heavy for my face…orrrr maybe I wasn’t doing it quite right, haha. Then I tried mixing castor oil with grapeseed oil, but I don’t think the grapeseed oil I bought was very good. I have been using argan oil, and have had the most success with that so far! From your previous blog posts on the OCM you seemed to swear by argan oil, so I’m curious why you chose to switch it up?

    1. yay! good to hear, olivia! yea, finding the perfect oil for your individual skin is the most difficult part i think. it’s so unique! oh i still love and use argan oil, but i wanted to try my hand with an oil blend for hyperpigmentation and settled on the above mix. i can also eat hemp seed oil, so i thought it was a win-win! i love trying new oils 🙂

  4. I use rosehip oil for around my eyes instead of an eyecream, it works much better and doesn’t bring me out in a rash

  5. I am a 100% pure junkie. I almost never wear makeup because I’m lazy, but sometimes I use their pressed powder foundation, and I really like it. It matches my skin tone perfectly because it’s a little sheer, but it is still matte enough to keep shine in check. I used to use their healthy skin liquid foundation, but it made my skin look really greasy… would not recommend for oily/acne prone skin.

  6. I have been using Supergoop cc cream as my foundation for over a year. It has SPF 35! They also have great lip balm. I found these products on Amazon. If your skin is very dry you may need to add moisturizer first and then use the cc cream. I also like the Mari Bella samples which are a wonderful deal. Once or twice a year I order a few color samples as my skin changes from winter to summer a bit. I find their cream mineral foundation is plenty heavy and in fact I really only need it for spots on The sides of my face. I am 52 years old with melasma. Sometimes I mix my cc cream with the samples for really good coverage.

  7. Oh my gosh I love 100% pure! Thats an awesome deal! Have you ever tried just rosehip oil for ocm? Its what I’m currently using and its going great for my acne/trouble skin. You should check out the blog ‘minimalist beauty’, she had this great section on differemt types of oils based on linoleic vs oleic ratio and how they react to different types of skin, I think you would like it!
    Ps. Love the weekly update idea!

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